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  1. Johnvmorgan2001

    L3/Lynx and Foreflight working together now

    This is correct. And it doesn't require an additional application or download for or to the Lynx or Foreflight. All you need is the latest version of Foreflight. (This is great news as I had just purchased a Lynx 9000 only to find out it didn't work with my Foreflight app. I am glad they worked it out!!)
  2. Johnvmorgan2001

    Engine Idle Issue

    Thanks guys. I really appreciate it. I will find a mechanic who can do that SID 97 correctly and I will be optimistic that it will solve my problem.
  3. Johnvmorgan2001

    Engine Idle Issue

    Thanks Jim. Does the spider, servo or fuel pump have anything in it that would mechanically be influenced with some side load pressure? My spider, servo and pump are rather old.
  4. Johnvmorgan2001

    Engine Idle Issue

    Would your plane quit when you were turning on the ground? I don't understand why the side-load created when turning would cause the engine to want to quit.
  5. Johnvmorgan2001

    Engine Idle Issue

    Thanks all. Even when it is leaned out during/after landing, when I turn left or right, it wants to quit. Even when it's leaned out and at 900 rpm or more. It's strange and results in long landings/rollouts if I keep 1000 rpm on touchdown. Some other data: When I first bought the plane (about 12 months ago) it had this problem and the pretty knowledgeable Mooney mechanic spent a lot of time adjusting the hi and low idle fuel pressure. But he didn't really fix the issue. Also, the engine runs a bit rich at full power (28.5 gph or so vs book at 24.5 gph) but it seems like many Mooney M20k/TSIO 360MBs have this same issue. I just lean it out a tad on TO. The idle is set high now at 900 rpm (vs 700, which I think is standard) so it doesn't stall out...even though it still when I turn unless I pop up the throttle to 1000. The engine temp on climb out and cruise are just fine...not too hot or cold.
  6. Johnvmorgan2001

    Engine Idle Issue

    My Mooney 252 (TSIO 360MB) has a strange idle issue. When I land after a flight, the engine quits just before I turn off the runway. If I keep the idle at 1000 RPM or above it doesn't quit. Additionally, when I turn left or right the engine wants to quit too. So the side force of turning left or right or stopping seem to make the engine quit! What could this be? Anyone with similar experience? My guess is it's either the fuel pump, fuel servo, or the spider.