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  1. That’s a darn good idea! I have a spare PTT somewhere in the bowls of my garage. Will dig it up and stuff it in the plane. Thanks!
  2. jasona900

    NOADSB message on GTX330ES

    I was having an issue with my GPS a few months ago, where it was loosing satellite lock. When it lost lock, I recall getting the same message on my 330ES. Maybe there is an issue with the connection from your GPS to your XPDR....
  3. jasona900

    Today's flight for 2018

    They just wrapped up the airshow at Offutt AFB where I keep my plane. We got the boot and had to keep our planes elsewhere, as they put some of the show aircraft in the hangar the aero club and I keep ours. When I came back this morning, Kent Pietsch’s Jelly Belly was on the ramp. Which would you rather fly??
  4. jasona900

    Airplane Covers - Which one is best?

    I was really impressed with Bruce. I had one of their covers from my old C, and tried to fit it on my J. The fit was good, but an antenna was preventing the cover from sitting correctly. I called Bruces to see if there was anything I could do. The had me ship them the cover, and fill out a new worksheet indicating where the antenna was. They added a zip up portion to the end of the cover allowing proper fit on my J. They also added snaps to the front straps, and a some screws with the receiving end of the snaps for my cowling. All for free, within a week, and even covered the cost to ship back to me. If I ever need a new cover, it'll be one from Bruce.
  5. jasona900


    I had an issue with my GPS dropping lock on satellites... turned out the connection on the back of the radio worked its way loose.
  6. I pulled this from the Foreflight manual. The manual reads as one would expect. A crosswind from the left would have an arrow from the left and point to the right. I looked at a few other airports around the country, and they appeared to be reporting correctly. KSUN, as you stated, is reporting a left crosswind when it should be from the right. Strange.
  7. jasona900

    A&P for M20F at KAWO or KPAE

    The folks at Command Aviation in Bellingham did a nice job maintaining my Mooney before I bought it. Enjoy flying around one of the most beautiful parts of the country!
  8. jasona900

    College World Series, Omaha, FBOs?

    TacAir at KOMA will take good care of you. I don't think there is a ramp fee there. Signature (also KOMA) will charge you a ramp fee...maybe $30, unless you buy a lot of their expensive fuel. KOMA will be your closest bet to the ballpark downtown..easily "uber-able". Council Bluffs (KCBF) is about a 20 min drive from downtown, but the folks at Advanced Air are some great people. Stay away from Oracle at Millard (KMLE) Expect a $15-25 ramp fee, and expensive fuel.
  9. I'll take the filter cutter tool.... PM sent.
  10. I keep my Mooney on base at Offutt. PM me with his contact info and I’ll reach out. Some good people here around Omaha!
  11. jasona900

    Today's flight for 2018

    Wow, now that is a great turnout! And cool polished Mooney!
  12. jasona900

    Fuel drip after shutdown

    An update on my situation... Eric from Oasis was kind enough to stop by on Friday. He wasn’t too concerned about the low boost pump pressure. Something to keep an on, and if it gets worse, it may be time for a new boost pump. I will fly to Willmar next week to address the excessive rpm drop during mag check. While safe to fly, he thinks the left mag is about .5 degrees off, and requires retiming.
  13. Count me in..looking forward to it!
  14. jasona900

    Fuel drip after shutdown

    I just checked it again, and again PSI peaked at about 14.2 psi, and dropped as soon as I closed the throttle and mixture. I spoke with Eric at Oasis, and he said it is possible the mixture isn't closing all the way, which can also cause the PSI to drop. Obviously I am hoping that is the case. He is suppose to be in Nebraska later this week, and may stop by for a look. Will continue to post any updates for those interested.
  15. jasona900

    Fuel drip after shutdown

    Good info, thank you. I do monitor it during flight, and it is around 25psi.