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  1. Trailboss

    Drop and Replace LED Landing Light

    I would be interested as my incandescent landing light quit this week...good thing it's the longest day of the year!
  2. Trailboss

    VEGAS woot

    I spent some time in LVNV last April. Landed at both Henderson and North Las Vegas on separate trips. Henderson has the nicer FBO. VGT was (is?) being renovated and it's a long walk to the FBO from the transient parking area when the FBO doesn't send a van. Henderson is a much nicer part of the metro area as well. Both have $15/day ramp fees, first night free w/ fuel purchase. From the North, LAS approach gave me direct VGT from Overton. That put me right over Nellis and the speedway. +1 for Penn and Teller
  3. Selling my "spare" to finance AvGas costs No issues when removed. $2,100 OBO. $2,000 OBO.
  4. Trailboss

    Tach failure

    I had the other issue...Hour meter stopped but tach kept running. Although more $$'s, I replaced it with a P-1000. Very happy with the upgrade to digital and it gives independent mag RPM's so run-ups are easy and in-flight monitoring of each one is possible.
  5. Trailboss

    New Member Introduction

    I'll trade 1-for-1 rides! I have a J model based out of Ogden, and haven't been in a Citabria since my TW endorsement. I'll follow-up with a PM as well.
  6. TBA,

    Hello, I am looking for a safety pilot to finish up my IR (and would return the safety pilot duties if needed) and just to make connections with local pilots. If interested please let me know.



    1. Trailboss


      I'd be interested in that...coincidentally I'm just beginning my IR.  Who are you using as a CFI-I?



    2. astravierso


      Man, I need to check this more often, sorry. I was using a guy out of CSA in Ogden, who has since moved on to fly the line. There is another guy at CSA I am looking at though.

  7. Trailboss

    Where to send magnetos for service?

    I had my dual-mag overhauled by Aircraft Accessories during the last annual. Approximately 30 hours later and no complaints...price was 'reasonable' compared to some other shops quoted.
  8. Trailboss

    MooneySpace Member Map

    I would like to be added..
  9. Trailboss

    New Listing

    I cannot agree more with this. My seller was outstanding thru the process. Six months after I bought my airplane he shipped a box of miscellaneous parts (oil filter, spark plug, personalized check list, hand-held mic) to me he found while cleaning his hangar. He could have just thrown them away....
  10. Trailboss

    WTB Tachometer

    I put in a P-1000 about two months ago. Really impressed with it, easy to read and mag-checks are a no brainer. I know there is some discussion on this board about the RPM level where it starts 'timing' engine hours, but that was minimal in my decision. It may be a factor in yours.
  11. Trailboss

    Why is this happening?

    I had no idea this was such a common issue. This should be accounted for on every price list of "how much does an airplane cost?". I had to do the kitchen first, by the way...but then got into a great '88 J.
  12. Trailboss

    Density Altitude T/O Proceedures

    I would concur with Vance above. Run-up to 2000 RPM, lean to peak, then 1 turn rich on the knob. Forget summer, I took off from Evanston, WY last Saturday at 0730, OAT was 10C, DA 7900'
  13. Trailboss

    New Mooney!

    Steve, Any chance you can send me the DXF file?
  14. Trailboss

    Commercial or IR first (Will do both)?

    Thanks for all the replies. I don't know why, but I thought there would be less agreement on the issue.