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  1. Yes, they are talking about the Sun n Fun in a couple of weeks
  2. On the topic of Electroair's dual mag replacement, I got this email from Smooth Power LLC yesterday when I asked how the dual mag replacement is going: "We will start selling the four cylinder systems at Sun'n Fun. The six cylinder system should be mid summer."
  3. I am looking to buy a plane (C brand) that currently has a JPI-800. The seller also has a 930 that he bought last year with the intention of installing it but ended up deciding to sell the plane for something bigger. Anyway, assuming I could get a good price on it, do you think it would be worth the upgrade? The 800 has oil pressure (I think), oil temp, fuel flow, maybe more. I know the original fuel gauges are not all that accurate but he does have a Shadin Fuel computer in addition to the 800 which he says is very accurate. It seems that all the 930 would bring to the table is m
  4. Looks like it's not really gone: https://www.controller.com/listing/for-sale/200260523/1963-mooney-m20c-piston-single-aircraft maybe the guy who just bought is flipping it? it is a great plane. if it just had electric gear i would have bought it.
  5. it was my first flight in one and i only have 172 and 182s to compare it with. i think my next task is to ask around and see if there are any kind souls in my area with a F or J that wouldn't mind giving me a show and tell. to date i have seen 3 C models and that has been it.
  6. Yes, that is what I am hoping to do. I figure I might be comfortable flying in the second to the last notch. If that is the case and I get some more holes drilled for the passenger side then the passenger can offset to the rear a little more.
  7. I am 6' with a 38" inseam and no where near the build of a linebacker. When I flew with Matt I was on the last hole and was comfortable on the pedals.
  8. That is some good news. I wonder if there is an approved option to get more holes? From what I understand, the F and the J are very similar, same fuselage I think?...anyway, If the J had longer tracks is it a safe bet that the F would have the same?
  9. @Matt_AZwas kind enough to take me up in my first ride in a Mooney. He has a very nice C model. One thing that I noticed was the lack of shoulder room for me. I am have broad shoulders (and belly) and it kind of reminded me of flying in my C152 days (space wise only). My question is this: Do the F models have more travel in the aft direction that the C models? In Matt's plane I was all the way back in the furthest lock position, not sure where Matt had his seat. Was thinking if there was way to get the passenger seat further back then flying with a passenger (my wife 99% of the ti
  10. Thanks for the offer Cowboy, I will contact you as well. I'm way out in the east valley and want to get back out to DVT to meet both you and Matt here soon. With any luck the stars will be in alignment and I can meet both of you guys in one trip.
  11. if i would have know there were so many of you guys at DVT i would have planned to spend the day out there and meet everyone...lol. i am hoping to meet some guys with either a F or a J in the east valley.
  12. yeap, that's him, great guy. thanks
  13. Thanks for the offer to chat, I will definitely PM you. Its funny you mention being at DVT. I was just out there this morning where Brice (don't know his handle on here) was kind enough to show me around his super clean M20C. It was the first one I have seen up close and it made a great first impression.
  14. Thanks Paul, I just added my location. I will check to see if I get the map a little later today
  15. I am not familiar with a 231 (just discovered these planes a few weeks ago). In either case I would love to meet up with either you or your friend. I am right down the road from CHD and can pretty much make any day and time work. I will message you my contact info. Thanks
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