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  1. Hello Mooney-minded friends, As all of you could probably imagine, the FAA is paying special attention to autopilot and flight control systems in the wake of the 737 Max accidents. This has presented Dynon’s Certification team with new challenges, which in turn has diminished our confidence in our earlier timetables. The result is the increased conservatism in our messaging. We’ve been successful in gaining approval of similar aircraft models in the past, namely the Bonanza P35-V35B, an approval based on our singular Bonanza V35B demonstrator. That continues to be our certification
  2. Hi Art, I would like to clarify a few things. Dynon takes pride in being the "Opposite of Garmin". We believe that doing so separates us in the marketplace. We offer real customer service. We don't charge for database and software updates, which usually includes new functionality. We also do not require customers to have the installations performed by a dealer. The part 23 airplane owner can purchase directly from Dynon, and any individual with the correct credentials may accomplish the installation. This gives the owner the freedom to shop installers for best service and /or price. It do
  3. Yes it does, and the reason why is that most of the L models have had the service bulletin completed that convert the Porsche powered airplanes to the R model. Cheers, Rick
  4. Thank you Carusom, I appreciate the offer for help. We may need it going forward. I want to mention that we currently have a 1979 M20J 201 in the shop for development of the Mooney autopilot installation. We picked this airframe because we believe we can substantiate with the FAA that the short- and mid- fuselage Mooney's fly more or less the same, as the cg ranges are similar, cruise speeds are similar, limit speeds are similar, and so are stall speeds. I gathered data that indicates the greatest number of M20's produced and still registered are the short- and mid-fuselage models. I wil
  5. Hello Mooney Owners, I represent Dynon, makers of the Dynon SkyView HDX integrated glass cockpit flight information system that is approved for nearly 600 Part 23 certified aircraft. SkyView HDX provides flight information, engine information, moving map navigation, ADS-B Traffic and Weather, integrated COM, integrated autopilot (for the aircraft that have been certified), and much much more. We are considering the next airplanes to pursue for the certification of SkyView’s integrated autopilot, and wish to enlist your input. If you have any interest in updating your certified
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