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  1. Thanks E is 4 cylinder so Ovation might be different. Did you have any problem with damaging the gear door? I read in https://mooneyspace.com/topic/37913-mooneys-on-grass/?tab=comments#comment-651591 the tall grass can damage the door since it is so close to the ground.
  2. I recently bought the book "Fly Idaho!" which lists all the cool grass strips airport in idaho (https://idahoaviation.com/all-idaho-airstrips) My mechanic do not recommend taking my Mooney Ovation to any of the airport listed there, even the ones marked with the least runway hazard index like Smiley Creek (https://idahoaviation.com/u/plans/23/SOPSmileyCreek.2019.pdf) he said Mooney especially the 6 cylinder engine ones have weak nose gear compared the weight of the engine and if I hit a pothole the nose gear is easy to collapse, so taxing in grass is very dangerous. Has anybody taken a
  3. >"Tumbling gyros after landing doesn’t Sound like the gyros are working properly..." That was 2 years ago before I changed the vacuum, my point is that the gyro does not fail gradually with low vacuum pressure in my experience but they fail in seconds when engine rpm is reduced. >I don’t think I misread the post? “However my AI, HI, and autopilot all works perfectly fine (in VFR condition I am flying). “ You did not, the Autopilot works perfectly to fly the airplane in perfect straight line despite turbulence and cross wind. I actually flew in this state (3.0inHg and low
  4. Yes I have the Moritz gauge. If the hose to the sensor fails (do you mean leaks?) will that cause the vacuum pressure to drop, same as a less wind blowing the Gyro? Is AI/HI/AP supposed to work perfectly if vacuum pressure was actually 3.0inHg? Below is the quote. Apparently for AP there is another item EA100.
  5. I had this issue while flying with my CFI about 3 years ago. The flap is stuck at 30 degree position. We flew another pattern, landed, and while taxing toggled the circuit breaker and it started to work again. Now issues after that so far (about 250 hours). We did not do any kind of repairs.
  6. I did tank reseal for left wing only at Weep No More 1 year ago. There is no leaks under wing anymore but I still smell fuel in cabin after the airplane is closed up for a few days. Some side effect is the left wing fuel cap now is much harder to open. Also sometimes the wing top fuel gauge gets stuck.
  7. Does turning on isolation help, like pilot isolation, co-pilot isolation?
  8. Dear Mooney owners! Hope you can share some light on my issues. I have a 2001 Mooney Ovation with 2100 hours. It has steam gauge. I replaced the vacuum pump 2 years 200 hour ago, when after landing with my CFI the AI tumbled completely in matter of seconds. A few weeks ago I was noticing during flight the vacuum pressure indicates low like 4.0inHg gradually dropping to 3.5inHg after 2 hours of flight. My mechanic did various things like cleaning filter, tighten regulator which helped increase the pressure by like 0.3inHg. Now a few hours of flight later, it drops again now the vacuum gau
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