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  1. Cowl Flap Hicky Hoo

    Thanks Clarence. I'll order from Mcmaster. Was just hoping I was missing it on Spruce, but doesn't appear so. Appreciate the link. Looks like the Mcmaster part for the regular one is 6058K32 and the stainless one is 6058K72; just for anyone seeing this in the future. Thanks again! Vance
  2. Cowl Flap Hicky Hoo

    Sorry to necro-post guys, but I'm looking for this exact ball joint quick disconnect assembly. I'm putting in a decent size order with Spruce (free shipping) and would love to just add these onto that order, but I can't find or figure out the part#. Anyone know it or can point me in the right direction, by chance? Thanks! Vance
  3. Thanks all. I checked the connectors briefly this morning before my flight to Phoenix. Didn't have enough time to do too much, so reseated the one cable I could clearly get to. No joy. Will try to spend a bit more time on it when I return. Thanks again! V--
  4. Howdy Mooniacs; Have a 79 231 with a Century 41, Aspen 1000 Pro PFD, and a Century AI. AP was working properly for the two months that I've been flying the plane. Flown probably 6-8 hours with it on and it worked flawlessly. Had a shop working on adding a probe to my JPI along with some other maintenance (oil change, fuel pressure/flow, etc). I noticed after that, the AP is no longer working properly. Coincidence perhaps, but I think those are generally pretty rare. Whenever it is activated, the plane rolls hard right. I've tried it 3 or 4 times on different flights with the same symptoms. I've let it go past 45 and it has no sign of stopping or slowing. I had the same problem during the pre-buy, but the AI was not functioning properly then. That turned out to be a bad vacuum pump. Once replaced, the AP worked properly. In this case, the AI appears to be tracking correctly. I was thinking something might have gotten bumped or disconnected. I had the shop take a quick look at it and they were unable to identify the issue. They indicated the cables were still as expected. Since it is rolling past 45, it seems it would have to be an issue between the AI and the AP, correct? Doesn't seem the Aspen would be in play at all, if I understand correctly how this functions. Any suggestions on where to look first? Anything I can take a peek at myself? I'm moving fields next week (KABQ to KAEG) and may start over with a new mechanic, just looking to get a jump start. Thanks! Vance
  5. Aspen EFD1000Pro V Speeds Locked

    Thanks everyone, I appreciate the input. I think I have some good direction and a better understanding. V--
  6. Howdy MS; Bought my K used, with the EFD already installed. Just getting around to tinkering with all the capabilities and noticed the V Speeds appear to be locked (all set to 0). I've only found references to that being selectable at programming time (locked or unlocked), but unclear on whether it is legal or even possible for a pilot to get into programming, unlock, set the v speeds and the relock (I guess)? If ok for a pilot to perform this change, any pointers? Did some searching but not having much luck. Thanks! Vance
  7. I didn't have a very good experience with my PPL. Doesn't seem to be many choices around here, unfortunately. My first instructor was a great one, 4,000+ hours of instruction (he had a full time job as a fire fighter), but he bailed (before solo) for a contract job while he was waiting for retirement. No plan for a replacement at that school (and they only had one plane that was seemingly grounded multiple times a week). The only other game in town assigned me to a really junior and frankly, pretty immature freshly minted CFI. In hindsight, I was definitely too laid back and should have demanded better. My primary concerns in retrospect; 1) No defined plan. The school has a very defined process, as it turns out, I just never saw a syllabus until pretty late in the game. I ended up self directing to meet the requirements of the PPL directly. The week before my check-ride, turns out they have to do a bunch of stage checks and quizzes that were supposed to be done in succession along the way. Nice. 2) Let the student have control and struggle some. This instructor quite literally couldn't stop touching stuff. Radios, gps, transponder, rudder pedals, etc. I'd fire up the plane and by the time I got through the initial checks, I'd reach over to set the radios and transponder and they would already be set. Same thing in flight..go to get atis and prep for the next set of frequencies...already there. Many very direct conversations and he got better, but literally on my last flight before my check-ride, I'm taxing back and he is pushing on the rudder pedals, apparently to help me steer... I'll never forget that. I will most certainly be much more demanding for the IR. Just my 2 cents. Best of luck! Vance
  8. Congrats on your E! I appreciate this advice and have scheduled some time with DelSol's Arrow. Thanks!
  9. Making (NEW) Mooney T shirts!

    Received one, really like it, will be ordering the other colors as well. My wife and kids all want one. I see you have some women's shirts, but not Mooney. Any chance of getting a women's version? Great job and thanks! Vance
  10. What are we paying for Insurance Premiums

    79 M20K, $120k Hull Value; 1M Liability with $100k sublimits via Starr. New pilot, 80 hours TT, 0 Mooney time. $1,575
  11. Thanks everyone. It is great that someone does rent them. Unlikely that I'd be able to get over to midland. Does anyone know of one in Denver, by chance? I go there regularly (part of the reason for the purchase). Thanks! Vance
  12. Hi Guys, Thanks for the responses. Robert, a very good point and could easily be a limiting factor and something I hadn't considered. Would almost certainly need to be someone who is already setup for it as the time I'd likely be putting in would not cover the added insurance, I presume. If it doesn't work out, not a big deal. Just anxious to keep things moving. I have seen a few Mooney instructor lists of varying vintages, and a few made reference to CFIs who trained in their own birds, which is where I got the idea to ask. Of course, not a single one of those lists I've seen had anyone listed in NM, unfortunately. And so it goes.. Thanks again! Vance
  13. Hi MS, I'm soon to be joining the club. Going through the final stages of a pre-buy on a K, set to close this week, with repairs / upgrades over the next few weeks. I'm wondering if there are any CFIs with access to a Mooney in the Albuquerque area that would be willing to spend some time working with me on transition training? Insurance only requires 5 hours, but am more interested in ensuring I'm safe, competent and confident. I can certainly wait to do the transition during the ferry trip home and once I get the plane home, but would love the spend some time over the next few weeks getting some familiarization and training, if it can be worked out. If anyone is or knows of someone who might be interested, please drop me a note. Thanks! Vance