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  1. Somehow I can remove the seat bottoms (1986 J) and fold the seat backs down using the lever in the center. I can find the velcro under the seat backs and I can undo it. I cannot find a way to remove the seat back covers though. It appears to be glued. Am I missing a step somewhere? Did someone glue the foam onto the setback frame during an old reupholstery job? Does anyone have a picture of how this looks in real life? The description in the POH is not helping me.
  2. Quick update on the installation of two GI 275's, a AV20S, and fixing a stormscope at Lancaster Aviation. First important thing: on time and on estimate. No unpleasant surprises, two weeks between dropping her off and picking her up. The panel was well wired and documented before, so they didn't have to hunt for loose wires somewhere in there. Removal of vacuum pump and svs was done by Henry Weber down the taxiway. The first stormscope computer I bought online to replace the old broken one was faulty, so I asked Todd at Lancaster to send it back (30 day warranty) which they did, with pictures of the packaging). The second unit worked well. The installation of the AV20s was without issues. The 275's work so far as expected, and integration with the KAP150 is flawless. I think it reacts faster to the 275 than it did to the old gyros. The clarity and usefulness of information is impressive. I kept the old instruments around it for fear of the readouts being so small, but it took me minutes to get used to it and I don't look at the other gauges anymore, except for x-checking with the 275's. All configurations seem to be on point, except for the altitude alert which is deafening (can't find the setting for that). One thing that I see as a plus, but not particularly legal (so it's a great idea to write it here, obviously) is that they installed the lower unit as a MFD, not as HSI. so I have the options in there to run all other windows (terrain, traffic, cdi, etc) besides the HSI and HSI map. That could be helpful since there is a CDI on the top ADI unit, I could use the traffic page departing a congested area for example. One big minus: I should have checked the estimate better. Even though I talked about having the OAT probe installed on the 275 and asked about its location when I dropped the plane off, it was not in the estimate and they didn't install it. I have probes for the JPI900 and the AV20S, but it would be nice to have actual winds show on the 430W's. I might do that on my next annual when the panels are all off anyway. The AV20S does provide TKAS. My fault for not checking it closer. At the end they gave me a box with all the old gauges, all the paperwork, wiped the plane for COVID, and off I went. I'm happy with all the redundancy in my panel now, and the fact that I have all information I need to for hard IFR in a narrow sight angle, so no head swiveling anymore while in the clouds. Bank account is leaner but not broken. 16 AMU for 275's and 3 more for the other stuff.
  3. In this plane the side panel to the left is flush with the main panel, no angle between them. i did hear that the av20 doesn’t like to be mounted at an angle, which causes the AHRS to misbehave.
  4. GI 275’s and A20S Install at Lancaster is almost done. Next week KAP150 goes back into place and plane goes to Henry Weber to get vacuum and SVS removed. Can’t wait to have my mistress back. I’ll post a report on the experience at Lancaster Avionics here once I test fly her. Fingers crossed.
  5. I hope so! I’m dropping my J there 8 hours from now for a dual GI275 install + my old wx1000e stormscope back (it’s been inop for a while), and a av20-s in place of the old clock. Obviously too excited to sleep... N782Dj panel upgrade.pdf
  6. Thank you for the update. I'm getting a similar set up installed in 2 weeks, with 2 GI275's, a KAP150, and 2 430W's. I thought would not have altitude preselect unless you had it installed externally, since it's a function of the autopilot, not the GI275, but I'd love to be wrong! Robert Gary, is there anything you wish you had asked the shop before installing it? I've had a few conversations with them over the phone and I can't think of anything else I need to ask, and that makes me nervous! Eduardo
  7. The last picture in the article is of N201HH, which had an emergency landing in the CA desert a few weeks back, with no injuries IIRC.
  9. Just got my t-shirt. Really nice! Sharp printing over good cotton, looks better than in the pictures. Might have to get another one in a different color...
  10. The scariest lesson on a gear up landing I've had was seeing one happen right in front of me. A few years ago I was doing an IPC in a C172 shooting the VOR RWY34 approach at Carol County MD, past the FAF, when an Arrow turned in front of us, low, doing s turns, with no radio communication at the CTAF at any point in the pattern. It looked like 180 power off commercial practice. My instructor looked up and said "wow, that's not nice!" as I slowed down ready for a go around. The Arrow landed a few seconds later, and it stopped in about 50 feet and a lot of smoke. As I announced on the radio that the runway was closed with a disabled aircraft in it, I could see the face of the pilot walking onto the wing wondering what had happened. I don't think I'll ever forget that. Still, three GUMPS and a "gear down, flaps full" call over the numbers don't seem enough sometimes.
  11. I had that happen to me too once, for a short moment. But all you need is a moment to find yourself upside down and out of control. I use 3 devices now, not ideal but at least the likelihood that two are going to fail at the same time is smaller, so I can find the non-agreeing device (the minority report) and reject its information. It still doesn't make me comfortable, so when I have the double GI275 setup finally installed this Summer I'll have 4 different AHRS in the plane, 3 of them panel mounted and a 4th firmly attached to the glareshield.
  12. Like this? My KG258 failed twice before I knew I had to replace it with an overhauled unit for around 3 AMUs. Once I got the unit from Mid-Atlantic it was a short install and autopilot calibration. This video is from the second time it failed, and by then I had the FS210 AHRS on the iPad all of the time. Still annoying to not have the KAP150 autopilot but no problem keeping the shiny side up even at night. After this flight, even with the replaced unit, I always have the iPad on the FS210 and the iPhone with a Stratux velcroed to the glareshield any time I'm in IMC or at night. At least until I get the two GI275s in and lose the vacuum, standby vacuum, DG, and AI, hopefully by August.
  13. Ha, thanks! Well, I didn't take a picture of 100 kts groundspeed going up to Cleveland from Hagerstown earlier in the day. E.
  14. Beat my speed record today, in level flight, on a PALS mission from Cleveland to Williamsburg, VA. Level at 9000, sipping 9 gph doing 155 true, ground speed was between 220 and 232. And it was smooth too!