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  1. PIREP..... I finally received my two spare ignition keys from Mooney. It took 6+ weeks to get them after ordering them from a MSC, so plan accordingly if you need them. The good news is that they both work, so I'm very happy.
  2. Yes, I took a photo copy of the tech's notes. Here they are. He said the numbers were all over the place and he couldn't make any sense out of it. His boss finally told him to stop after 4 hours of grinding away at the starter on and off. All were very hot starts plus all the turbo cool downs. IPS .28 @ 208 .31 @ 180 24.3 @ 249'/260 .35@ 324 18.7 @ 304 .22 @ 210 37.9 @ 303 .24 @ 7 22.3 320 .48 @ 17 .48 @201
  3. It was VERY gusty that day and a quartering crosswind. You would think that this experienced tech would know not to attempt a balance in such conditions. I spoke to a MSC that does prop balancing a few days ago, and he told me they never do prop balances in high wind, that they strive for calm conditions. I bet this is why my prop couldn't be balanced.
  4. I’ve decided to have my prop balanced by a leading prop shop in Gainesville, GA since I’ve never had it done. I’m not experiencing any unusual vibrations. The tech has been doing this for 15 years and has done 100’s of planes. He’s very experienced. He spent four hours and 10 run-ups and each time, his computer was telling him conflicting information that didn’t make any sense with moving weights all over the place and sometimes doubling weights from the previous run in completely different positions. He concluded that he couldn’t balance my prop and never charged me. He thinks it could be either his equipment or my engine. Has anyone experienced a Prop Balance where the readings were all over the place and it was impossible to balance the prop?
  5. FYI, for any owners that have the vernier throttle in their Mooney might want to check the tightness of the push button vernier throttle (black button on the end of the throttle). Mine came completely out yesterday while turning final at 1000' coming into Scottsdale, AZ yesterday. The black button fell out in my hand, and the spring inside fell out onto the floor. It took me a few seconds to realize what was going on, and another few seconds to make sure I had control over the engine, but at that altitude, there wasn't much time. After shutdown, I was able to screw the button back in along with the spring that goes inside of it. From now on, I'll check this as part of my preflight.
  6. After starting the TSIO-550G engine yesterday, the G1000 MFD displayed the RPM's as Zero, even though the engine was running just fine. I recycled the MFD twice with the CB, and completely powered the plane down with the Alternator and Master switch both off, then back on again, with no help. I called my MSC, who was no help either, and also spoke to Garmin Field Service, which was absolutely no help or assistance for that matter. Has anyone experienced this issue of ZERO RPM displayed? The only thing I know to do would be to remove the GEA71 (engine and airframe) box in the tail and reinstall it. The GEA71 gets it's RPM from a sensor someplace, but I have no idea where the RPM sensor is located. I'm assuming in the engine compartment, but I don't know. The RPM indication finally started working again after about 11 minutes and continued to work until shutdown. Thanks for any guidance. David
  7. glbtrottr, I'm glad you were able to meet him! He took me over to the "Long Beach Exhange" for lunch, which is the old Boeing hangars with lots of history & artifacts on the walls from when they built the big airliners. If you haven't been there, it's worth a visit. They have a fake runway built on the other side of the building with a runway number of: 68??? They got a lot of stuff right, but somehow that doesn't look right. There's plenty of variety of resturants inside (food court), and it's a fun atmosphere. Here is the link: We went over to Hawthorne Airport yesterday in the little white helicopter. It was busy, but the controllers gave us left closed traffic to a full stop on the runway, despite being so busy. The controllers seemed nice there. Have a good weekend glbtrottr!
  8. I'm having lunch with Mike tomorrow afternoon in Long Beach in between helicopter lessons, so I'll ask him. Will get back to you.
  9. I left PDK in November 2018. Those new hangars are really nice with electric doors! There were occasions where my hangar door at PDK was so hard to move that I almost called airport security to help me move the door. Perhaps I'm getting weak in my old age. When I left PDK, I was paying $375/month. The hangar was big enough for a twin, larger than LZU's Aero Industry hangars. I think I was paying $315/mo at LZU.
  10. I went to a local Mooney Service Center, spoke to the head supervisor, and he advised me that I can't order spare Medeco keys for my ignition from them. Are there only certain MSC's that you can order these security keys from? I thought I could order them from ANY MSC. Obviously not.
  11. Mike Domino is a CFI-II and based at KLGB. He works out of KLGB (Long Beach) at Aces High Aviation. He's well experienced and has no interest in "time building". Flight instructing is his career. He has good credentials and very knowledgable.
  12. Clarence, My application is using two Concorde RG-25-15 batteries. The aluminum hold down bars were not installed ontop of either battery, and no safety wire was installed. The good people at Mooney (Stacey Ellis) in Kerrville, TX got me all fixed up and corrected this maintenance error after 11 months. This has taught me a big lesson. Inspect the avionics bay after annuals, and periodically.
  13. For what it's worth, I recommend getting a four-year college degree if he wants to work for the major airlines. If he wants to take classes that will transfer from an accredited college to the 4-year university, just make sure those credits will transfer. I recommend a 4-year degree from a well recognized aviation university. Yes it will be more expensive, but it's more respected and will open doors faster, plus when the major airlines interview him, they have a point scale system. If the degree is from an aviation university, that candidate will get more points in the hiring process vs non-aviation school. The other thing is that if he goes to an aviation university like Embry-Riddle, he'll be surrounded by aviation day & night. The campus is right by the airport, so it's a GOOD motivator. Also it's recommended that he get a degree in other than Aviation Science, in the event he loses his medical, he'll have the background for another career field. Perhaps business administration or any of the dozens of degree programs. Recommend applying for the many scholarships that are offered. Most of the major airlines have a new pathway to work for them if desired for someone with no aviation experience. You have to enroll at specific aviation universities, and follow their pathway, getting the four-year degree and working at the university flight instructing for a certain amount of time, then guaranteed a pilot position, as long as you maintain a certain GPA and other requirements. It's worth looking into. Here is more info about this program for Delta Air Lines: The major airlines will need to replace 1000's of pilots over the next 15 years, mechanics as well, so it's an excellent opportunity IF he loves flying. If he doesn't love flying, then go into something else. Network with as many aviation people as possible to compare notes etc.. A lot of times with aviation jobs, it's not what you know, but WHO you know, as long as you have the basic credentials of course. The other thing is have him not get in trouble with the law....ex)speeding tickets, public drunkeness, car crashes, bankruptcy, paying bills on time. The airlines will ask him about speeding tickets, they will look at his credit reports, and are very thorough with background checks including interviewing neighbors/relatives. Make sure he keeps his record clean! Good luck with your own training, that's very exciting you're taking lessons as well for your Private.
  14. You could try Aero Industries at LZU (Lawrenceville, GA). I use to rent from them on and off, and they always had availability. I use to rent with Air Harbour at LZU, but moved to Aero Industries on the north side of the airport, because Aero Industries was quite a bit cheaper. Yes, the hangars are older at Aero Industries, but it was worth it to me to save money. I don't know who's there now, but I dealt with Michele Sayne at Aero Industries. Her number was 770-980-0808. I also rented at PDK, but you have to get on a waiting list. I was called after 6 months and moved in. You'd have to talk to Eugenia at PDK to start the process. Her number is: 770-936-5440. Good luck with your search.