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  1. rcwilbur

    Oil Cooler Foam Filler

    Thanks very much. I was able to get it in to the mechanic today and they are going to look at it together with a few other squawks. I will keep the info in case I need it in the future. thanks again. Carl.
  2. I have a new to me '78 M20J. During the pre-buy the mechanic pointed out that there was a foam filler piece missing between the duct and the oil cooler on one side. The oil temps are fine, but I would like to replace the filler piece. I looked in the Mooney Parts Manual and it is listed as part no. 620017-000 but when I google that number the only hit is Lasar and they are out. My question is whether there is generic foam tape that is suitable for this application and if so the brand/type. It seems that whatever is used should be suitable for a higher temp environment and that just a generic brand from Home Depot is not appropriate. Thanks. Appreciate any help or advice.
  3. rcwilbur

    Mooney Mechanic Near Lexington Kentucky

    Thanks for the information AJ. Appreciate your help.
  4. rcwilbur

    Mooney Mechanic Near Lexington Kentucky

    Mike, Appreciate your e-mail and thanks again for your thoughts and this additional sage advice. Carl.
  5. rcwilbur

    Mooney Mechanic Near Lexington Kentucky

    Do you have contact information for Sue? She may know the individual that Kentucky Airmotive suggested, if they worked their at the same time or be able to give me thoughts on others in Lexington area who she might recommend. Thanks very much.
  6. rcwilbur

    Mooney Mechanic Near Lexington Kentucky

    Thanks very much for the suggestion.
  7. rcwilbur

    Mooney Mechanic Near Lexington Kentucky

    I called Kentucky Airmotive at KIOB and they had someone in their avionics shop that had worked on Mooneys, but sounded like he was more of an avionics expert.
  8. rcwilbur

    Mooney Mechanic Near Lexington Kentucky

    Thanks. Been lurking and learning for awhile. This is a fantastic site with a wealth of information. A huge asset to the Mooney community. Look forward to being able to participate in the future.
  9. Does anyone know of an experienced Mooney Mechanic near Lexington? I saw in a past post a recommendation for a mechanic located at Kentucky Airmotive in Mt Sterling named Sue. I called Kentucky Airmotive and Sue no longer works there. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.