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  1. I suggest you tap on the motor and micro switch (limit switch) In my case, I did the above then spray the micro switch with a very good contact cleaner The switch and motor is easy to get at. If you need a need micro switch, the cost is under $60.00
  2. Visited Santa Fe frequently the last several years. Used Aero Services for an avionics issue, they were very professional with good knowledge Also used Steve at Skyland also in Santa Fe. Very good mechanic Id recommend either one of these companies in Santa Fe
  3. Came across this picture taken at the factory in September 1988 Most of the Mooney team is in the picture although Bill Wheat, Mike Miles, Bill Craig are not.... This is serial number 27-0001. N20XM
  4. In most folks opinions who use electrical contact cleaners, a superb product is Caig Labs DeOxit D5 or D100L ( is 100% deoxidizer/cleaner) a little goes a long way It is available on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/CAIG-LABORATORIES-D100L-25C-Contact-Cleaner/dp/B0000YH6F8/ref=pd_sbs_267_4/132-3351496-1120008?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B0000YH6F8&pd_rd_r=7bac1973-efde-4008-9101-87dd6463c0e7&pd_rd_w=mOsrM&pd_rd_wg=jXtKz&pf_rd_p=703f3758-d945-4136-8df6-a43d19d750d1&pf_rd_r=1JT1VEHK1TR3Z079DEQN&psc=1&refRID=1JT1VEHK1TR3Z079DEQN
  5. Don Did you have similar issues? What was the cost of it? I believe its sealed and cannot be rebuilt?
  6. On my recent flight, prior to take off I put in Right Rudder Trim (Take Off Position) I usually leave it in for the climb, upon reaching 15000 I attempted to put the rudder trim in a neutral (middle position) Nothing.. I rocked pushed the split rocker rudder switch also pulled the circuit breaker for the actuator and indicator a few times. Still nothing... Tried it a few times on the 3.5 hour flight Even rocked the rudder with controls On descent, I decided to try it again and it worked! On the ground it worked several times Today, decided to check
  7. My first post on the new Gill LT Sealed Battery 7243-14 was in June 2015 (it was in the Bravo Forum) These batteries perform extremely well and have provided me with excellent service. Far better than the wet G243 or the first Gill sealed battery. We gave reports on a yearly or so basis on that same post. Today (August 2020), the batteries are still installed in the aircraft, performing well on starts and capacity checks. Please keep in mind these are the 24 volt batteries, 14Ah sealed Gill LT. (7243-14) In my experience, Most 12 volt batteri
  8. To the posts who ask No I do not work for Gill, never have worked for Gill. Just reporting my findings. In my case, The battery 7243, is sealed. The manifold or venting is only used since that is how the battery box tray is in the plane. What I do know is the life I have gotten out of my 7243 batteries Not sure why certain folks on this site need to disparage or question people who write an honest review? If folks like Concord use it, my experience w the NEW Gill Batteries has been superb. Just reporting... IF you have not had a new Gill Battery LT type you
  9. if you need a new battery after testing Best thing to do is buy a new Gill Battery 7035-28 if 12 Volt or 7243-14 if 24 volt The new sealed Gill Batteries truly perform and last unlike the old non sealed ones
  10. Don and Irish Pilot Was your engine recently overhauled? If so by whom? I experienced similar readings: loss of oil pressure every 1000 feet, oil pressure reached the yellow 57psi at FL 130 We changed the spring and adjusted the nut. Like you have reported -it increases the oil pressure at sea level and while it gets you some additional psi it really does not solve the problem After spending a great deal of time w Lycoming and the engine OH shop I proved that earlier engines did Not lose oil pressure as one climbed. Proved by detailed pics and data. I have
  11. Just wondering... While the C2V3 appears to be the one to use What makes it different than Mothers at $17.23 at Walmart or an auto store? https://mothers.com/products/cmx-ceramic-spray-coating-01024 or any of these tested and top rated sprays? Which are less than the Mothers cost above... https://www.autoguide.com/top-10-best-ceramic-coatings-and-detailing-products
  12. the Lycoming factory in Williamsport is shut down for three weeks and may be extended This could add to the wait
  13. Without any reservation, use the new sealed Gill 7243-14 We have used this new Gill sealed battery and have had great success with it over 4 years now. We reported on it when the battery came out and made annual reports see Battery Power -the new Gill sealed battery 7243-14 (post made in 2015) Please note the forum here seems to not like Gill Batteries Perhaps based on the old wet Gill Battery Not certain how many have tried the new sealed 7243s They have great cranking power and have stood up to hot and cold weather starts
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