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  1. The GI-275 EIS will also display engine data on the iPad if your looking to a standalone EIS rather then the G3X.
  2. For what it is worth, here is my thinking. An IO-390 is worth it if you have the following conditions: RPM limitations on a non-counterbalanced motor (E & F) If you have a mid body (F & G) If you already have a top prop If you are replaced a single mag drive motor (J) When I am due for a engine which I hope wont be for a long time I am seriously considering an IO-390 for my E, I have the top prop, I have pretty severe RPM limitations, and I have a J cowl which I plan to put on. The other option is to rebuild my A1A as a counter balanced motor, but when you look at the cost, its about equal to a new 390.
  3. I went in 2018, which I will call the first year of Dreadnought's dominations of the unlimited class. IMO, with most of the other modified racers unlimited out, Dreadnought is unlikely to be toppled. That being said I was surprised at the much faster lap speeds of Miss America which in >2019 was around 340 MPH, where Dreadnought has been consistently 430 MPH. Honestly, Sport is where it is at. Sport Gold is also qualifying at 390-400 MPH and has much better racing then unlimited now.
  4. Diamond has clamed that they they will be standing up a production line in the Ontario factory providing US market demand holds. That being said, 1.4-1.6M is a lot of money for a single engine piston, I guess they are going after guys looking to by a Matrix/M350 vs a SR22T.
  5. I happened to pull the G5 log and found that at the time I retracted the gear I lost the GAD 13 and GMU 11 which puts more weight in the electrical load too high category. After talking it over with my A&P we are going to cycle the gear on Jacks. Likely replace the battery as it's probably time. Adjust the airspeed switch and re lube everything for good measure. Thanks for the help guys!
  6. Not until the end of the runway, just until there is no usable runway remaining. On the 3700 foot strip I fly out of, that is at rotation. My approach comes from how I have staged my abort criteria. Once the gear comes up I have effectively committed to flying, that means any problem from that point forward leads to landing straight ahead or entering the pattern to return to a normal landing. On a 6000 foot runway the gear will normally remain down until the halfway point, on short runways the gear comes up sooner. I may be wrong in that interpretation but if the engine quits and I have runway ahead of me, the gear and the drag are already there to help me make it.
  7. Quite the contrary, normally, I have the plane cleaned up as quickly as possible. In the case in regards to this thread, the gear was stuck down. I was taught to fly the the airplane off using a little back pressure, accel in ground effect with the gear down, establish positive rate (at Vx) and with no effective runway remaining gear up. Once clear of the trees or anything else pitch Vy and flaps up.
  8. I figured the airspeed switch had been adjusted correctly as it was installed a DMax's. However, after going and re-reading the SB my airspeed switch is currently set way to high.
  9. In November of last year the emergency extension clutch was replaced but the back clutch spring was retained. The airspeed switch was installed at the same time when the squat switch was found to be defective. Not related to the gear I added dual G5s, a GI-275, an AV-20S and removed the vacuum pump in April. During this I also replaced the alternator breaker as it had split in half. I would prefer to have the override switch. Departing Northeast out of my home airport requires me to clear rising terrain, on a hot day I need all the help I can get.
  10. I love ATL approach, more then happy to work with you. Some times they are a little fast but they are willing to put the effort in, something I can't say for Jax Center in my experience.
  11. The SB is 20-196A which is only on the squat switch M20s.
  12. Part of the issue is I don't remember exactly what happen, I remember the green light going out when I selected the gear up. However, when I came back to it the green light was back on. I treated it as if I was not 100% sure the gear was down so I did the manual extension which I got two and half pulls out of it so I assume their was some gear movement.
  13. Went flying today with the objective to go get dinner on St. Simons island with my better half. It had been about 20 days since I had last flown my 71E as I have been split between Boston and Atlanta as I relocate. Conducted a preflight and I lubricated all exposed rod ends and bearings on the flight controls, flaps and gear linkages. (I do this about every 30 days) On preflight, nothing jumped out at me other then the battery was at 11.6 volts, however, the engine started after about 8 blades. After taxi and runup, my voltage was showing 14.1 with the amp meter showing a slight charge but where I expect it to be for takeoff. DA was 2600 feet, rotated at 68 MPH, once I had positive rate of climb, no useable runway and I push through 80 MPH, I selected the gear UP. I got the airspeed switch driven warning which normally clears itself at 88 MPH. After about 1 second, the gear warning horn silenced as I reached 89 MPH and the gear down light went out, I pitched for 87 MPH. About 3 seconds later, I was clear of the trees at the end of the runway, I pushed the nose down to try hit Vy at 108 MPH but this yielded a vertical speed of 0. Verified full power and good MP. Checked to see if flaps were up and they were. This left the gear which was now showing down from both the annunciator light and the physical indicator but had been selected up. I happened to have a friend flying in the area who I called over to check the gear and he indicated the mains looked down but the nose did not seem fully extended. I ran the emergency gear extension checklist and I got 2.5 pulls of the rip cord until I hit the stop with no change in the gear down annunciation. We then landed with out issue. After talking about it with my better half, who happens to be an electrical engineer, we couldn't seem to come to an agreement point on where to start diagnosing this issue. Her theory is the battery is bad and the combination of charging the battery, cycling the gear and flaps meant that the alternator could not keep up. I don't disagree, but I pointed my finger at the newly installed airspeed switch, I have to accelerate past Vx to get the gear to come up and wait while the gear comes up before I can climb at best angle. I also have not been happy that my airspeed switch does not have an override button which the Maxwell's claim it doesn't need one. They claim the button is only for squat switch equipped airplanes, however the only time I have ever seen the button is in post 1978 J models. (Which should have the same airspeed switch I have in my E) I am looking for any thoughts, comments or ideas what would cause the gear to not come up on departure. It may from something I caused by not waiting until I had cleared the airspeed switch speed before selecting gear up. I also will note, I normally fly with a gopro, however, on this day, my Gopros ended up in Boston, my plane in Atlanta...
  14. I find with my 6'2" frame, if I don't roll the seat back after a about 2 hours and stretch I get a similar pain. I went and swapped the left with the right seat which helped a lot as the seat padding was a little more broken in. I can't say I have resolved the issue as I have not flown a long flight yet. I regret having my seats redone as I did not have this issue before having the seats redone.
  15. Welcome @hais I had a similar issue in my E model, what I elected to do was to flush the tanks and use filter funnel to keep cycling the fuel I had through the tanks. When I was finally happy and was not getting anything coming out of the tanks, I filled up with new fuel. For the next few hours I filled up at the end of the day, let the fuel settle over night, sump the next time I went flying until clean. It took about 14 fill ups but I now no longer have anything come out of the sump. While doing that I also pulled all the filters, cleaned them every 2.5 hours until I was regularly getting clean sumps when I returned to the normal mx schedule. With my mission and how I use the airplane, keeping the tanks full works for me.
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