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  1. Flymac

    Mixture cable fell off

    I ended up ordering the rod end Byron had noted (in a separate thread) and we'll see how that ends Aurora CW-3, noted with a 20* misalignment angle per Aurora's product manual, should help. To put link with this thread:
  2. Flymac

    Mixture cable fell off

    Thanks for the feedback so far...I agree for what I noted and re-stated above, the cable is supposed to mount on the outside, even though that really crates all of the inward angle...the thought on possibly my servo arm not being correct was a good idea in that maybe theres one that extends further outward, but it really looks to match Byrons in size (I'll be back there in an hour and measure how far it extends out.) I'm not sure I follow what the idea is on moving the arm 1 notch clockwise in terms of relieving any of the binding if you could elaborate? (to note I dont recall what position I had the mixture knob in this photo if that was driving the comments) My mechanic and I considered that as full rich we have about 3/16" gap on the knob before hitting the stop nut in the cabin, but we thought 1 notch might be greater than that and not allow us to then hit the full rich limit of the servo...but can certainly try. Certainly agree on replacing washers with a bushing/tube...other than that maybe just a different rod end is needed... I thought I saw Byron note the one he purchased was a "distressed angle" rod end...that could make perfect sense to cover more of the angle, I wasnt aware they made such a thing, but will confirm my thread and maybe try.
  3. Flymac

    Mixture cable fell off

    Old post but same topic/issue as my mechanic and i are in the middle of re-attaching mixture cable to servo...just not happy with how it binds up slightly on the mixture cutoff end...he played with the rod end for awhile, checked service book and saw how it has that mooney part mentioned above and thought that was issue and having “correct” part would mechanically link up better and deal with the angle more smoothly...well after researching this thread and others, seems everyone is doing the opposite and getting rid of that link ha! So i think we are best off with the rod end, but its just so crappily spaced/shimmed/angled that needs fixed, or maybe a different one...does anyone have any pics of your your installation and how your cable is attached to the engine standoff? See mine, its such an angle but manual does show having cable on outside...not a fan of all the washers for spacing either, but then the angle of the rod to the rod end would be even worse...appreciate any comparison
  4. Ive been hoping to finally start putting together some of my GoPro videos I've been recorded...but have been bogged down trying to figure out the quickest/easiest way to edit the massive videos and such...I'm kind of stuck...looking for input or quick cheats/software people are using? Typically I'll record say a 2 hours flight or Gopro splits it up in the ~12min video segments.. I want to be able to put these all together in 1 video, and then speed up most of the flight, normal/slow play at interesting points, freeze frame, etc...I'd say pretty normal, not too complex stuff. Frustration of what I'm running in to: GoPro Studio seems it was king of user friendly editing and doing these basic features...but no longer available New GoPro Quick can merge the videos...but SUPER basic functions of only up to 1 minute video, can pick "highlites" but cant control anything more GoPro Splice...also merges the clips together, but can only do 2X speed, and cant pick specific segments, only the full video clip...also only on IOS vs managing large files on the laptop... I've experimented trying to use some of the other free, more advanced editors: Davinci Resolve seems like a nice one...but has pretty high system reqs I dont meet (i7, 14GB Ram, etc) it wont run Filmora - still trying to figure it out...but then leaves a watermark on exported file... Ugh! Just want a quick, easy way to do basic edits and enjoy some cool videos! What are people using? @gsxrpilot how did you edit that Burning Man video for example where you had multiple segments of fast fwd, slow play, stills, etc...which seemed to be from a long flight that also would have been broken into multiple files.
  5. What type of metal is the outer sheet made out of? Is it a specific aluminum grade and thickness I assume...say if one wanted to make a flush mounted patch or at least make the patch out of the same material. How does one determine this when the parts bulletin is always in Mooney Part numbers? I know in the Service Manual they list many of the outer skins and such like 2024 T3...but didnt see it on all items like these doors.
  6. Old thread...but just experienced the same issue from a long flight the worked a smaller tear into quite a large one...calling around the usuals LASAR and Paul L...I'm in PA however...anyone repaired recently/happy with results from anywhere on the East coast by chance?
  7. Flymac

    Ceiling vent clogged with??

