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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling the impact of too much information. What I know for certain now is that my odd cylinders run hotter than the even side. So, I've opened the right cowl flap a little to see what that does. Watching EGT's fluctuate 10 degrees every 10 seconds probably isn't worth getting excited over...
  2. Still have the Landing Light switch. I'll PM you.
  3. My biggest lookout would be the lack of TT. That means it's been sitting. Take the offer of a "Fresh Annual" and make it a progressive Pre-Purchase Inspection, and make certain the camshaft is in OK condition.
  4. The shop has a laser printer / engraver that they used for all the panel lettering and switch labels. I keep forgetting to snap a picture since it's been long days with light. Next time I'm up in the hanger, I'll get one and post it.
  5. Did you get replacement switches? I have some available if you need them.
  6. Honestly, part of the fun is seeing what else is on the ramp...
  7. I have both a panel mount and the "cigarette lighter" version(s) in my airplane. With the "expensive TSO'd apples," I don't get radio interference. With the AutoZone special, you have to watch where power cords are hanging as it will mess up the radios. Maybe a small detail, maybe money spent on certified equipment is worth it sometimes...
  8. I would recommend Kerry McIntyre in Evanston, WY - 70 miles East of SLC. 307-789-6866
  9. AML. AML24FBA2AA02 is the Honeywell part number.
  10. The avionics shop signed-off with a "these switches are standard hardware equipment..." blurb. The did a load test on the installation and determined no functional difference between the original installation.
  11. Replaced with some Honeywell LED Backlit switches with separate circuit breakers in stead of the switch/breaker combination.
  12. Panel upgrade replaced all switches. I have a set of the ETA Rocker Switches for sale. Out of an '88 J, show typical wear but all covers are intact. All working when removed. $150 each. I also have some replacement blank, 3D printed covers that I'll throw in.
  13. Thanks, but mine's the 14v model. Looks like the GFC500 upgrade is coming off the back-burner...
  14. Looking for a trim servo repair recommendation or a source for a re-built one. A search here led me to Autopilots Central, who I'll call in the morning, as a repair source...any yellow-tagged units out there from the various salvage folks? @Alan Fox ?