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  1. Thanks for all the help and advice folks. I got a volunteer to take that manual off my hands. After M20Doc's post above, now I want to get a parts manual 226, Original paper notebook style.
  2. To my friends Moosebreath and Carusoam, please let me apologize for not saying thanks for your advice earlier. Thank you. I got some other advice to try and find a manual on ebay. I did so, only to realize it did not cover my s/n. I was more careful second time around, and snagged a complete manual for my s/n. The suggestion to have one printed is well taken, but where do I find the files? There was nothing regarding service manuals in the downloads section of this website. The correct service manual that I did buy (seems unused) has all the electrical schematics, but the one for my s/n
  3. Can anyone advise where to obtain a hard copy service manual (if such a thing exists)?
  4. Thanks guys. I think I will just ask my avionics shop to replace it with something new, since I can't find the right cover.
  5. Do you have the Fuel Boost Pump rocker switch? I didn't see it in the photo. I am actively seeking one or just the undamaged cover.
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