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  1. Ha, thanks! Well, I didn't take a picture of 100 kts groundspeed going up to Cleveland from Hagerstown earlier in the day. E.
  2. Beat my speed record today, in level flight, on a PALS mission from Cleveland to Williamsburg, VA. Level at 9000, sipping 9 gph doing 155 true, ground speed was between 220 and 232. And it was smooth too!
  3. I bought my plane out of Ocean City. After driving there twice to see and fly her, the owner flew her to Henry Weber at KLNS, less than one Mooney-hour away for a prebuy. Being my first plane, I was glad to have a reputable shop kicking the tires for me.
  4. I left them all with the MSC, but for he future the plan is to keep an updated scan of all logbooks and give them a thumb drive.
  5. My first annual in a MSC in PA was expensive. Extra $500 for AD compliance, a Power Flow exhaust crack missed during PPI (resulting in a replacement unit), an engine/oil heater (need one of those in the NE), new Concord battery, and a bunch of small things added up to 9amu. None of them besides the exhaust were expensive individually, but, oh boy, they did add up. This is my first airplane, and in spite of the first annual financial scare I have been maintaining it at the same shop based on their good reputation, hoping it is safe while studying as much as I can about these machines, and hoping that the second annual coming up in November after close to 200 hours of Mooney time will be smoother.
  6. Had my nose truss replaced after a "reputable" FBO at an airpot very close to NYC damaged the stopping bolts and bent the tubes. Took three weeks and 5 amu to replace everything required. They were honest and called me warning of the problem, paying for the damage and car rentals. I did, as always, warn the line personnel of the limited turn radius. I have since put a laminated orange sign in front of the wheel warning: "DO NOT OVERSTEER - LIMITED TURN RADIUS" bungeed to the nose gear. Fingers crossed...
  7. I think you’re right, Scott. I’ll call them tomorrow. Has anyone had any experience replacing these? Are these Mooney specific, hard to find parts? Does it take several hours to replace? Thanks Eduardo
  8. Hi all, My ‘87 J has lost its blower fan. It made a horrible grinding noise for a little while then it died. Avionics shop tech in Lancaster PA said that they are not necessary since many boxes have their own internal fans, but everything on the panel feels really hot to the touch, and the thought of internal components cooking during Summer, reducing their lifetimes or burning all together, scares me. The panel has 2 GNS430’s, gma340 audio panel, GTX330, Jpi700, fuel scan, etc. , so a lot of heat being generated. Should I replace it immediately? Forget about it? Wait until annual? any advice is very much appreciated. Best Eduardo
  9. Hangar elf will be very happy he can fix this himself! Non-hardening Permatex and a screw driver, got it. And I'll make sure to fly a bit from the right tank before hiring said hangar elf to do the job, so that gas doesn't gush out of the tank when the screw is removed. Thank you for all the quick responses! Eduardo (hangar elf without a hangar)
  10. Dear all, I topped off both tanks today after an oil change, to take advantage of the lower fuel price at the pump. After flying back to my home base I saw Avgas coming through the screw right next to the door, and if I run a finger on it, it would get wet. Haven’t seen this before, even when topping off, which I do often (no gas at home). The idea of gas on top of the wing, on a plane that lives outside, during summer, scares me a lot. Otherwise I have not had any drop of contamination since I bought the plane in November, except for when I didn’t close the fuel gasket properly (nice lesson learned that day). Is this an easy fix? Should I try to tighten the screw or would that make things worse? It’s an 87’ J by the way. Any other ideas? Thanks!
  11. The thing that is hard for me to understand in all this is that the beaches were not empty. There are reports of people swimming in the water while the plane flew just above their heads. At cruise speed and less than 50’ agl all you need is to be distracted by one gauge or another for 2 secs before it’s too late. And there are people right under your high speed meat grinder. Can’t understand that.
  12. This could be so helpful. Please add me (if I’m not in yet) and please send me the link. best regards eduardo
  13. Hi Bob, The PFS was installed in 2006. The maintenance logs indicated that the system had been maintained regularly, but Weber MSC didn't think that the problem had developed recently, so someone might have missed something at some point. There was also a dent on one of the large 180º pipes that makes it look like someone had used a rubber hammer to try to get the joints to fit after lubbing. PFS said that they thought they could weld it back since the crack was only 3" long, but a new crack kept appearing as they welded so I had to get a new assembly. PFS seems to try to help with the problem quickly and responsively. The new part does cost $1350 + shipping, it comes with a 1 year warranty. Best E