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  1. Thx for your response. Per mechanic, looks like there’s an issue with the AP servo.
  2. On disengaging my autopilot on a flight this afternoon (1979 231K with a kfc200 autopilot) my electric trim switch alarm light engaged. I turned the switch on and off and the alarm light continued to flash. What is this indicating.
  3. I'm looking for a CFII in the New Mexico/West Texas area that could provide me with some M20K transition training and a IPC. If possible, I'd like to devote 2/3 full days to complete both. Thanks in advance for any responses
  4. After approximately 1 1/2 hours in flight yesterday (1979 M20K) my high/low voltage alarm started to "flicker" on and off sporadically for approximately 30 minutes. The alarm never indicated a steady alarm. The last 15 minutes of the flight there were no further alarm indications. Any thoughts as to what may be the cause? Thanks for any responses.
  5. Any recommendations for a Mooney instructor near Kerrville, TX (preferably with M20K time). After owning two different J models in the past, I'm in the process of purchasing a M20K and need an instructor for 5 hours training. Thanks in advance for any replies.
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