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  1. Our corporate coverage went up approximately 15 % overall that’s managing our 78 M20J, 77 C172N & 70 C150L. The hull value portion on the 3 didn’t increase but the hit was in the liability coverage Individually. It could’ve been worse from others I’ve read going into 2020. Jenna with Wenk Aviation Insurance has been a great help with our aviation coverage.
  2. DF's M20J

    DF's M20J

    We updated her auto pilot so now she has GPS roll control steering along with heading bug control. She’ll intercept and make the turns on a gps approach, then at the suspend command she’ll fly the published miss with turns to the hold. Not bad for 1 axis auto pilot. We like her very much.
  3. Thanks to all who offered me advise. About 60 min after the problem and lunch reached in turned on the master flipped the flap switch and up they retracted. I’ll have the contacts cleaned too. Thanks
  4. 1978 M20J is down for annual inspection and up on jacks. Cycled flaps down won’t retract up CB not popped. Seems froze what's next?
  5. This was the big day we brought home
  6. I Like the video. I own M20J 1978 N9201T. Just went through her 2nd annual since purchase 05/2017 w/150 hrs of use. Am having intermittent gear floor light itself working and not working. Seems to be an intermittent short on the socket itself. Looking for wiring diagram and part numbers for replacement as needed. I get good confirmation through the annunciator panel and can see the manual movement through the floor display itself. Gear horn is working with confirmation too looking for advice, Dave DF's M20J 262-308-3216
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