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  1. Best place is Keystone Instruments in Lock Haven PA 570-748-7083 Family run business, very fair, honest, fast turn around. Ask for Ken or Pam
  2. Steve Hartwell. Dogbone Aviation at KCGZ very trusting and fine work
  4. Lance Mine is installed in the front Not sure why Jaime's mechanic installed that probe in the spot you show With mine in the front, the oil temps are nearly exact in all conditions
  5. Jose You have set out a great scenario regarding hotel rooms.....!!!!!
  6. Please check out the Bravo Oil Pressure post and the Low Oil Pressure post
  7. I looked for any earlier topics on this issue, I could not locate them. What is the correct fitting required for a transfill, the fitting on the Mooney( the O2 fill behind the door) and whatever is needed if you have your own tank to fill from. Where is the best place to find these ditting and lines at a fair price? Thanks in advance.
  8. Bill

    I assume this is at Daytona Beach?

    It sure sounds like their MO and ways of handling things



    1. BillC


      No, actually I’m in Brooksville at the only shop on the field. American Aviation. Before I give them a bad review, I’ll see how the repair comes out. Thanks.

    2. tls pilot

      tls pilot

      Good Luck

      I hope it turns out well

      They should repair it at no cost to you



  9. Ron Please refer to one of my first posts in Oct 2014. The issue remained into early 2015 for my engine. see post.... Bravo Oil Pressure By tls pilot, October 9, 2014 in Mooney Bravo Owners after reading old post, a few thoughts.... I do not recall when you purchased your reman from Lycoming. But it seems like it was around 2015 when they were finally figuring out my issue. Is your issue decreasing oil pressure as you climb? and Then as you decrease altitude the oil pressure increases? In my case the issue was easily documented since I have dual oil pressure guages, the ships transducer guage and a direct reading Scott. As well, I have two oil temp guages, the ships and a JPI. Once the engine was installed, the oil pressure difference was related to altitude. See the original post, basically, the higher I went the lower the oil pressure. It was a consistent decrease in oil pressure on climb until I reached FL 140 where the oil pressure went into the yellow. At that point, I did not go higher. I documented the incremental oil pressure loss with a spreadsheet and pics. Noting the readings on both pressure guages and the oil temps. Lycoming suggested adjusting the oil relief valve, an easy task on our engine, no need for washers, ( you can also het a stiffer spring, purple or white?) use a 9/16 th wrench on the aft cylinder in front of the oil cooler. The problem is this is NOT the fix. It only allowed me to climb to FL 170 vs FL 140 before the oil pressure went into the yellow. No real fix... At least in my case it was not a fix. If your oil pressure is decreasing with each 1000 feet as you climb, it may be the same issue I had. Lycoming is and was clearly aware that the new lifters (tappets), parabolic ones, used in our TIO540AF1B was not allowing proper oil pressure especially once we got into the FLs. Apparently due to our oilers and the ability of the oil pump? It is a practice that was stopped sometime in 2015 or early 2016, with Lycoming only using straight tappets. In my case, after flying the reman engine for 21 hrs, the engine was pulled and rebuilt w another new camshaft and new tappets, the original design type. After that, I can fly up to FL240 without any oil pressure drop. It certainly fixed the issue. No sense having an engine and plane that can fly at FL240 but you need to fly with the oil pressure in the red or yellow.... IF you have the same data of oil pressure loss w altitude increase, I suggest you call Lycoming and ask very specific questions as to what tappets were used in your install. Obviously, there are other issues that may cause a drop in oil pressure; Boyles law and oil temps, the turbo system, and prop governor. Good luck.
  10. Here is a good source and with the CN dollar low, prices good These folks are very knowledgable
  11. F The oil pressure issue is a concern. A few years ago Lycoming and OH shops started using parabolic shaped lifters. In my case, normal oil pressure at or near sea level, then a loss of oil pressure every 1000 feet. Above FL 150, oil pressure was near the yellow line. The oil temp (Boyles Law is a factor). But in the case of these lifters being used, that is the issue. Shops will tell you it is a oil pressure indicator issue, but I have a direct reading line and the ships transducer. Even with the one gauge you have it sounds like a lifter issue. You need to find out from the shop what lifters were used. Lycoming has stopped using these on our engines. A TLS Bravo is not being useful and a bad choice of planes if not able to be flown above FL150 up to 240! Also see Beech Talk with same issue The MP issue seems low and is easily adjusted depening on ambient temp. I would look at fuel flow on takeoff and see what the burn rate is, it should be 29-32gph
  12. Any suggestions how to easily tighten the mixture control nut? I can only get a finger on the back (behind the panel) nut while attempting to tighten the front nut. The cable wants to turn with the front nut. I would appreciate any suggestions, especially since I fly again tomorrow. I took the side panel off, co pilots side, near the mixture control. But the tubular structure makes it difficult to get to the rear nut
  13. Peter Not an uncommon issue w the TLS/Bravo Best to have someone look for fuel running out of the one of the two rubber hoses that extend thru the front lower cowl on co pilots side very near the cowl flap, while engine is running. If it is dripping or running out of one of those tubes, your fuel pump most likely has an issue. The cost you quoted is high! Check Quality for an exchange unit of $1295.00 IF they have one on the shelf.
  14. call Edison at Wet Wing in FXE
  15. Ned

    Any lapels left?

    Im in FL not sure what the postage would be

    Id cover it

    please let me know

    very nicely done