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  1. Hello Mooney Allegro,


    Just a quick note to you to welcome you to the West Coast Mooney Club.

    Your profile does not say where you are located but hopefully you can make it out to some of our events in the near future.  Looking forward to meeting you.


    Michael Rodgers

    1. Mooney_Allegro


      Hello Mr. Rodgers!  Thanks and I'm sorry, I live in Henderson, NV.  I enjoy flying and would love to meet you and the rest of the West Coast Mooney Club.   My last trip to California was to Monterey about a month ago.  I visited the beautiful aquarium and spent two days in Monterey.  

      I'll keep checking the website for your next meet.  Hopefully I can make it.  My schedule sometimes has me working weekends and holidays, but hopefully it will workout that I can meet you.

      If you come to Las Vegas, let me know!

      David Lincoln


    2. MrRodgers


      Hi David,

      I was just up in Monterey last weekend and at the Aquarium as well.  A beautiful spot to be sure. Had to drive from LA though as my plane was in for service.  Hope to meet up with you someday soon.


      Michael Rodgers

  2. Mooney_Allegro

    An Absolutely Horrible Day!

    Don, I'm very very sorry to read about your airplane. I know how important your plane is to you and I'm sure you're devastated. I certainly would be! I'm wondering if your cockpit instruments are ok internally after such a hard hit to the ground. I'm sure it didn't hit gently if the propeller blades twisted, but I could be wrong. Back in 2012, my former 1998 J model had a new Lycoming Factory Reman installed that I bought from Air Power. It was the day of my first break-in flight and as I walked up to my plane, the mechanic was about to put the cowling on so I could test fly the plane. I told the mechanic to hold off, as I wanted to look inside the engine. Luckily I did, or I would have been dead most likely shortly after takeoff when I crashed into the housing development in a ball of flames. The mechanic in Henderson, NV never tightened the main fuel line that goes to the spider assembly. It was so loose that it wasn't even finger tight. I showed the mechanic, and he never apologized or said a word about it. He walked inside his hangar, got a wrench and tightned it, then put the cowling back on. Never said a thing. After that, all trust was lost. I didn't fly the plane until I hired a mechanic from Lone Mountain Aviation out of KVGT to come over that next week to inspect the entire installation. That was a disgrace something that important was overlooked. Same with your incident. I'm sorry, but we pay A LOT of money for people to inspect and maintain our planes. It's the least they could do is care about what they are doing. I think the majority of the time they do a great job, but after that incident I take nothing for granted anymore.
  3. Mooney_Allegro

    Maintenance Recommendations at KVGT

    I've been using Lone Mountain at KVGT for the last 6 years for various issues. Matter of fact, I just used them today to replace a worn out TIT probe. They would have replaced my SkyTech starter today, but UPS never delivered it after paying $200 for shipping for early am delivery. UPS still can't tell me where my new starter is. I should have requested FedEx instead. Kenny is the owner and is very knowledgable. Their maintenance chief is Travis. He's been working on Mooneys for years. I trust him & he's very good and careful. They've treated me well, even for last minute issues when I drop in unannounced.
  4. Mooney_Allegro

    AOPA FLY-IN KJKA Gulf Shores

    Kortopates, sorry I missed you tonight. I looked for you at the Barnstormers Party. On Saturday, I’ll be at the Mooney Acclaim and Tecnam display, so please stop by. If I’m not there, stop by later. Thx!
  5. Mooney_Allegro

    AOPA FLY-IN KJKA Gulf Shores

    Kortopates, I’ll look for you Friday night! I’ll have a Mooney polo shirt on & will wear shorts. Some inbound planes to Santa Fe diverted because of strong crosswinds after I landed. It was bumpy at 12:15pm today and it was very gusty. It wasn’t my best landing, that’s for sure. I don’t have my October schedule yet, so I don’t know if I’ll attend the Gulf Shores event.
  6. Mooney_Allegro

    AOPA FLY-IN KJKA Gulf Shores

    I'll be attending the Santa Fe AOPA Fly-in. Arriving on Thursday at 12pm. I attended the last one in Missoula, and that was lots of fun, until a deer ran out in front of the truck and ruined the front end. I've never seen so many deer in my life up in Montana. Beautiful country though and the Smoke Jumpers tour was amazing back at the airport.
  7. Mooney_Allegro

    Oshkosh 2018 - Who's going?

    I'll be flying in from Las Vegas in the Mooney. Staying in Green Bay for less than $100/night at a Marriott property. Drive down to OSH.
  8. Mooney_Allegro

    New Service Instruction for Rudder Slippage

    I'm getting this issue addressed within the next two weeks at DLK Aviation in Atlanta. Mooney has the parts in stock. I'm always using almost full right rudder trim in the climb and during high-speed descents, I'm at full left rudder trim. It will be covered under warranty, which helps. I never operate the rudder trim unless the aircraft is in motion on the ground as per my excellent Acclaim Instructor Mr. Mike Elliott.
  9. Mooney_Allegro

    Stopped by the Mooney factory today.

    Yes sir Mike! The plane is awesome, perfect for mountain flying out west. It will be returning back to Georgia in March for a month or so. Thanks again for the M20TN checkout! It was great flying with you.
  10. Mooney_Allegro

    Sun n Fun 2018

    I'll be at Sun 'n Fun early in the week. There's an aviation Maintenance/Repair/Overhaul convention (MRO Americas) in Orlando that week, so it'll be a busy week! I'll look for ya in Lakeland.
  11. Mooney_Allegro

    Movie: American Made

    Marauder, You're a good detective to find these articles! That's the guy that checked me out in N721GA. He was a nice guy, very patient, and a good flight instructor. Sorry for straying a bit off topic.
  12. Mooney_Allegro

    Movie: American Made

    Haha, aviation movies always get first priority! Good hearing from you Mike, and I hope you and your wife are well in the New Year.
  13. Mooney_Allegro

    Movie: American Made

    I remember Donegal Springs. One of their chain-smoking pilots checked me out in a Grumman GA-7 Cougar. I forgot his name, (Jay maybe?) but I'm told he went to jail for smuggling drugs? I flew the rental Cougar over to Aerodynamics at KRDG, the mechanics came out to look at the plane and noted about a dozen things wrong with it just by a quick walk-around. On the flight back, I lost a generator on one of the engines.
  14. Mooney_Allegro

    Movie: American Made

    From what Dorn Claire tells me from Henry Weber Aircraft (MSC) in Lancaster, PA, the Aerostar is fast as HELL!
  15. Mooney_Allegro

    Movie: American Made

    Watched the movie on Delta Tuesday on the flight from LAS-ATL. Very entertaining with lots & lots of GA aircraft! I generally don't care for Tom Cruise, but he was good in the movie. No Mooneys in the movie though.