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  1. One thought was it was oil and fuel mixed - fuel from the sniffle and maybe some oil from the loose engine hose?
  2. I'd love that - but the oil change was 12 hours and 8 flights previously.... Still viable scenario?
  3. So the preliminary answer is in... Looks like the culprit was not one, but three sources. (1) Sniffle valve may have had a small bit of debris in it leading to a drip; (2) an engine hose had come loose (recall: this engine was just re-installed 12ish hours ago); and (3) a nut had come loose. Those three things addressed - no oil noticed in the ground test afterward. Knock on wood that clears things up for now! Thanks to M/S for the inputs here - they were helpful!!!
  4. Thanks all. I'm intrigued by the governor theory. This was an o/h'd governor (and after all, don't things always seem to break or be wonky right after major work on them!). Since getting the plane back, I've noticed it doesn't cycle on the runup at 2000 RPM - but does cycle well at 2200 RPM. My A&Ps initial thinking was that this isn't unusual - has seen plenty of 3-blade prop Mooneys that prefer to cycle in runup at 2100-2200 RPM. But it got me wondering if there was something amiss with the o/h'd governor. I've sent all these ideas to my A&P who has the plane today... Hoping to
  5. Ok so we have.... 1. Sniffle valve 2. Fuel pump drain (o/h'd fuel system installed 12 hours ago) 3. Unknown leak of clean oil What about prop governor? Any chance there's oil coming off that? Would it only happen at the END of the flight?
  6. Time for one of MS'ers favorite pastimes.... guess the source of the oil. Discovered ~5 minutes after flight. Only on the left side of nose wheel. A 'few' drops (4-8 droplets?). It was fairly green-ish colored to the touch (not black). No leak/signs of oil observed in pre-flight. Oil steady at 6 qts - none extra added before flight. No oil on belly or anywhere else. This was the ~8th flight (15 hrs) after prop gov O/H and engine IRAN'd and re-installed. Oil on tire wasn't seen in any of the previous flights. With A&P this week for oil change - and to hunt for the source.
  7. Curious who has experience using digital logs for your aircraft - both for backing up the paper records, but also for managing maintenance events, squawks, etc. What tool / app do you use? Any feedback on it? For example: https://planelogix.com/
  8. Interesting. I have the Hartzell 3 blade Top Prop conversion on mine
  9. Same problem here. The first hour after the prop was repainted, this is what it looked like.... Sounds like I need to get my prop re-painted. Not sure I trust the shop that did the work the first time (and they are the other side of the country). Question: how much does it cost to have the prop repainted? And how long does it typically take? (How much downtime should I expect?)
  10. Would that have an effect on the ground but otherwise operate ok in flight?
  11. This is really helpful. I’ve been suspicious my idle mixture is too rich. When I lean on the ground I see a 100 RPM increase. On a recent flight at 85F and DA 3,300 ground, the engine wanted to quit with the mixture anywhere forward of half rich and below 1300 RPM. I’m fairly sure this was sign of an excessively rich idle mixture. regarding CHTs and EGTs I was running the engine hard (breaking in after an IRAN)… at WOT 24” and 2500 RPM, and 5,000 feet indicated, I was getting around 340 CHT and 1250-1300 EGT (average across all 4 cyl). Sounds consistent with the
  12. Funny enough, I was in Texas It was about 70 degrees F outside. Yes, LOTS of bugs. After that flight, the plane looked like I flew through a million cicadas (maybe I did this time of the year!). Didn't realize that could strip paint off the prop....
  13. Ya... Lesson learned, big time. I mistakenly attributed the lack of significant change during run-up to being a 'normal' condition of a nicely o/h'd governor. Anyway, that's in the past. Now to diagnose what 'it' is... It governed fine in flight - no concerns that I could identify. Oil pressure was fine. No oil leaks anywhere when inspecting after landing.
  14. Think that explains the unusual wear on the paint right away?
  15. My M20F just came back from having the prop governor o/h'd, the prop IRAN'd, and the engine case, cam & lifters were replaced (i.e. the engine was IRAN'd and reinstalled). It had a test flight and no issues were reported by the A&P that flew it. On my first flight with it, when I did the prop check during run-up (2000 RPM, outside temps were warm, oil pressure & oil temps both green), there was almost no (or none at all) change in RPM or oil pressure. Any ideas? Also... maybe this is related, maybe not... when applying take-off power, the RPMs surge from 2600 RPM to 2800
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