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  1. jasona900

    SOLD: M20J Original Exhaust

    PM sent.
  2. jasona900

    231 v 252 v 262

    Thanks Dan. I have taken him up and already filled his head full of bad ideas!
  3. That is interesting that if the partner leaves, the rates return to normal. I assume the insurance company raised your rates to recover from some of their loss due to the payout, just as they did for me. I do not understand what difference it would make if the partner left or not... the payout has already occurred. Good info to know though.
  4. Same here... The customer service was awesome. Just before the incident, I installed a PowerFlow exhaust. Didn't tell the insurance company about it until after the gear collapse. They actually reimbursed me for about 90% the cost of the PFS, as they said it raised the value of the airplane. At cost of only $25.00 to me! That was an unexpected surprise. BTW, did they give you an idea on when your rates will come back down to the previous claim rate? Just want to compare notes..
  5. After the gear collapsed on my C during taxi (not my fault) and resulted in a total loss, could not get insurance with anyone except my original broker, Starr. My rates have about doubled..and I was told I should expect that for 3 to 5 years after my claim.
  6. jasona900

    Christmas gift ideas....

    I got one of these for my daughter (2 yr old) this year for Christmas: http://www.battatco.com/collections/battat/take-apart-airplane Probably not too exciting for a 6 or 7 year old... but I can think of at least one 40 yr old who is looking forward to helping her put it together in a few weeks!
  7. jasona900

    To Powerflow or not to Powerflow - That is the question

    According to their instructions, a stock J exhaust weighs around 15.5 lbs. The 2nd generation PFS weighs in at 20 lbs... 21 lbs for a 1st gen.
  8. jasona900

    To Powerflow or not to Powerflow - That is the question

    Well, I was never really good at calculus, but I don't think that is what you are referring to. Your comment about the value of an exhaust costing 222% more than the stock is subjective. If that is not worth it to you, then don't buy it. However, there are several other (documented) improvements that in my opinion, justify the extra cost. I'd be curious to see what statistics you have to support your comment that implies they are being removed in mass numbers. Having spoken to their general manager at Sun N Fun, they do get one returned every now and then, but it seems overall, they have a fleet of happy customers flying with a PFS.
  9. jasona900

    RPM creeps up well over 2700 during climb

    Doesn't sound good.. but sounds like the stop screw on the governor is not set correctly. Check out the troubleshooting section here: https://mccauley.txtav.com/-/media/mccauley/files/manuals/mpc26ow.ashx?la=en&hash=7F613FABB08554A85D2AB8E61549614D09B0F362
  10. jasona900

    To Powerflow or not to Powerflow - That is the question

    Agree that the argument makes no sense.. I don't fully follow the math either. But I think the point being made is how well the PFS scavenges the spent exhaust gases when compared to the stock exhaust. One note though.. if you don't like it, you can return it 60 days after the first flight (http://www.powerflowsystems.com/warranty.php) You would be out the labor and shipping of course. I was not a fan of the different tone the engine produced. The sound was a bit more raspy, and a slightly higher pitch compared to the stock exhaust on the C I owned. But I quickly got use to it, and really enjoyed 15-20 degrees cooler CHTs and the extra power during climb. Didn't have the plane long enough to really get some good fuel flow numbers...but you're only going to save fuel if you fly slower... which I did not.
  11. jasona900

    Muffler crack

    I worked for Power Flow during and after college (1998-2001), just as the company was getting started. I did a lot of test flying on their C172, 177, and Piper exhaust systems. I assure you there was a noticeable increase in performance on the O-320 and O-360 powered airplanes. We flew hundreds of hours testing different exhaust configurations, and even more to ensure the FAA STC requirements were met. We strived to provide a quality and reliable product. Of all the test flights I flew, I can assure you that when compared to the stock exhaust system, there was more power on takeoff with shorter take-off runs, better climb performance, and lower CHTs in cruise. This was not a "seat of the pants" measurement.. we always flew with a co-pilot who would document each test flight. We had a Piper Arrow that we conducted several tests on. This was the only fuel injected airplane equipped with a PFS system I got to fly on. Not sure if the constant speed prop "absorbed" the power gain, but the documented performance gains were not there. What was there was a decrease in fuel flow when compared to identical power settings with a stock exhaust, and lower CHTs. I left the company before they came out with any of their Mooney products. Fast forward (whoa) 15 years, and I had my own M20C that failed an exhaust pressure test during annual. Rather than re-welding/rebuilding for $1500, I decided to go with a PFS. The customer service had not changed since I worked there (excellent) and I had a new PFS installed on N6XM in no time. Similar to my experience with the Arrow, I did notice lower fuel flows, and MUCH cooler CHTs (around 15+ degrees cooler on each cylinder), but that seat of the pants increase in power was not there. Unfortunately, N6XM met an untimely demise with a landing gear collapse due to an incorrect preload setting during annual, so I did not get a good data set for comparison. Back to this thread... carbon monoxide poisoning simply should not happen with a PFS. There are no welds in the heat exchanger section to leak. That alone, along with the benefits of cooler CHTs, lower fuel flows, and a possible increase in HP make it a no brainier for me. If the time comes to fix the exhaust on the J model I now own, I will once again forego the $1500 and put my name in line for a PFS.
  12. jasona900

    KC Area - Mooney A&P, CFI, Owners?

    I’m out of Omaha, and would be happy to fly down and take you up. Not a CFI or A&P.. but could certainly answer a lot of questions for you. PM me to set something up.
  13. That’s a darn good idea! I have a spare PTT somewhere in the bowls of my garage. Will dig it up and stuff it in the plane. Thanks!
  14. jasona900

    NOADSB message on GTX330ES

    I was having an issue with my GPS a few months ago, where it was loosing satellite lock. When it lost lock, I recall getting the same message on my 330ES. Maybe there is an issue with the connection from your GPS to your XPDR....
  15. jasona900

    Today's flight for 2018

    They just wrapped up the airshow at Offutt AFB where I keep my plane. We got the boot and had to keep our planes elsewhere, as they put some of the show aircraft in the hangar the aero club and I keep ours. When I came back this morning, Kent Pietsch’s Jelly Belly was on the ramp. Which would you rather fly??