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  1. I would recommend Kerry McIntyre in Evanston, WY - 70 miles East of SLC. 307-789-6866
  2. AML. AML24FBA2AA02 is the Honeywell part number.
  3. The avionics shop signed-off with a "these switches are standard hardware equipment..." blurb. The did a load test on the installation and determined no functional difference between the original installation.
  4. Replaced with some Honeywell LED Backlit switches with separate circuit breakers in stead of the switch/breaker combination.
  5. Panel upgrade replaced all switches. I have a set of the ETA Rocker Switches for sale. Out of an '88 J, show typical wear but all covers are intact. All working when removed. $150 each. I also have some replacement blank, 3D printed covers that I'll throw in.
  6. Thanks, but mine's the 14v model. Looks like the GFC500 upgrade is coming off the back-burner...
  7. Looking for a trim servo repair recommendation or a source for a re-built one. A search here led me to Autopilots Central, who I'll call in the morning, as a repair source...any yellow-tagged units out there from the various salvage folks? @Alan Fox ?
  8. If you want to go digital, I have a Horizon P-1000 that was just taken out for a JPI upgrade. Would probably have to send it in to get the yellow range added in and update the hours to your need...but it doesn't do me any good as a paperweight. Justin
  9. I vote for June, but later in the summer schedules better for me. Quick advice: Don't do avionics upgrades in the spring...I'm really missing my airplane.
  10. First, welcome! Is a Mooney to much airplane for me? - I bought a J model with a PPL and 80 hours. Got my IR training and checkride in it, working on Commercial now. A Mooney is a predicable machine that responds quickly to pilot input. Coming from a C172, the transition took about 10 hours for a complex sign-off...mostly for the insurance requirements. How tricky are they to land? - The J lands at almost the same speed as a C172 w/ no flaps. It's the sight picture of the low-wing that is harder to get used to. Landing isn't tricky, but it's very speed dependend...come in fast and you'll float and land long...come in on the numbers, and you'll land no problem. How hard will it be to transition to? -I found it relatively easy coming from a C172 with a fixed prop. Remember flows, checklists, and the gear...always remember the gear. How reliable are they? - In my 2 years of ownership, I haven't had any major issues. Your results may vary based on previous history and storage location of the airplane you purchase. How safe are they? - One of the main reasons I bought a Mooney. It's a steel roll-cage surrounded by an airplane. If you look at NTSB reports, Mooney has a better ratio of injury vs. fatal per accident. How expensive to insure and maintain? - Varies by model, year, previous maintenance, etc.
  11. What was the ambient temperature on 12/16? What is the temperature on 12/22? I've had issues the other way...filled tanks outside at 30F to full, then parked in a heated morning, when I opened the fuel tanks...110LL all over the wing.
  12. 2018 - IR, Passed 300 Hours. 2019 - Commercial. 2025 - Island Charter!
  13. Look at the external oil cooler and ductwork. If they had to removed it to get to the mag, it may not have been sealed properly, thus air not going thru the cooler.
  14. Probably still my favorite I brought it home!
  15. You can't do this to me...I have to sell mine first!