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  1. Would anyone be interested?

    I like the idea... and I'm in the Midwest. Set it up, and I'll do my best to be there!
  2. Aspen prices

    As I understand it, the G5 does not provide an altitude select function to the STEC. I have already been spoiled by the ability to select a vertical speed on my 55x and then hold an altitude with the push of a button. But I really do see value in the ability to drive a preselected altitude to the autopilot.
  3. Aspen prices

    I have yet to fly behind a G5, but have flown a few times behind an Aspen. I find the Aspen throws a ton of information at you in a somewhat small screen. But once you adjust your scan and learn to interpret all of that info, it is nice to have. I have yet to realize the benefit from SVT for the type of flying I do. Granted the tallest thing you might run into where I fly is a wind powered generator, but you always have the MOCA to keep you safe. I guess it could be one of those things you don't realize you need until you REALLY need it... but both the SVT and AOA features offered from Aspen increase the gee-wiz factor (which by the way, is still a factor to me). One thing that I do like about Aspen and not about the G5 is how well it plays with my Stec 55x. I like how I can preselect an altitude to drive my AP on the Aspen. If I could do that with the G5, I would save a few AMUs and go the Garmin route.
  4. Aspen prices

    Another issue I found (and one that is making my decision to wait a little easier) is how hard it may be to find good avionics shop to do the install without a long waiting list. When getting quotes back in December, I was told the earliest I could do an install was in May! The ASD-B installs are keeping at least the shop I called very busy.
  5. Aspen prices

    That is a good point, and could very well be true. Going into annual next week, and depending on how that goes, an Aspen my be next. Hoping for an even better deal at Sun n Fun.
  6. Aspen prices

    Seems like the prices on Aspens are coming down... could a new product release be in the near future?
  7. Another gear rig question

    It sounds to me like you are in dangerous territory. If the preloads are not set correctly, you could suffer from a gear collapse. When you adjust one of the landing gear rods, you must check the preloads on all three landing gear. I strongly suggest you have someone who is familiar with the correct setup of the gear check your work.
  8. Fixing small corrosion spots

    I have a few spots of filiform corrosion that likely resulted from poor preparation when the airplane was painted. When I was researching the correct way to treat the corrosion, I found this article: http://www.sweethaven02.com/Aviation/MaintHandbook/FAA-8083-30_Ch06.pdf I think it does a good job explaining the different types of corrosion, and the proper way to treat it. I have been told by several mechanics that if the corrosion is not completely removed, and the aluminum isn't properly treated prior to painting, the corrosion will return. I also went to a local auto paint store, and was shocked how much a pint of paint, and the necessary activator would cost. Add that to the cost of the chemical to anodize the aluminum, and I decided to just let the shop take care of it during annual. I was never really that good at painting and blending anyways.
  9. N201XG comes home

    Congrats on your purchase!! Would love to see more pics when you can post them. Also, I am curious to hear your opinion on the 225HP STC.
  10. Identify this Mooney?

    Looks like an A model.. here is a website with a similar cockpit layout.. http://www.graphitech.com/mooney.htm
  11. Yuma Caravan Clinic

    I’m going.. departing from Omaha with an overnight in Albuquerque to visit friends. Would be happy to fly as a two-ship if you want to meet up.
  12. Only one Whelen strobe not working

    If you have ruled out the bulb, then it is likely the power supply. If your continuity tests pass, I would recommend NOT doing a voltage check. Years ago, I was doing the very same thing on a different airplane with Whelen strobes. While troubleshooting, I did a voltage check on the power supply, and got zapped so bad I almost fell down. I'll never do that again.
  13. Rideshare to Longview

    I have my annual scheduled the first week of March. Was wondering if anyone will be needing a ride down from the mid-west (I'm departing from Omaha). Also hoping someone may be picking up their Mooney around that time, and headed back north with an empty seat. I know it's still months out, but never too early to ask!
  14. 2018 Mooney Resolutions

    - Fly my first Angel Flight mission - Fly in the Mooney Caravan into Oshkosh (already signed up for the Gunfighters clinic in Feb) - Earn my CFI - Succumb to panel upgrade temptation
  15. Converting To 6-Pin Headset Connector

    Yep, I’ve got both the two plug and lemo in my aircraft. But in order to minimize cables in the cockpit, I thought it was a good idea if Bose came up with a conversion kit that would provide Bluetooth connectivity to your comm system. Wishful thinking. I like my A20s too much to give them up though.