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  1. Don’t mean to be a party pooper, but those of you who are still student pilots intending to buy a Mooney to finish training in will have a rude awakening with insurances. Unless you’re self insured, most if not all insurances won’t insure a student pilot. My plane partner had that predicament when we bought the Mooney and we’re still fighting them to get him insured
  2. I fly with the 11 pro and we have the pivot case mounts attached to the yoke. The extended arm works real well in our E
  3. Thanks for all the responses, everyone. Y’all definitely gave me a sigh of relief. Definitely a learning experience on my part as well
  4. That’s exactly what happened to me. It was warm out, was on the return flight home so engine was already warm and was waiting behind the p40 for a king air on short final
  5. Question for y’all. Was flying today and got distracted by a P-40 taking off in front of me which made me forget to open my cowl flaps (no excuses, I should’ve double checked my checklist). On climb out, my #2 cylinder got up to 450 when I leveled off and caught the cowl flaps being closed so opened them and temps started dropping. Probs wasn’t that high for more than a few seconds. Engine ran fine the rest of the way home and a run up after landing returned normal results. Didn’t see anything weird through the oil door either. Am I overthinking it or should I have an A&P check and run the engine and maybe even run a compression test? thanks on advance
  6. These are from the eBay link you provided?
  7. I had seen that but wasn’t sure if it was the same. Thanks much
  8. Thanks for the help. The Mooney catalog was showing all the parts minus the hub/dust cover
  9. Howdy anyone know where i can find either the part number for, or the actual hub cap bracket that covers the bearing on the mains? I have the single screw disc style. I haven’t been able to find anything in search for the style that I need. I included pictures for reference. thanks in advance chris
  10. Pretty sure it’s implied but I’ll ask anyways. So if I fly VFR without using the call sign, I’d have to change my transponder to reflect the N- number instead if the call sign right?
  11. So in order to do this, I’d also need to change my registration in the transponder from my N number to the call sign?
  12. sent a message to lasar so just waiting to hear back from them. i did find the part at napa but it says its carbon steel whereas the original fitting is brass so not sure if that will be an issue
  13. The pump ad was complied with in '69 but from what i see in the updated AD list, the filter is still required unless the pump was switched to thee 4199-00-19a so from my understanding, the filter still needs to be in place.
  14. SBM20-222B.pdf (mooney.com) thats the link to the SB. the only thing i need is the fitting itself that attaches to the pump. The inline filter is still intact (we have the dukes 4140-00-19a)
  15. Hello Does anyone know where one can find the filter kit listed in the SB? More than anything, i need the brass fitting that goes into the boost pump (PN 9515 6x6 i believe is what its listed as). thanks for the help
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