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  1. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge since I first made this post, I wouldn’t buy that thing with your money lol
  2. I think you missed the analogy of syncing more money into something than it's actually worth. Especially if you don't love and plan to keep it for the next 10 years. I don't know if I'll like and keep it for 2 years let alone 10 years. I think the others are correct in saying buy something you don't need to put much upfront money in. After a couple years if you still truly like it, have fun with it. I just lost nearly 200k a couple months ago on a house we built in my hometown. The house was absolutely amazing, if I could have moved the house to a different state, I would have done it all
  3. I think I'm going to continue looking for something closer to being turnkey. I don't want to be the one to take the initial hit until I know for sure it's the right aircraft that I'll be keeping for the next 10yrs.
  4. I wasn't looking at this as an investment nor has the thought ever crossed my mind to try and sell it for a profit, I was looking at this from the perspective where you buy a 1992 Saturn and decide to put new rims and paint on it rather than buying a different platform. If the plane is only ever going to be worth 120k, I don't want to sink an additional 50k in it, I'll just buy a different platform and minimize the risk. A better summary of my question is more along the lines of, a) I have never owned an aircraft b) I don't know what my true mission is c) I don't want to lose 50k if I de
  5. For what it's worth, I have a track record of never keeping anything longer than a couple of years. Easily bored and looking for something new. I'm hoping to get this right the first time and break that bad habit. It has cost me a lot of money over the years with sports cars and houses.
  6. Price is always a factor and I never said price wasn't a condition. I'm looking for the best all around value where I get a good airframe that will meet most of my needs with the best panel I can have. Most of what I have seen on the market has been pretty old which includes aircraft through the 90s. I would like to modernize a panel and would much rather do it to an airframe that will retain most of it's value. I would not want to put 40/50k into a C, but would consider doing it to a J. New aircraft haven't been depreciated and I don't want to be the one absorbing the depreciation.
  7. Well aware and never considered it one. I'm the original founder of cardaddy.com and moved millions of vehicles through my site prior to my acquisition a few years ago, so I'm very aware of buying anything with an engine. There's an old saying in the car bizz, if you want a fast car, don't try and make a slow car fast, just buy a fast car. I feel the same principals exist in aviation except the supply is very limited. I'd much rather buy something completed, but finding it...
  8. Thank you, that's all I was looking for and yes, "IF" the economy stays strong is correct. I believe the economy is approaching the top based on what I'm seeing in the housing market again, so I'm trying to be a little cautious.
  9. I think you're missing the entire point of my post. I'm aware it's a luxury and I'm prepared to spend the money, but like any sensible person, they'd like to buy right and not throw money down the toilet. If I fully understood my mission and knew for sure the plane would meet my needs over the next 10yrs, then I would be much less concerned with being upside down. Right now I'd like to know the top of the market so I can value the purchase with upgrades.
  10. I haven't ruled out E's or F's, I just like some of the features of a post 83 J. Single piece belly, removable / fold down rear seats, etc. Unless the market tanks or you buy wrong, I don't see where there's going to be a major difference in cost of ownership between the two beyond maybe the electric gear. Yes, that 20% is with my friends and my closest friend is slightly curvy who some how managed to achieve 285. I feel like he's put a spear into my shopping. Distance with the wife would never be more than 500nm in a single leg. That trip could see three of us with some luggage. W
  11. It just recently happened with an F33A, it was the first one I ever laid eyes on and the only thing I new about the brand was what I read the night before. The price was perfect, the aircraft near was perfect, but my lack of knowledge made it not so perfect. It wasn't until after I lost the deal and a little bit more education did I realize I screwed up. Unfortunately like cars, these things aren't so readily available. I just remember as a kid buying my two seater sports cars and having to stuff friends in the trunk or having to ride them in the center. 80% of the time the car was perfe
  12. I would agree 100% with you, but the 205 was completely original and would have needed a lot of panel work. I think if you were to do panel work with a J, that would have been a perfect platform to do it with. I think at minimum it would have needed ADS-B, GPS/NAV/WAAS.
  13. Nah, I don't get emotional. If it sold I'll just move on and continue looking until I find one.
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