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  1. I thought those were ground speeds. Since I seem to always have a headwind, mine are probably even slower.
  2. Grew up next to a commuter airport downtown Sao Paulo, and went to watch airplanes land most weeknights after dinner with my dad (electras, 727's, etc). Best buddy age 7-11's father was a 707 captain for Varig. I was reading PPL textbooks by age 10. The week I got my first full time job (20 years later, in the US, in a career that has nothing to do with flying), I drove to the local airport and had my first lesson. The best memory I have of my dad, the last time I saw him before he passed a month later, was his expression when I told him I was learning to fly and was about to have m
  3. Hi Robert, I like the extra little bit of situational awareness that this thing gives me at a critical phase of flight. I, for one, have the annoying tendency of flaring one foot too high. Not enough to embarrass me in front of my passengers, but given enough landings like that I start to wonder how long it's going to be before a tank reseal. I also fly often at night to airports with different, sometimes tricky lighting configurations (try Caldwell NJ just after dusk, everything around the airport is better lit than the field). I do land without the unit sometimes so it doesn't beco
  4. I've been doing ok with a 9.7" iPad on a small Ram yoke mount without a cover, so the it gets plenty of cooling on the back. Another iPad mini on a large velcro attached to a similar Ram mount on the empty spot on the right panel both connected to the 2 GNS430W's via FS210, and both plugged in to USB chargers. So when I load a flight plan on the iPad in on the yoke it gets transferred to the mini, including approaches. If both go I still have the iPhone on my side pocket. If all of that fails I probably have other, more pressing problems to deal with . I do have an old VFR chart of my hom
  5. Love having a solid IFR platform. Low overcast layer, mild winds, warm OATs. George (the AP) flying while I manage systems, comms, and weather. And i swear it's the Empire State building right there!
  6. Quick PIREP. Love this thing! I got mine installed yesterday at an MSC in PA, and it took them about 5 hours to do everything, including testing and setup. We did use the panel behind the wheel faring on the pilot side as recommended, and after removing the pilot seat and one side panel, the wiring was relatively easy (at least it looked that way). They did install a fuse so I didn't have the danger of a shorted circuit right behind a fuel tank. I had two landings afterwards, one in KTEB and another in KHGR, both at night. The system announced all altitudes from 70 down, including th
  7. I did not install CIES senders when I did my jpi900 install back in April. I've found that the senders are accurate within a gallon at the fuel pump and the fuel totalizer on the jpi (after adjusting the K factor a couple of times). I've flown 150 hours that way.
  8. Thank you for your quick response, Nidal. I'll ask at my MSC, plane will go to annual over there Monday after Thanksgiving. Looking forward to getting my hands on the unit! Cheers Eduardo
  9. Well... here we go again. I log into MS for some light reading and end up $600 poorer. This seems like such a useful product I had to order it right away. Can you say anything about average installation time in a Mooney? The oat probes mounted on the inspection panels took longer than I thought it would, I’m assuming a similar kind of job for this.
  10. The first upgrade I had when I got my J two years ago was the FS210. With an IPad on the yoke and two 430w’s in the panel it made sense for 2 amu installed. The big difference for me, flying in the NE busy airspace, is when ATC calls you to amend your route. Type it on ForeFlight, check it, send it to the 430, check it, and done. 430’s don’t have V airways in their database, so inputing all waypoints by hand means you’re not flying the plane for a looooong time while twisting knobs in IMC. I thought of it as a safety issue.
  11. I think I had it for more than an hour, but also chose not to pay for it when the time came. $1,000??? For me the hazard advisor in FF on the map view is more helpful if I'm shooting an approach in hilly terrain.
  12. You know, I really didn’t assume anything, I still looked and saw the other plane in time (even though the nose was past the threshold) and avoided a possible disaster. I listened to and communicated my every move on the ground, and was surprised to see someone on a fast aircraft turning what looked like a really low base to a short final. Yes, I should have looked longer, waiting at each sector with my eyes for a few more seconds before moving onto the next one. I will not make that mistake again. I learned to fly at 7B2 just few miles to the west, also an uncontrolled airfield that even uses
  13. Lessons learned from this: -obviously, look, look, look. At all directions even if the wind favors one runway. -don’t assume your radio is transmitting even if it is receiving. At night when it’s harder to have a radio check on the ground, that can become an issue. I don’t know why we couldn’t hear each other that night, but one of us wasn’t transmitting. - I learned to fly in 7b2, a few miles away from kfit, and there are plenty of nordo’s in there. Thinking back, I assumed that at night, with the need for lights and an electric system, there wouldn’t be a cropduster kind
  14. Sorry, I got that wrong being tired last night. I was on 122.7, not 123. Edited it in the original post.
  15. Tonight I had the perfect weather to fly from Fitchburg, MA to Teterboro, NJ. No wind, mild temperatures, few clouds way up high. Beautiful early Fall evening. 8 pm, full fuel, preflight completed, got the ASOS weather and turned on the runway lights to taxi, announcing my intentions even though the airport was deserted. After an uneventful runup I announce taking the active 32 for departure to the SW, dim the rwy lights down to 3 clicks, look both ways for someone in the pattern, don't see anyone, radio silent, then as I cross the threshold I see a moving light coming on what could
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