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  1. Are your screws tight on the bottom of stall switch?  Is the mounting plate tight up against the wing?

    1. StevenL757


      As I mentioned in my earlier post, they are snug, not tight.  You want them just lightly "hand-tight".

      If you mean "is the mounting plate flush to the wing", the lower and upper mounting areas make contact with the wing, but the plate does not (nor is it meant to) "form-fit" to the chord line of the wing.

  2. Since it just started that may be a great first step is checking air pressure. If that bulge travels around before it dissipates it wouldn’t take much of a bulge to close that gap. no work has been done on the landing gear
  3. No just the shiny area on the inner gear door. About the closet part to the tire.
  4. The tire is rubbing on the inner gear door (you can barely see the shiny area on the gear door) I just noticed this. Never have seen this before. It appears that there is plenty of clearance from the inner gear door. Its happening to both sides. I usually tap the brakes before retracting gear after takeoff. I follow gear extension/retraction speeds. Thought maybe air is pushing the gear door toward tire during landing?? Has anyone seen this before?
  5. Steve, Are your bottom screws tight? The base plate up tight against the wing? Here is my overhauled unit.
  6. Anthony wanted you to take a look at my stall sensor and see if it is same as yours and if you had any issues with it and in what position you find it best for stall warning. I found it to be adjusted all the way down.



  7. Very true that sound is vibration by an acoustic wave propagating through a medium (in this case air) vs that from vibration of say two metal surfaces that may be felt or heard from propagating through metal. Like something loose. Thanks though so we are clear.:)
  8. not really vibration but sounds like an air horn at low volume. Today was first time I heard it after takeoff and climbing out and during turns. Went away after straight and level flight. The only time before that is in some rough turbulence and when I dipped into yellow arc on a smooth cool air morning in a rapid descent.
  9. Just some background info. This aircraft uses a Safe Flight Lift Detector. fancy stall horn. Overhaul cost $1800. If anyone has experience where it is going off a lot in flight or when you are sitting on the ground this is the culprit. Once you loosen the stall warning switch you see that just tinkering with the screws that tighten the switch to the wing it will set off the stall warning. Called the company and they said that is a common problem and the switch is bad. Just send it in for O/H. This isn't overhaul at all but gets you a new switch with same data plate. New one is probably over $2000. I found in the maintenance manual that you have to fly the plane and check stall speeds at different configurations. Then adjust up or down to where you want the stall warning horn to go off. I found that the switch has to be pretty much in the full down position. It doesn't match the curve of the wing so the base plate does flex when tightening?? Anyone else find best position to tighten switch? Before anyone gets excited about the fluid under leading edge - yes its TKS fluid. I run it once a month.
  10. I noticed that the nose wheel doors had the seals falling apart. Some of it was hanging down and i had to cut that piece off. Anyone have a suggestion for replacement seal? I was going to get some thin weather strip from Home Depot.
  11. This sound occurs when airspeed gets in the yellow arc and sometimes in moderate turbulence when the plane drops. What is making that sound and where is sensor? Or could it be an air leak around door seal? These models have terrible door seals. Wish I had inflatable seal.
  12. CR kinda goes out the window when you can maintain over 30” all the way up. here is a nice typical 16,000 msl flight. 29MAP 2500 RPM.
  13. Paul, I knew someone would probably catch that and scratch their head. I am the lucky owner of two Mooney's. I should say now that I "was" the owner. Just closed on the sale of the 1979 M20K. I am helping out the new owner. So now I am back down to owning ONE, which is the 2008 M20TN Acclaim Type S. Jaylw314, Thanks for those pictures - that just looks expensive! These days it just doesn't make sense to do anything except LED. Brighter, less current draw, cooler and last longer. Once we get some pictures of the bulb and find out what we have going on here and checking the compartment holding the power supply we will get back to everyone.
  14. That is very helpful. Thank you for the pictures. I will investigate this further and see what I have since I never realized this setup existed.
  15. I did upgrade the taxi and landing. You are right I would never try to fix or replace any of this original equipment. LED way to go. Probably cheaper than trying to keep old stuff going.