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  1. Just wanted to say that @OSUAV8ter did PM me and made a sale. Didn't want someone to think I was left hanging.... Really great to work with.
  2. Any fall sales coming up @OSUAV8TER ? Also, looking at your website you have a bracket for enclosed Bonanza wingtips to get LED recognition lights...any chance you're working on an STC for Mooneys? My original strobes are on the way out...going to need replacing soon.
  3. This is why I come here...I could spend time over at Cirrus learning about which BMW to buy next, or which Rolex matches the corinthian leather interior...but I come here for the math. I tell the guys at my FBO, after getting out of the airplane a Mooney pilot looks back and marvels at the fine vehicle he's granted opportunity to operate. A Cirrus pilot looks back and wonders why it doesn't have power door locks....
  4. @golfmogul If you'd like to look at a J that is somewhat local to you, I have one in Ogden. I'd be more than happy to talk thru my ownership experience which is very similar to what you've laid out. PM me and we can set something up.
  5. I've done a couple of Angel Flights as well, usually really rewarding flights. The last one was 40 gallons of water to the Navajo Res in Arizona. I've flown passengers also, but some aren't as pleased about the boarding procedure. Apparently they were more used to Bonanza's and club seating. Oh well, can't please everyone...
  6. Well, you're wrong....
  7. One of my first internships was at a small CNC shop outside of Wichita that did piece work for Boeing. 100% Aluminum machined parts. They received a contract to make 1,000 widgets out of Ti and thought, sure...we can do that. First block loaded on the table was about 3"x4"x6" and everyone marveled at how light it was! Well, push the green button with speeds and feeds set for Al and... the whole machine nearly vibrated off the anchor bolts. Titanium is cool...but man is it brittle and HARD.
  8. I'm sensing a trend here...and one that I'm a part of as well. When I heard Cliff left, I switched from Falcon to @Parker_Woodruff . For me it wasn't a cost issue as the Premiums are the same price; Parker is just more communicative and actually seemed to want me as a customer.
  9. I'm guessing campsites will be easier to get?
  10. I could really use a class in reading these, but I'd say wintry mix of wet snow and cold rain.
  11. I had these installed as part of a panel upgrade. They did install separate breakers for each switch/circuit. It has stirred a bit of commotion between an I/A and the panel shop...and has lead to other interesting topics on this forum such as the Repair Station vs. A&P discussion. (That I'd link here, but don't know how...)
  12. Making payments on both...one is just routed thru the IRS.
  13. I don't. Only remaining switch is the Master.
  14. Without quoting the full response from N201MK Turbo, I agree with the FAA. The underlying issue is the Repair Station recorded it as a Minor modification, the I/A thinks it is a Major modification.
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