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  1. Had an oil leak. Was getting about 10+ hours/quart but oil use suddenly jumped to 3 hours/quart. Had oil on different places on the lower half of the engine. Cleaned the engine off and ran it around the pattern a few times. The only thing wet after that was the quick drain. Changed it out and no more missing oil. According to my mechanic, changing the quick drain is recommended about every 10 years of average use. What really got my attention was the condition of the notches that hold the valve lever closed. They were worn away to the point that it didn't take much to flip them off the stops to the open position.
  2. I saw their plane last month. Looks pretty nice. They are also interested in selling it to the right buyer. (I dont have any interest as i really like my J)
  3. These guys just started offering services at KPPO https://www.regionflyers.com/fleet/
  4. Jon, mine is a 77, so it probably wouldn't work. What did you use to make it searchable? Mike
  5. Great, I think the sniffle valve is the culprit. Thanks for the replies. Mike
  6. OK, I tried for an hour to get my plane started this afternoon. IO-360-A32B6D 50 degrees (I know, Indiana in January?). Still preheated as it was cold last night. I'm not looking for suggestions on how to start the engine, Might be my method, might be no spark. I'm going to try again tomorrow. My question is - At one point I definitely flooded it and had fuel dripping pretty good out of one of three tubes that vent out at the left cowl flap. I know that one is the breather tube (not the one leaking). The one dripping fuel appears to run toward the front of the engine. I'm not an expert at engine things (I fly 'em, I don't fix 'em). Any knowledgeable folks out there know what the other 2 tubes do (particularly the one dripping gas)? Thanks to you motorheads out there.
  7. I scanned mine into .pdf files and have them on my tablet. One file per chapter. Rarely look at the actual book now.
  8. Depending on where you are going in Chicago, it's possible to easily get into most places, via highways, without paying any tolls from Gary.
  9. Bumping this. Forgot to mention that I am open to reasonable offers. Thanks for reading.
  10. We're getting ready to relocate and the wife said I have to lighten our load. Since getting rid of the cat is off the table... I switched to a tablet with Garmin Pilot, so I don’t need my GPSMap 496. Unit is complete and in good working order. Comes with all of the extras including: XM Antenna Remote GPS Antenna Stick Antenna Yoke Mount 2 “Beanbag” mounts Computer Interface Cables Power Cables Carry bag Manuals The database needs updating and the battery needs replaced (works perfectly when plugged in to cigar outlet or to 110v converter – both included). $600.00 (shipping included) Mike N201JV
  11. Mark, I live in Laporte...wanna go for a ride??? Mike
  12. The twist fasteners that hold the cowl pieces (77J) together along the sides keep jumping ship. What is the proper name for these and how do I know what size to get as replacements? Thanks
  13. Had the same issue with my J. We thought that the fact that the brake cylinders being pretty much level were allowing air to hide. We jacked up the nose to get some angle working and out came the air.
  14. If I do move, I'll be working near (but not with) CIA HQ on the south side of the river. Looking at living somewhere around Manassas, but that isn't set yet.