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  1. Stopped by the Mooney factory today.

    Yes sir Mike! The plane is awesome, perfect for mountain flying out west. It will be returning back to Georgia in March for a month or so. Thanks again for the M20TN checkout! It was great flying with you.
  2. Sun n Fun 2018

    I'll be at Sun 'n Fun early in the week. There's an aviation Maintenance/Repair/Overhaul convention (MRO Americas) in Orlando that week, so it'll be a busy week! I'll look for ya in Lakeland.
  3. Movie: American Made

    Marauder, You're a good detective to find these articles! That's the guy that checked me out in N721GA. He was a nice guy, very patient, and a good flight instructor. Sorry for straying a bit off topic.
  4. Movie: American Made

    Haha, aviation movies always get first priority! Good hearing from you Mike, and I hope you and your wife are well in the New Year.
  5. Movie: American Made

    I remember Donegal Springs. One of their chain-smoking pilots checked me out in a Grumman GA-7 Cougar. I forgot his name, (Jay maybe?) but I'm told he went to jail for smuggling drugs? I flew the rental Cougar over to Aerodynamics at KRDG, the mechanics came out to look at the plane and noted about a dozen things wrong with it just by a quick walk-around. On the flight back, I lost a generator on one of the engines.
  6. Movie: American Made

    From what Dorn Claire tells me from Henry Weber Aircraft (MSC) in Lancaster, PA, the Aerostar is fast as HELL!
  7. Movie: American Made

    Watched the movie on Delta Tuesday on the flight from LAS-ATL. Very entertaining with lots & lots of GA aircraft! I generally don't care for Tom Cruise, but he was good in the movie. No Mooneys in the movie though.
  8. Young Eagles

    I started flying the Young Eagles October & December of 2017 out of KLZU - Gwinnett County, GA. It was very well coordinated, the pilots were well briefed, and faster planes flew at higher altitudes to separate them from the slower Cessna aircraft. I thought it was very rewarding and I was glad I didn't have to pull out the vomit bags. All the kids I flew were repeat flyers from earlier in the year. We started at 0830, done by 12pm. The kids got a logbook and completion certificate, both signed by the pilot.
  9. Not a Poser Anymore

    Beautiful plane!
  10. Upgrade path from g1000 to NXI

    I use to have a G600, GTN750 and GTN650 in a beautiful 1998 J model Mooney. With the new aircraft purchase, I feel like I've gone back in time using the G1000. The GTN's are a superior product in a lot of ways. I really miss the GTN's. I'd certainly consider the NXi upgrade if it becomes available at some point in the future. At least it would be a step in the right direction, even if it's not touchscreen, which I wish it was.
  11. I was practicing yesterday VFR heading into Gwinnett County, GA (KLZU), and referred to the G1000 airport directory for the Tower Frequency. It wasn't there, even thought it's a Towered field! Since I was only 12 miles out, I quickly opened up my FlyQ app on the iPhone and looked it up there. If the Tower frequency is missing from KLZU, I'm sure it's missing from a lot of other airports as well. I called Garmin about it, and it was missing from their G1000 desktop mockup. I wonder if it's also missing from the G500/G600? I bet it is. I always have other references available, so it was no big deal, but surprising nonetheless when you need a frequency last minute.
  12. New Paint Scheme M20TN

    I like it!
  13. Making (NEW) Mooney T shirts!

    I just ordered my Charcoal colored shirt. It should arrive just in time for Sun 'n Fun!
  14. My 15 Minutes of Fame!

    I arrived home yesterday after a hectic day at work, and immediately smiled after seeing Joe Zuffoletto's beautiful Mooney Acclaim Type S on the cover!! Fantastic photography!
  15. Who's going to Sun n Fun?

    Jolie, I'll be there at the beginning of the week. I'll probably airline into TPA & rent a car like last year. I'll look for ya! Good seeing you at the AOPA Fly-in at Prescott, AZ last year. Hopefully I'll also get to rendezvous with Capt. Mike Elliott!