    Thank you all for the helpful feedback! and some other..."interesting" feedback on hogs, where to procure, etc, haha. I had my parts bulletin up on this one searching, but missed the more detailed section showing this...and I would have just never considered the whole idea theres a filter up there, pretty wild but smart I guess. Seems theres actually 2 of them per the picture I found now. Bottom line I cant think of any way to really replace the filters or try to re-secure in its proper place...maybe I could try to push it back towards the scoop, but I bet it will just end up blowing forward again so will probably just pull out the clumps that have come free around the vent.
  8. Flymac

    Ceiling vent clogged with??

    This is up in the ceiling vent’s completely sealed to roof skin and only openings would be the air scoop or actual vents as I see it?...doesn’t seem possible for any past or present rodent activity to be in this area? Ha
  9. 78 201, my rear passenger ceiling vent has become clogged with this nest looking looks exactly like grass, but it’s semi tough, plastic like. My scoop vent is fully intact, so nothing that could have flown in...any idea what this could be that was sealed up the air channel? Old insulation or something? I’m stumped also, that whole channel I believe is riveted to roof skin, so no way to open up and further investigate vs just trying to pull it all out and move on?
  10. Had the exact same issue just corrected this past summer...electric trim stopped physically moving the tail, pressing the trim switch in either direction i could clearly hear the relay(mounted inside, upper left firewall) engaging, and i could hear the trim motor running back in tail. Problem was also intermittent. There is a solenoid that engages (pulls down) a gear reduction assembly from the trim motor to the trim tube right behind avionics shelf. I had a few of those small blue tyco/amp connectors at multiple points between the motor assembly and up to where it ultimately ran back into cabin...i checked at each point moving fwd to rear (with trim switch engaged) until i found one of those connectors dropped the 12V that closes that solenoid, the socket\female connector had simply worn loose over the years and was intermittently making contact with its mating pin! Solenoid wasnt getting its 12V to engage drive train while the other pins were still fine passing the 12V to the trim motor, as they are split out. sounds like you have exact same issue to me, start at your connections, or put a voltmeter on the solenoid to see if its getting power with trim engaged, if its not, work your way forward.
  11. Flymac

    Landing Gear Disc Compression Tool

    Did the mains last year, simply used weight of aircraft to compress, worked great. The nosegear we sent to LASAR for the full rebuild they do of the unit as we had plenty of slop in steering horn and such, they also set the caster and make it all set to drop back in.
  12. Flymac

    Self-Install FS210?

    Thanks for all the great input! Was just as curious about the whole tail install and signal strength as that kind of surprised me regarding the location(I guess not shocking though given how cramped it is up there), and of all the FS210 posts I've seen I guess I never really saw it discussed where shops were locating them. We would also be getting a 345 installed, and with that already having bluetooth, ahrs, etc, another $2k just for the convenience of pushing flight plans to 430 drove my curiosity to ask and possibly cut $1k out at least while enjoying putting some work in(agreed with proper signoffs, etc).
  13. Has anyone taken on installing your own Flight Stream 210? Recently received a quote, similar to all that has been posted, ~$1000 labor, sparked alittle interest in me checking out the installation manual and all involved as the quote noted installing the 210 in the tail/avionics racks, which #1 far more accessible easier to work in #2 makes me think a decent chunk of that labor is simply pulling panels and routing the wires up to the panel...also quite doable. Single 1A push/pull breaker to add, and looks like just 2 signal wires to add to the 430W main connector(for sure would be the most nerve/racking & challenging part getting done!) Any others have yours in tail and can show some pictures? Anyone do on their own and have a successful setup with your GPS? Thanks Curious on your bluetooth signal/experience so far with anyone else that had theirs installed on the back rack
  14. Flymac

    Parking break valve

    I just replaced these at our annual in March as had same problem of the parking brake being worthless... MS28775-015 MS28775-006 After replacing these, new oil, bleeding etc, the brake will now at least hold the plane at idle, but not much more above that...better than before but certainly not the improvement was looking for. I think just by design it only works so well, but maybe others get better braking hold.
  15. I was going to note so theres the Trutrack and the Trio system in the works...what is swaying any of you towards one or the other at this point?