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  1. Posted to Savvy: I put all the labels on the posted picture just to help see what happened when, but I know its harder not to be able to freely zoom/scroll, so for the savvy graph: 29min: LOP #1, 33min: LOP #2, 38min LOP #3 with the LOP mag test right after from 40-42min. Per the other questions: all are fine wire plugs, pretty new with only ~130hrs on all of them.
  2. Yep, see 2nd graph i had posted above right after the ground mag check graph
  3. Following up with more data after getting to do the detailed Savvy inflight test today finally, and the LOP mag test I had originally forgotten to do before my last flight and posting all of the original data... Runup to usual 1900RPM, 30 Sec Both, 30 Left, 30 Both, 30 Right...if we're able to nitpick 30 seconds worth of data and only 20 degrees...I see here that L mag E2/Green is alittle cool compared to others...until on R mag, where in general all EGTs are much closer together..apart from E4/Yellow. What this means...not sure! Ha. I have the dual mag, so the balance between the 2 overall EGT temps is in line as expected...possibly clean plugs on #2/#4 is all I get here... LOP/ROP sweeps, 7500 0 Deg C, LOP Mag Check The JPI data taking the time to do the seeps much much slower revealed a spread of closer to 0.6-0.8 Gami maybe that is part of my issue vs all by prior data, even with pretty slow sweeps, was showing 0.5gph spread every time.. -Funny E4 on this one is much higher on that others on the L mag vs the R mag on the runup above.... -LOP order is consistent...E4/Yellow and E3/Blue still rising significantly and crossing others j
  4. back to the battery topic, if thats now on your personal list to check the tie-downs...I'd add checking the water levels (if not sealed)...that was my learning this year (always heavily involved in owner assisted every year, but always learning more to check, and what to check earliest in) battery levels were extremely low, probably added 2oz per compartment...just one more item thats on my personal list to "trust but verify" the shops...easy item to help maintain.
  5. I get this view/web when I click the link...but maybe its different to others, see the "Misc" column is the Flight numbers I was referring to in the notes above. Thank you much for taking the time to check it out and all your feedback!
  6. I've posted my file (was a download all) to says I can share a link for individual flights, but I only see a link to share them all it seems. The 2 focus flight might be #26 and #32, and as described below. I agree on a in flight LOP Mag check, it was my absolute intention before landing, just forgot, certainly hope no ignition issues being a brand new harness and new fine wires with only ~100 hrs. #32 Was pretty much all LOP, 5500, a climb at 1:06 to 7500, then right back to LOP rest of flight, was the slight rumbley/stumble as described... #26 Was the "failed attemp" flight of 8500 trying LOP 2 times that was just a tab too rumbly to accept after trying for ~5 min or so, 29 min and 54min were first 2 LOP attempts for a few minutes
  7. Help me understand your feedback alittle more if you could, and thanks for taking a noted E1/E2, red/green which match up so I dont think a typo, but I dont see these crossing each other, or otherwise why you believe their ill behaved? If I have exhaust temps crossing each other, especially at this small scale, I would actually take this as a good thing that their running so close/consistent together (not take I care vs having the fuel mixtures close rather than temps)..but just want to understand your feedback. It does seem #1 is a tad lean to begin with as I dont get much rise out of it compared to the others...will have to see if I could possibly richen it up with another injector swap...
  8. I did try different RPM/MP settings...essentially varying between 2400 to 2550 default is/was WOT during the trip, I tried backing that off some with varying RPM, but it didnt seem to have any affect. I just had the prop balanced down to 0.02 as well, so I believe what I'm feeling/hearing is truly this slight stumble-ish behavior of the engine. -When we were swapping injectors around, I believe my mechanic cleaned them with spray/cleaner, no ultrasonic. we started at ~1.2GPH spread post-OH so definitely worked our way forward The JPI EZTrends is still a bit boggling to me how to change the scales, get FF together with the temps..etc...attempting to post... This is 5500Ft running LOP, ~8.8GPH...slightly rumbly as I have described..but was happier than trying at 8500 This was at 8500Ft trying LOP when it was just too unhappy to continue LOP...same WOT, ~2400, was still about you can see still being 9gph not trying to get excessively deep LOP, just enough to peak all cylinders, still which were still all within ~0.4gph
  9. I highly prefer to fly LOP, usually cruise 6500-9500', currently 30Hrs post OH, IO-360, finewire plugs ~100 Hrs, new harness at overhaul. After breakin used my JPI data to swap around some injectors to get my GAMI spread back in line, and have it at 0.4-0.5 GPH spread, so quite happy with that. Just took my first big trip with the plane post overhaul, but engine does not seem to be entirely happy running LOP despite the nice(low) GAMI spread...when I transition to running LOP, the engine just seems to run a bit "rumbly"...not quite full stumbles or skips, but its like you can tell its just not entirely happy for some reason. Just feels by sound its not smooth running... This is without going extremely deep LOP or such, only 30-40deg LOP, and different that kind of the roughness you get when going too deep LOP where perhaps the GAMI spread gets worse and power disparity between the cylinders. One leg at 8500 it just seemed too unhappy to continue LOP, but next leg at 6500 seemed alittle smoother, both where same GAMI spread when transitioned. Any ideas/suggestions why the engine would be running like this, even with a pretty good GAMI spread? I forgot a LOP mag check before landing from the trip was only other idea currently.
  10. For learning, why would any inspection panel be secured with rivets in the first place? This also makes me think of every annual (that I aim to do everything possible my mechanic allows me/has taught me/inspects for me) and looking at the sea of what feels like a hundred panels under each wing...what do most limit their removal/inspection to, just where there are any bellcranks or such? Sorry if thats alittle bit of thread creep!
  11. Just went through same issue/finally biting the bullet with my 730...for years the data downloading has never worked (would only record a 2 min file or such) parameter change in the world fixed it, tried many USB sticks, even the "JPI" one they change. A factory reset didnt fix, and trying the firmware update would not recognize the new data files on the USB I downloaded from the JPI website(JPI techs on phone couldnt figure it out either). Had to go back to JPI to update firmware. I had 2.13, which I read between the lines as that version didnt seem to really support the downloading as it should, or as mentioned above, must have been very picky on its USB sticks!
  12. Is every IO-360 supposed to have the sniffle valve? Was just checking my Parts Bullentin for my 78 201, Ser 522...and sniffle valve is listed (Section 28-20-00, Item 63, 610122-501) however Has Note I...Note I details for serials 1-83, 85-377.... I'm curious how/why the need would be eliminated after that unless that also tied to some IO-360 variant where it was no longer required or factored into the fuel servo? Seems above discussion and other threads on the notorious sniffle valve indicate everyone should have one...but seeing otherwise in parts bulletin (in the middle of checking to see if I have one next cowl off!)
  13. Just completed an overhaul at Jewell as well, hoping to get first startup next week and begin flying again! I can echo the comments made in the post a few years ago still stand today, David was very helpful, patient with me answering all kinds of questions and checking in during the process. Pricing was just as advertised on the website, no surprises, and timeline spot-on as he estimated (granted I think I missed the winter rush!) as engine came back before thanksgiving. We had 2010 Hrs on our engine so hoping for a few knots back of performance would at least be something to feel good after this $$$$ process!
  14. I ended up ordering the rod end Byron had noted (in a separate thread) and we'll see how that ends Aurora CW-3, noted with a 20* misalignment angle per Aurora's product manual, should help. To put link with this thread: