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  1. Thank you for all your ideas! I think, I will find a solution
  2. DonMunchy: That looks great. Which material? Thick paper? Is it one time useable?
  3. Sure, that I can keep the lower cowling in place?
  4. THese days I assisted the A/P with the oil change of our M20K (TSIO360-GB). It was a mess! first of all, the quick drain was opened and we tried to keep the basket in range of the oil. Think, next time we will use a piece of hose to hit the basket better. But now for the oil filter: The filter was still full of oil and by removing it, all the oil poured on the engine mount and anything including our hands. Cleaning took more time than the oil-change itself. The A/P was of the opinion this cannot be avoided. Hmmm. At least for the oil filter, one could try to punch holes into the oil filter with a screwdriver before removing the filter. But how to control the oil coming out of the filter? Any good ideas are welcome including tools to prevent pollution.
  5. Okay, so this implies that it not necessary Needs to be a G5 (which would make sense), but can also be an electric AI from the old avionics. All the Manuals I found on the Website are about the experimental Versions. Also the Hardware you can get over the Counter seems to be always experimental. I am interested in the exact STCs and to learn about the differences. From Aspen I learnt that in a certified Installation, the Feature to Switch on and off Speed tape and/or Alt-Tape is blocked and also the markings for different Speeds Need to be locked against changing by a user/Pilot. If this is the only difference then it is okay.
  6. Thank you. Is a G5 still necessary on top even though the G3X controls the servos? My Century 21 only relies on ONE Attitude indicator. And ... where can I find the STC for a M20K? When it comes to certified installations all seems to be top-secret - no matter which manufactruer we are talkong about.
  7. I am afraid, you may be right. These days I am reading a lot and more than one time I realized that those systems are similar but not identical :-(. And it is always far more expensive Is there a G3X installation manual for certified aircrafts publicly available?
  8. bob585: AFAIk I understand the installation manual page 23f., there is no GFC500 needed. Only one of the GMCxyz is wired via CAN-Bus and/or RS232. Therefore it should be enough to add 1,2 or 3 GSA28. But, I did not understand how a trim servo is connected (or is it simply one more GSA28?)
  9. The original posting suggests to install a G3X AND a GFC500. Is that really necessary? AFAIK the G3X touch "system", the G3X GDU already includes an A/P. To use this feature you have to add one or more GSA28 servos and wire the to the GDU via CAN-Bus - that's it Besides you can (or must have?) one of the mode controllers GMC 305/307 or 507. Why is then the GFC 500 necessary?
  10. As I am trying to find out more on the pedal extensions? 1. Is there a drawing or pictures of the ORIGINAL setup around? 2. Do the pedal extensions affect the break power you need? For the 1.5" extensions there seems not to be a difference - but for the 3" ?
  11. How thick is the material for the extensions?
  12. Does the Century 41 have a Auto-Trim-feature? We have only electric trim, so this button seems not to be connected with the A/P at all (but I have never tried)
  13. We have a 1980 M20K with a venerable Century 21 A/P. I am missing a A/P disconnect button. My Co-owners say we have on the left yoke - but this button does exactly what is written on the sticker: trim interrupt. Does the Century 21 A/P has the feature of a disconnect-button? And in case it has this feature: is it typical for a M20K NOT having such a button? And then - how could such a button be wired ? I did not find a schematic or installation manual for a Century 21 so far
  14. Okay, thank you. I was just dreaming ....
  15. I am a Little bitt confused about the Price for a G3X Touch PFD. I find Prices of about ~4300$ for a 10.6" Touch Display. But, I am not sure if this is the Price for an experimental model or for the certified Version. Besides, there still seem to be the non-Touch Versions around. Are those still in production or is it an EOL-product?