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  1. Now I can upgrade with out killing my Century 21 (which works nicely). The trick is to only buy one otherwise it's too close to a G3X price. I try to keep in mind the map on my phone or iPad will always be vastly superior to any panel mount.
  2. Check this out! https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/719027
  3. The A36 spends a fair amount of its extra useful load on the extra fuel it has to carry to go the same distance. Practically speaking it can't really haul any more in the cabin than our J's. When I picked up my 78J the 84 A36 we flew home with was ~5kts faster. But only in smooth air! The fifth and sixth seats on an A36 are just for show. The panel only really needs ADSB, LPV and an autopilot. Everything else is mostly vanity.
  4. Has anybody heard anything about Mooney ? I’ve been waiting on factory parts for more than a month and I’ve been told that there’s chaos at Mooney right now. I hope they’re still there.
  5. You might want to think about a Garmin G3X (now certified) instead of the 900. It has all the engine stuff and I think they are primary. ~$10K
  6. I just copied the link from the search bar and tried it again. It looks like it works. If not you can go to thingiverse and search mooney.
  7. I put a Mooney Logo Keychain up on Thingiverse. There are 3D printing sites you can send this file to and have it made. Mooney Keychain.stl https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3499094
  8. I printed a mixture knob just to see how it would turn out. It would need some wet sanding to get it perfect but I was very happy with the print. It does not compare to the aluminum one but still I was suprised how well it came out. (Pink is just what was in the printer) I put the solid model up on "Thingiverse ". Just search mooney and you will find it.
  9. This is my second annual. The only gear related issue I have had is a nose tire went flat while taxing. The tire came off the rim ant the nose shook badly. I wasn't going very fast but it stopped the plane almost immediately. Still I did not suspect damage.
  10. Found this bent retract rod at annual. No one seems to know the cause. 79 J
  11. I read that paragraph. It sounds like I had better not "produce them". They do look sweet though. I think I will turn some for my J. Maybe I will make the throttle gold anodized to symbolize pushing money away...
  12. The low profile is part of what I liked about these hooks. They don't stick out much beyond the bolt that is already there. These are for the back seat by the way. I had been hanging them from the coat hangar in the baggage compartment, but the cables were always getting caught under the baggage.
  13. Not sure about the legality of producing them. The ones I have done so far fall into the category of owner installed parts (one offs). I would think that for any kind of production run some kind of PMA or similar approval would be required. I have never tried one of the 3D printing sites. I could make the model available and you could send them the file and see how it comes out. I would still need an old throttle and prop knob to make models of. It would be plastic but better than nothing.
  14. I did it to help out a friend. I have the model for the mixture knob saved but not the throttle knob (it was not replaced).