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  1. Thanks, that's helpful.
  2. I am also considering the Amsafe SOARS system for install on my M20R. Questions I have relate to actual experience with the installation. - Time to install - Any particular issues with installation -Seatbelt comfort after install -Recommendation for installers Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  3. I guess he just likes S&F and OSH and aviation. I applaud him for it.
  4. Thanks I will give you her a call.
  5. I am considering an N # change on my Ovation and am looking for a paint shop for this project. The aircraft is based in upstate NY so a shop in the Northeast would be most convenient. I would consider other locations. Any recommendations you have would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Paper charts? Seriously?
  7. I am curious as to how new Acclaim and Ovation sales have been materializing, now that FAA certification has finally been received. It would seem that there should have been some pent up demand for the new models. That is if two doors was really the answer. Hopefully they are selling. Success of the factory is obviously on our best interest. Any info out there?
  8. I am planning a vacation trip to Singer Island (Palm Beach Area) next month. I am interested in any observations you may have regarding local GA airports/FBO's. Fuel prices have already been obtained and are easy to update so due not need that info. Jim
  9. Same exact situation for an M20R. Plus a leading edge touchup. Interested?
  10. For those of you whose primary care doc has signed off on BasicMed, congratulations. Mine has refused. I provided all of the supporting info from AOPA and tried to engage in a dialogue with said doc. He had a closed mind from the start and never gave it any real consideration. So, before I schedule a Class 3 exam with my AME I thought I would see if anyone on this forum was aware of any Docs in NE New York who are performing BasicMed exams. Thanks for any help.you can provide.
  11. W&B was an easy load but it would sure be nice if there was an Ovation checklist preloaded and ready to be modified as necessary. Jim F
  12. Thanks Mike, very helpful.
  13. I am looking to acquire an IPAD case for both cockpit and general use. One consideration is the MYGOFLIGHT CASE. Any observations/evaluations of that or other IPAD cases would be appreciated. Thanks Jim Flynn
  14. I 100℅ agree. Cirrus has a significant marketing advantage with the BRS system. Money needs to negate that advantage.