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  1. Tony Armour

    Anyone have the Gates belt numbers TIO540 ?

    Gates XL 7470 and 7385
  2. I believe the Lycoming numbers are 37a19773-382 and 37a19773-470.
  3. Tony Armour

    Throttle Microswitch - Fuel Boost Pump

    I have also had the connector come loose/disconnect near the switch.
  4. Glad you figured it out and made a safe landing. I have been landing on a lot of grass lately in another airplane and like everyone said...pavement is the way to go. I will as I'm sure everyone will be doing....checking those rods on our doors. Props.
  5. Tony Armour

    Mooney M20M Bravo engine parameters

    Doesn't a Baron only run Bravo speeds in a descent ? Sorry, I can't help myself !
  6. Tony Armour

    Mooney M20M Bravo engine parameters

    Yes, look at your baffles and seal around the oil cooler. Silicone every hole and seam you can find open from the rear sheet baffles to the baffles around the alternators. At your TIT and rpm/MP settings I think mine would be burning more fuel. I'm usually around 27/2400- 1600 TiT and 19.5 to 20Gph. Congrats on your purchase ! After 12 years I still love my TLS EVERY flight !
  7. Tony Armour

    Book: Those Remarkable Mooneys

    Or be a good fellow and let prflyer read it first.
  8. Tony Armour

    Prop Overhaul... when do you?

    Cody, thank you very much for being on the forum and enlightening all of us !
  9. Tony Armour

    prop seal question

    What shop does Joey use ? Curious if it's the same shop that Gann uses (and I need to ask who that is) I am on here this morning searching because my 3 blade McCauley is slinging grease/oil. It was last overhauled in 2003 (Texas) at a cost of $2,760 New deice boots were $870 of that. I was looking for info I had read before that gave the reason for a reseal instead of an overhaul. I know engines but my prop experience is very limited. I'm not sure when the last time it was greased what I would call: the old grease was pushed out with fresh grease. If the grease was old, then it would tend to come out easier. Going to go back and read above what someone said about a McCauley and fittings...if any ? Edit: I see where Cody said McCauley has less grease. But does it have zerks or places to install them to service ? Do they have to be shipped assembled...... As in could it go to Cody ?
  10. Tony Armour

    Hurricane Irma

    Looks like we may have high winds in Dalton Ga KDNN but I have several bedrooms and I believe one hangar if anyone is in need. I'm at the triple tree fly-in (South Carolina) but back home tomorrow. I wish everyone the best of luck.
  11. Tony Armour

    Mooney 231 Down in LA (no Injuries)

    Once again, AWESOME piloting !
  12. Ordered today. New ones on the way, I'll know exactly what I'm getting. He wanted to break even with what he paid. $10 off a plug wasn't worth it for me not knowing the history and handling of them. My recent plug issues I would rather not risk anything.
  13. Tony Armour

    Mooney 231 Down in LA (no Injuries)

    Great news, great landing ! I'll post up my issues with cracked insulators, the last one two weeks ago and a precautionary spiral to land from 11,000' to the nearest airport with a 500' ceiling
  14. I tried, he won't budge off his price. He's even in the same state .... Oh well.
  15. Thanks guys. Mine has started using a little oil ........ About a qt every 10 hours but certainly nothing on the plugs. I need to share my latest story about losing both plugs in one cylinder last weekend at 11,000' with 500' ceilings below at our precautionary landing airport. I need to get new plugs on the way ASAP.