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  1. Clearly a Vision Jet SF50 The Eclipse 400 prototype shown below had one side window, the SF50 has three...
  2. we will report again, that out Gill LT sealed batteries have really performed. Nearly 6 yrs and when recently removed they still passed the capacity tests. It is a shame that folks who have not used the new Gill LTs continue to bash them A person should be informed about current products to make such decisions. As to the draw on your battery, a simple test is to have a very good amp meter and measure the milliamps draw with nothing on in the aircraft. Clocks usually have an inline fuse in the tail section near the battery compartment Other sources can be a fuel t
  3. A few hangars down from me, with bottom cowl off, I noticed the fasteners holes on the bottom of the cowl looked elongated and with little material left to the edge. The plane is an older M model. The fastener retaining rings not in place, thus the fastener pops out and one can see that the hole is now bigger. Issue appears to be sooner or latter the fastener will go thru the cowling hole, then not holding anything but remaining attached! Anyone know of a fix? Seems the area would need to cleaned of all the oil first, then would need to repair the entire b
  4. From AOPA Article There is some potential good news on the horizon for pilots. After months of close coordination with AOPA, AssuredPartners Aerospace, AOPA’s strategic insurance partner, has teamed with an A-rated aviation insurer that has pledged to explore options for pilots up to age 79. This development could provide more options to those who fly single-engine, piston-powered aircraft with fixed, retractable, or tailwheel gear configurations, and having six seats or fewer and with hull values as high as $500,000. BasicMed is also scheduled to be an approved underwriting e
  5. a quick followup to @carusoam Yes I can report my Gill Sealed LT batteries that I installed in June of 2015 continue to perform extremely well! The capacity test passes each time on both batteries. I am very pleased with the Gill Sealed LT batteries and have done yearly honest reports.
  6. SKYVIEW HDX NOW APPROVED FOR PIPER SENECA - INCLUDING AUTOPILOT! Let us hope for the Mooney... “Dynon is thrilled to announce that the full SkyView HDX system - including twin-engine monitoring and two-axis autopilot - is now FAA approved for installation into most Piper Seneca aircraft. With this approval, Seneca owners are the first pilots that can install the complete suite of Dynon products into their twin-engine aircraft..... SkyView HDX is in a class by itself affordable and capable....
  7. Pictured below is the first Piper Comanche PA-24 s/n 001 It was manufactured in 1956, the A/W date 1962 It is the same plane pictured with the Mooney Discs ( Lord biscuits) The paper work shows it. But the factory changed them out a few months latter to oleo struts. My friend owns it and refurbished it over the last two years. He now owns two Comanche’s. He formally worked at the factory and really did a great job getting the plane back into the air Over the last few years I would assist him whenever I visited, it was ironic this post and pic occurred while
  8. I suggest you tap on the motor and micro switch (limit switch) In my case, I did the above then spray the micro switch with a very good contact cleaner The switch and motor is easy to get at. If you need a need micro switch, the cost is under $60.00
  9. Visited Santa Fe frequently the last several years. Used Aero Services for an avionics issue, they were very professional with good knowledge Also used Steve at Skyland also in Santa Fe. Very good mechanic Id recommend either one of these companies in Santa Fe
  10. Came across this picture taken at the factory in September 1988 Most of the Mooney team is in the picture although Bill Wheat, Mike Miles, Bill Craig are not.... This is serial number 27-0001. N20XM
  11. In most folks opinions who use electrical contact cleaners, a superb product is Caig Labs DeOxit D5 or D100L ( is 100% deoxidizer/cleaner) a little goes a long way It is available on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/CAIG-LABORATORIES-D100L-25C-Contact-Cleaner/dp/B0000YH6F8/ref=pd_sbs_267_4/132-3351496-1120008?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B0000YH6F8&pd_rd_r=7bac1973-efde-4008-9101-87dd6463c0e7&pd_rd_w=mOsrM&pd_rd_wg=jXtKz&pf_rd_p=703f3758-d945-4136-8df6-a43d19d750d1&pf_rd_r=1JT1VEHK1TR3Z079DEQN&psc=1&refRID=1JT1VEHK1TR3Z079DEQN
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