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  1. PMA450B

    So today I tried to sync two bluetooth devices (iPhone and iPad) to my 450A. Sure enough, it worked!! I was listening to music from my iPhone, and when I got an alert from Foreflight on my iPad, the alert interrupted the music, and then the music resumed. I synced both devices to the 450A bluetooth connection (not the stream option). I bought my 450A last December. If you got yours around then, you may have some or all of the features of the B.
  2. While I openly admit it is just speculation, I wonder if a previously reported...or unreported overstress event could have been a contributing factor.
  3. Hangar Space in San Diego

    Perfect... thank you!!
  4. Hangar Space in San Diego

    That's good info on Gillespie, thank you. I didn't realize that the hangars in Montgomery were in such bad shape. Having stayed in a lousy hangar before, I feel your pain. Looking online, I found this list... I assume these are the leaseholders you are referring to. Airworld: (858) 735-5525 & (619) 843-3830 Circle Air Group: (619) 448-5991 Classic: (619) 890-1284 El Cajon Flying Service: (619) 448-8000 Gillespie Air Center: (619) 448-8000 High Performance Aircraft: (858) 576-5000 McHone Gillespie Field: (619) 562-2535 Mitre Aviation: (619) 993-8284 Safari Aviation: (619) 448-2360 Sky Harbor: (619) 258-8821 Southern Cal Aircraft Repair: (619) 448-5010 Westways Aviation: (619) 562-3040
  5. Hangar Space in San Diego

    Brown would be an option depending on where we live. Looking for a drive of 30 mins or less to North Island... and the same to the airport we end up at. I will definitely take a look at what Brown has to offer.
  6. Prop strike to a dog....

    Possibly. When you applied for your replacement policy, did they ask you about any prior incident/accidents? If they did, and they didn't charge you extra, let me know who underwrites your policy... I'll give them a call!
  7. Prop strike to a dog....

    I have told them that I was not at fault, but it does not seem that they care. On the application I had to fill out, they simply ask if I had an incident within the last 5 years.. didn't ask if I was at fault or not.
  8. Prop strike to a dog....

    You are very lucky... I had one 'not-at-fault' which required over a $50k payout by the insurance company. My rates have since doubled, and every other insurance company has denied coverage me except the one I had the previous policy with. I'm told it will take about 5 years for my rates to return to normal!
  9. I just found out I will be moving to San Diego in a little over a year for only two years (military move). While that is fantastic news for the family, unsure about hangar space for the Mooney. We have just begun our search for a place to live, but I think my two top candidates are around Montgomery (KMYF) and Gillespie (KSEE) airports. The searching I have found so far is that it costs about $500 to get on the waiting list at KMGM, and not sure how much monthly rent is there. Looks like several companies with offerings at KSEE. I have found a few very old ads for hangars that were for sale at KSEE... and I wonder if it would be cheaper to buy a hangar and pay a mortgage. Any advice is welcome, as if I need to get on a waiting list, better to do it sooner than later.
  10. Prop strike to a dog....

    Out of curiosity.. when it was time to renew, did you have any issues getting coverage, or incur a increase in insurance rates?
  11. PMA450B

    I just called PS Engineering and spoke a sales rep. They tell me that if you purchased a 450A in within the last few months (exact number of months wasn't given) then you would likely actually have a 450B, as they have quietly been introducing the features of the B in the most recent As that were shipped out. Right now he told me there is not an upgrade path being offered directly from PS Engineering. Unsure if there will be one in the future. He asked me to call back with the serial number of the 450A I purchased last fall and he will let me know if I actually have a B.
  12. convair B-38

    They have one of those on display at the SAC Museum in Omaha. It is quite a sight to see in person. Thank you for the video!
  13. Autopilot roll oscillations

    Over the weekend, on a local flight, I was having an issue with my autopilot (Stec 55x) holding altitude. It would slowly climb 20' and then decend 20'. About 5-10 seconds per oscillation. No issues with the roll. Oddly enough, on the same flight I kept getting "Loss of Integrity" warnings on my GNS-480... when checking the status page, it would loose all satellites, and then regain them seconds, sometimes minutes later. My iPad connected to a Stratus had no issues with GPS reception. I normally turn my cellphone to airplane mode when I fly, but forgot to on this flight. I wonder (hope) if there was some interference coming off my cellphone. I also read elsewhere that a person had loss of integrity issues with his -480 and found the cause related to a bad rectifier in his alternator. If it is the latter, might be worth checking for more clues with your other electrical devices and ensure they are operating normal to rule out any electrical supply issues. That is what I will check on my next flight, as I suspect that my autopilot and GPS issues are related.
  14. Magneto failure at 9000ft

    I just had a 500hr inspection on my mags.. the MSC told me that split washers were installed prior to removal for inspection. They told me that is not correct, and star washers should be used. There is a SB that also reccomends use of star washers.
  15. GA-friendly airports in Seattle/Vancouver

    Agree with all of the above. Would add Harvey (close walk to decent restaurants and shops, Bremerton for fish and chips at the airport diner, Skagit for a decent restaurant and flying heritage museum, and if you are feeling brave, Copalis which is a designated landing area on a hard packed sand beach. I have never taken my Mooney into there, but could have. Would reccomend a fresh water wash down after though to get the salt from the air off. I never flew into Canada, but I understand the process is rather straight forward. If you are anti Facebook, check out www.pacificnorthwestflying.com. It has info on every airport in WA, and info on flying into Canada as well.