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  1. Mooney_Allegro

    Alternator - Plane Power Model AL24-P70 (Rebuilt)

    SOLD, Thx Jim! It will be sent out FedEx Air tomorrow to you, tracking info to follow.
  2. Mooney_Allegro

    Starter - Prestolite MHB-4016

    Price lowered $50 to $200 including FedEx shipping.
  3. Mooney_Allegro

    Alternator - Plane Power Model AL24-P70 (Rebuilt)

    Price lowered to $200 including FedEx shipping.
  4. SOLD, thanks Alan. It will be sent out FedEx Air tomorrow. I'll send you the tracking info via PM.
  5. Mooney_Allegro

    Replacing rotating beacon with Whelen LED Beacon

    NotarPilot, I just had the Whelen Model OR36R2N installed on the aft belly of my plane. It's a very low profile LED beacon and super bright. It has 20 RED LED's. It's 28V VDC. I hate taxiing around at night with the distracting strobes on, so this takes care of that. Good luck with your selection, and I hope you find something that works well for your plane.
  6. Used Sky-Tec starter 149-NL, SN: FN-300535, 12 or 24 Volt with no paperwork. Fits Lycoming 235, 290, 320, 360, 540, 541, 720 series engines. Pitch 12/14. If you want to buy a new starter from the factory and have it as a spare, send this one back as a core and you'll save $75. A new factory starter like this one from the factory will cost $544 if you don't have a core. If you send a core back, you'll get refunded $175. This starter worked when it came off of my Lycoming IO-360-A3B6, but I'm not selling it as a workable part, I'm selling it to be used as a core to save you $75 for someone who wants to buy new from the factory to have a spare starter.
  7. I’m very sorry jezzie, I can only ship in the continental USA. A few years ago I sent a small package to Canada and it cost over $50 for half the weight of the jacket. A small box to Colombia with chocolates inside & a few gifts cost over $50 last year. I’m not sure why packages cost so much to ship out of the country. It’s ridiculous.
  8. Mooney_Allegro

    Exxon Elite 20W-50 Oil - PENDING OBSOLETE

    I just received a phone call today from, the place where I use to buy my Exxon Elite oil for years. Anita Rouse, from advised me that they're getting a shipment of cases in shortly that will be for sale. She also advised that Exxon has made the decision to exit the market due to pricing issues with all the additives that go into the Exxon Elite product. She said there will be no replacement. Her number is: 954-237-3962, and her cell is: 954-483-8411.
  9. Mooney_Allegro

    Exxon Elite 20W-50 Oil - PENDING OBSOLETE

    Thanks toto! Hopefully in the last 14 years, there's been some improvements. It sounds like the key to prevent rust is to fly the plane a lot (once/week for 1 hour at normal operating temperatures) and (do the oil changes no more than 50 hours or 4 months, whichever occurs first) according to both Continental and Lycoming. I do my best to fly once/week, but don't always measure up to that.
  10. Mooney_Allegro

    Exxon Elite 20W-50 Oil - PENDING OBSOLETE

    toto, Do you remember if Phillips 66 X/C 20W-50 was tested back in 2005 by Aviation Consumer? I wonder how it did compared to the others.
  11. Mooney_Allegro

    Exxon Elite 20W-50 Oil - PENDING OBSOLETE

    I cannot confirm the name of the tech I spoke with, as I didn't write down his name. I called Exxon Mobil Lubricants Technical Help Desk (troubleshoot customer questions and concerns) at 12:49pm Pacific time on 11 Jan 2019. The phone number I called for the Technical Help Desk was 718-354-1392. He said Exxon Elite 20W-50 is "Pending Obsolete" in his computer system. He said once the inventory is gone, it will no longer be available, as it's not being produced.
  12. For Sale - Electric PowerTow 35. 3/4 HP motor, voltage: 115 / 208-230 in good condition. The clutch is strong. With the current set-up as is, the arms are too low to hookup to a Mooney, but I'm sure it would be just fine for other aircraft. The company doesn't offer a hook up kit for this model. This model needs an extension cord to plug in for operation. Local pickup only at KHND, Henderson, NV (Las Vegas). $250.00
  13. For Sale - Prestolite Starter PN: MHB-4016, SN: A503016, 24 Volt. This unit was repaired by Aerotech of Louisville, KY and hasn't been used since. I kept it as a spare starter for a 1998 M20J w/Lycoming IO-360-A3B6 engine. Before the repair, it had 112 hours on the unit. I have all the legal paperwork for the starter (FAA Form 8130) from Aerotech. $200 including shipping via FedEx Air in the Continental USA.