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  1. hi, I have a mooney 65 with stec30 but it always turns to left in heading mode and dont work properly with my G5 and 530W. does any one knows where can i take it in florida f to fix and have a good price? thank you
  2. well< thats true my paint on fuel cup is not good at all, but i bought like that and the old owner told me that the guy that ceiling the tank paint it wrong. I need another help, the right side aileron is to close from fuselage and i talked with my mechanic and he told me to live like that because the plane is flying well and level, so i have some missing paint ( i believe without rust ) and would like to do my self a little paint, i know wont be nice but i believe will protect from future rusts. But i confess i dont even know which kind a paint should i buy, but my wife is much better than me she fix all at home, but she needs to know what kind the paints to buy. sorry my and Thanks all of you
  3. YES! was me , I would like that I have been talked to you. I had a little issue with my JPI and Ben from the maintenance over there was so nice and look it and fixed for me .
  4. I would like to say thank you very very much to AlexLev located in Niagara International KIAG, he was so nice to me and my family.We had a great view over the Waterfalls and wonderful food at River Works (nice place). Well, when we were start to packing bags to go back to Orlando, my daughter asked me to visit her friend in Greensville NC, so I Have to make a new flight plan, and we decided to land in JFK for fuel and spend a night, I called them and they said ok. So, we had a great experience. The costs (fee) to land was 160 bucks for 24 hs plus fuel 6.65, not bad for the great adventure, cheaper than Universal Studios in Orlando lol thank you to AlexLev and the Mooney 921W!!
  5. Hi, i have my mooney on shade hangar in Orlando executive (KORL), 18 minutes from my house in maitland, I pay 212 inluding txs. if you wanna close hangar you have to go to KISM. but with traffic 1 hour driving.
  6. dr sorvan 407 847-3333 211 ruby av kissimmee 34741
  7. hi, i would like to buy a auto pilot, right now i have stec 30 but i would like to shoot an approach. i don have much money to change for 3100 so if i get a stec 50 will be ok? or does anyone have a better idea. thank you
  8. Took off from Pompano destination Orlando 172 Mn 1:25 flight, IFR AT 500 feet and 6000 became clear Final level 7000. Arriving at the Orlando terminal I lost the attitude indicator, I looked at the vacuum pointer and confirmed it.the app asked to get down to 5000 and it started to get broken, at the same time I started to use the attitude indicator from the iPad and I activated the auxiliary vacuum pump , and also slowed down because it was already in yellow (165kt) and I thought it best to slow down to have less of a concern. The attitude indicator started to work, I immediately started to compare with the iPad and I saw that it was right ........... the pitch of the iPad was not level and from moving the iPad It also stop work. And the auxiliary vacuum the attitude indicator stopped too. At last I was monitoring climb speedometer and compass and soon after I was out of the clouds. I made a beautiful landing .......... and went to workshop and when they arrived they said that the AUXILIARY PUMP only works with a certain pressure of manifold. I tried to find spread sheet in various places on the subject but I did not think ........... you know something about it. C
  9. Sorry, I mean to say 345 transponder 345 audio pannelpanel
  10. well, I am doing some up grades on my Mooney, so i did transponder Garmin 325, Garmin audio pilot 325 and flight stream. Now i need trade my auto piolt S- Tec 30 to another one that i can shoot approaches, but with good price. i would like to get some advice's from you guys. Thank You
  11. hi, may name is Alfredo and i Live in Orlando, i just bought a Mooney I am in love with her. So I need a good Mooney mechanic, does anyone could refferal one? Thank you!