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  1. Thanks guys, but the MP Transducer is alresdy sold. Still looking.
  2. Origional part # SP-100-110-25A Mooney changed to SP-100-110-106A
  3. I am looking to buy an Ametek manifold pressure transducer which feeds the Moritz cluster on my 2004 Ovation. Looks like getting on the schedule for a new engine monitoring system is 5-6 months out once I commit. Would like to get the MAP guage working sooner.
  4. Thanks for all the helpful and insightful comments. Meeting with avionics shop next week to finalize plan. Will post results of meeting and related plans. Thanks again. Jim
  5. Well, it seems I am going to go the JPI or EI route. Now my challenge is how to integrate into the panel on a 2004 Ovation. I really do not want to put the unit on the right side out of my scan. Suggestions and/or pictures of installations would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. The Manifold Pressure Gauge on the Moritz cluster in my 2004 Ovation has quit. My two main options appear to be upgrading my JPI 730 engine monitor to a 900 or installing an independent, primary Manifold Pressure Gauge. The installed cost of the independent gauge would appear to be about 10% of the cost of the 900. There is room in the panel. One risk of the independent gauge is what's next with the Moritz. Any thoughts, comments, suggestions would be helpful. Thanks
  7. That is exactly what I was looking for, thank you.
  8. I am looking for a digital copy of a POH for an Ovation 2 DX. Preferably the version issued 11-99. This would supplement the original paper copy, which I have for the aircraft. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  9. Having the same exact problem updating from an iPad to a GTN 750. Will update the card from my home computer today and hope Garmin addresses the problem soon. Will not frustrate myself by calling Garmin yet, at least until Sun & Fun is over.
  10. There is a panel under the wingwalk on the M20R. Guess how I know? Probably one there on the J.
  11. I am interested in attending the Mooney Safety Foundation program in Springfield, Ma. September 11-13, 2020. Are the programs operating as scheduled? Anyone have any experience with the training during the corona virus? Thanks Jim
  12. I am planning a trip to Sun and Fun this year. On past trips I have used Kissimmee (KISM) and combined Sun and Fun with Orlando activities. This year I am looking to stay closer to Lakeland and spend more time at the event. If anyone has any thoughts, comments or recommendations for airports or hotels I would be appreciative. Thanks
  13. Ray-Ban Aviators. Had them 10+ years, no plans to change. Annual amortized cost seems reasonable.
  14. How many has Diamond sold compared to Cirrus? Cessna discontinued the 400 and I believe you can add a chute to the 172 and 182. Anyway, it is just my opinion (and remains so).
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