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  1. Thank you for the fast response. The benefit of a couple additional pounds would be nice, but not all that necessary. I heard a mechanic stating that the increase of avionics in the older Cs draw more energy than the generator can keep up with, and this is the reason to convert to the alternator. Is this accurate? In other words, I would like to take the lower cost route, but not at the expense of issues down the road, as I am installing a IFD440, EDM900, and new radios. I don't want to overpower what the generator can keep up with.
  2. i may be interested based on the results of getting my C into service. I am having charging issues, as in - no charge - so I am assuming it is either a generator or voltage regulator, or who knows ... I may also look at the cost of converting to an alternator. Thoughts??? Help???
  3. My C was previously owned by an MSC mechanic. He had a pre-oiler installed, and from my understanding, used it regularly. I use it now because the concept makes sense to me, but of course, I don't have data to back up my assumptions. The extra weight is minimal compared to the advertised benefit of protecting the engine, especially during the critical start-up. I have read many different articles, both aviation and non-aviation, that seem to support the pre-oiler as a protectant for the engine, but some also say it isn't necessary.
  4. Jeff, great article and an excellent reminder to take the time and go back through the routine if anything is out of the ordinary. Some where in your mind, it was saying that things aren't right, which most likely is what caused you to realize that you were still on the AWOS frequency, Thank God you realized and took action to correct prior to negative consequences. I loved reading your bio at the bottom of your article also. I lived in Wichita, KS in Navy Recruiting for a period after Top Gun came out. I lived off of Mission, which was literally less than a mile from McConnel AFB. Coming from the Submarine community in the Navy, where we are known as the silent service, I realized living that close to the AFB, the air force has never been described as silent, especially when they scramble in the middle of the night.
  5. I agree with @ragedracer1977 that it most likely was the accident pilot. On Monday, August 20th, I just completed my preflight at about 6:35 am local. My instructor and I were talking before we got in the plane and we noticed a blue biplane doing a low pass down runway 25L at DVT, and then he goes straight into a steep climb before the end of the runway. We sat and watched him through the low pass, the steep climb, and the sharp (to me, from the ground) turn to the left on crosswind before he was out of sight. While waiting for a hangar, my M20C is sitting at the southwest covered tie downs directly adjacent to 25L. We then jumped in the plane and was airborne very shortly after. We went over to Glendale (GEU) for about 8 landings and then returned. Upon returning to DVT we decided to do a simulated engine-out landing, so cut in 45' between base and final, and flew directly over the accident site - but I was so focused on the engine out procedures and making a nice landing, I didn't notice anything below me. Since the accident was outside of the airport, traffic wasn't interrupted, so we had no idea until we landed, and my instructor received a text informing us of the accident. As soon as we saw the plane, we knew it was the same biplane that we were watching, and actually marveling at how beautiful it was. I did not know that he also owned a Mooney - this was very sad.
  6. @DXB , I know that completing the IFR training will not only make the Mooney more practical for cross-country flying but will definitely make me a better pilot. It already has, just going through about half of the training. I live in Phoenix so we don't see too many IMC days, but travel outside the area and they become more abundant.
  7. Bob, I feel like I just took a Master's level course in reading your post. I am printing it out so I can practice it and commit it to memory, at least while I validate with my M20C. I appreciate the original poster "signing up for your class," because I got the advantage of the free education at the same time. THANK YOU.
  8. I am finishing my transition time into my (new to me) M20C and will resume IFR training that I began in a 172. These figures look OUTSTANDING and I am going to try them without the hood, just to get the feel for each - and validate if they are accurate for my Mooney (I suspect they will be). THANK YOU for sharing, this is amazing.
  9. Welcome aboard Ryan. The opportunity to learn from this very active, and extremely knowledgeable community will be invaluable. I know it has been for me.
  10. It is always hard to read a story of a Mooney (or any plane) down, and the loss of pilots in the accident. I pray we learn from this accident, helping many others to be safer.
  11. Thank you sir. Do we ever have any Mooney meetups at Deer Valley?
  12. Crazy week, time got away from me ... :0 Mooney Selfie.pdf Panel.pdf Mooney 5782Q.pdf Mooney.pdf
  13. Yes, mediocre Mudhens fan - used to be a Goal Diggers fan when they were there. I am originally from the Northend - off of Manhatten.
  14. O.H. Love the Buckeyes. I am originally from Toledo, Ohio.