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  1. cam I be provided some CFI contact in the Ft Lauderdale, Hollywood area.
  2. I have a 1964 M20E Super 21. The POH that seems oldest, does not state the year on the cover page. I have another POH which has a 1965 year on the cover (lower left). On the inside page it states, it is applicable to 1964 aircrafts ( by serial numbers) with exceptions on certain POH chapters. The checklists appear to be the same however, the power setting tables contain a different consumption rates. The RPM/Manifold permutations have the same % of Power at all given MSL altitudes. However, the burn rate/ range are different. Which POH do you recommend? I am inclined to use t
  3. well one thing i am glad I did is join this group. It been supportive and instructional. Thankyou.
  4. thats helpful. The cfi the ferried with me. wanted 80mph with power all the way to flair at 10 ft of the runway.
  5. track left. I landed at the 80 mph. touch on c/l. kept drifting(tracking) left applied rt yoke and ridder and in recentered on the runway.
  6. I just got a M20E. on the ferry trip i did 3 landings.all landing the M20E wanted to o left. The cfi flew the last leg. he is an over 30,000 hrs pilot. The plane did the same to him. What am I doing wrong on the landings?
  7. Thank you. I purchased the manuals last night. Should come here first. Live and Learn.
  8. i just purchased a n M20E the POH lacks information, I like to know cruise climb speeds Vx VY Additionally I like to know of Mooney pilot proficiency activities in the Sout Florida Area. I live in Hollywood FL. Thank you. I finally have the plane i always wanted.
  9. looking at this aircraft now. asking $59,900.00. what you guys think?
  10. jt.pilot@gmail.com seeking more information on the aircraft. Are you selling this plane? I an Interested buy have not received any response to my request. Hope to hear from you. If you did send information please resend since I do no have it yet. Thanks. State and airport.
  11. 1969 N9371V M20 C Ranger asking for $69,500 from MD advertised on Trade a plane. http://www.trade-a-plane.com/search?category_level1=Single+Engine+Piston&make=MOONEY&model=M20C+RANGER&listing_id=2200345&s-type=aircraft
  12. jt.pilot@gmail.com provide link to your dropbox plane information
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