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  1. Sagetech Clarity for Sale - Works perfectly - got it 2 years ago, got a new Transponder with ADS-B built in. Guaranteed to work $350 or BO WD - my email is wd@wdlewis.net
  2. Original owner, I still have the box and all manuals - Getting a Garmin GTX-345 so will not need this anymore. $ 450 or best offer - The Clarity SV provides the following ADS-B: Flight Information Service-Broadcast (FIS-B). FIS-B provides regional and continental NEXRAD radar imagery from the National Weather Service, as well as NOTAMs, METARs, TAFs, PIREPs, winds aloft and other valuable in-flight weather services. FIS-B also includes information on temporary flight restrictions (TFR) and special use airspaces (SUA). * The Clarity SV also receives traffic information on both the 978 (ground to air) and 1090 (air to air) frequencies for maximum traffic coverage. Has (AHRS) Clarity SV facilitates your 3D Synthetic Vision app by providing essential pitch-roll-heading data. The Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) comprising of a 9-dof (degree of freedom) sensor suite, and a sophisticated Extended Kalman Filter signal processing module. These work together to continually sense and calculate your aircraft pitch, roll, and yaw attitude which are then transmitted to your iPad/Tablet Synthetic Vision app to present a virtual reality representation of your surrounding environment. FlyQ EFB displays this traffic using intuitive colors that signify threat levels, future-position lines so you can understand where the targets will be in 2 minutes, and an optional filtering system to remove targets that pose no threat so you can focus on ones that might. Clarity SV is not a certified product and should never be used as a primary flight instrument. The Clarity SV includes a WAAS GPS receiver with fast location acquisition (under 30 seconds), with position updates up to 10 times per second. The GPS location information is wirelessly transmitted using Wi-Fi to the iPad.
  3. Yes I did see that, spending a lot of $$ on avionics this year though, need to cut back somewhere, the LED's will be a huge improvement over my GE 4509's. I know my alternator will like them too ;-)
  4. A fellow pilot put these on his bonanza: http://www.rigidindustries.com/led-lighting?f[0]=field_product_family%3a5036 Specifically the 40 watt spot and the Flood for taxi, extremely impressed with the build quality of this light, heavy metal housing and very solid construction. The Alphabeams just from the picture look like all plastic. Anyways may go this route and swap back the GE bulbs during annual, if the mechanic even cares. Also talked to an installer that installs Whelens and other LED'S on law enforcement vehicles and he said the RIGID are hands down the finest quality light he installs. Worth looking into as the Bonanza lights up the runway Very well. They have Par 36 and 46
  5. I am finally removing the GE landing lights in my cowl - do I install one landing light and 1 taxi light? or 2 landing lights? I am going with Whelen Prometheus Plus thanks
  6. Thanks , make sense. The only reason I am asking is a local facility said 2 landing lights, but perhaps he was thinking GE bulbs.
  7. I am finally removing the GE landing lights in my cowl - do I install one landing light and 1 taxi light? or 2 landing lights? I am going with Whelen Prometheus Plus Thanks -
  8. I work with teflon tape all the time, that's why I questioned it. I think I'll use some pipe dope and keep it back a couple threads. Gyro only made it 270 hours and shop fees were $$ for RnR.
  9. Yes removed glare shield and no problem. Did need to unbolt compass to lift shield out. Hoses very difficult to remove but got them off. Was rebuilt 4 years ago, seems installer used teflon tape on fittings, is that normal procedure?
  10. Need to remove my Attitude Indicator for overhaul - my Mechanic will reinstall, what is the best way to remove? Pull gareshield? Or can I slide out the HSI and work from underneath?
  11. Glide slope will not come into view on my HSI. No flag, lateral guidance is fine, just redid the interior and fresh annual. Anyone know where that diplexer / splitter resides? Hoe coax routes when it leaves tail? Maybe something got unplugged? Coincidence just did all the interior? Thanks for any help
  12. Did you ever figure this out? I have the same problem, I do have a EDM-800 but now a wacky FT-101 isnt cool - let me know if you figured it out or replaced the FT-101 with a newer one that could have a K-value entered?
  13. I have a FT-101 that was working fine, My transducer died, bought a new one (Floscan 201) It now works great with my JPI 800 but the FT-101 shows about 1/3 of actual flow even after I adjusted it. I noticed when I entered the K value in the JPI-800 that it was a much smaller number than was in there (I assume the factory Transducer was mated to the FT-101) Any ideas? any FF meters that will fit in that same spot? that are K-value adjustable ? Thanks Scott - Mooney 231 - 1981
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