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  1. I have reached out to Foreflight with other questions/issues and found them to be extremely helpful and responsive. I’m sure they can help you out.
  2. After sharing stories with a buddy, we realized we had different definitions of what "hard IFR" is. His definition, put simply was that hard IFR would include weather conditions that would result in an approach down to near, or at mins. My response was that we shoot practice approaches with foggles to mins all the time... why should it be any different in actual clouds? Personally, I rarely have the opportunity to fly an actual approach down to mins, because of MY definition of hard IFR. My definition includes the potential for imbedded thunderstorms, other convective activity, or icing forecasted along my route.. Like most people, that weather keeps me on the ground. But if we had a foggy day like this morning in Omaha, so long as it was above mins, I would have no problem going. I'm not worried about mountains here in the Midwest..but given the same conditions in say, Colorado, I would invoke higher, personal minimums So my question to the group is... what do you consider hard IFR?
  3. I recommend the folks in Willmar, about 1.6 Mooney hours away. I’m in Omaha. Let me know if you want a pre-pre buy by a non A&P.
  4. Very nice... should sell quick!
  5. ..since this can of worms has now been opened... I was curious to hear the quorum's thoughts on periodic updates during annual. I will say, that the manager of the shop that caused my gear to collapse on my prior Mooney had by far the most outstanding level of communication I had ever experienced by any shop, for any machine repair. He would call me daily, sometimes multiple times with updates. I loved it. I felt like I knew exactly what was happening, and when they went past their promised schedule by one week to replace my exhaust, I found that perfectly acceptable. Not a surprise because the lines of communication were so great. It is unfortunate the story ended how it did.. Other shops have been exactly the opposite, to include some of the countries biggest MSCs. I get it, that these shops are busy, and they really should focus on fixing the airplanes. But there is a customer service aspect here too. We are spending A LOT of money during our annual inspections...is it too much to ask for a weekly update? Or even a text. I think it is unsat to go a month without an update, or to feel like you are "bothering your mechanic" asking for one. A lot of us are not fortunate enough to live near our favorite maintenance facility. It requires time off work, asking friends for rides, expensive airline tickets, or long drives in rental cars to pick up our airplanes after annual. For me, that takes planning...and the closer to pickup I have to plan, the greater the personal and financial inconvenience.
  6. Goodness... I just got my plane back from annual, and found a few small discrepancies (floorboard landing gear indicator light inop, cht probe not hooked up) but nothing like described above. I have had a miserable result due to faulty maintenance on my previous Mooney resulting in the gear collapsing during taxi. I still will not publicly drag that MSC's name through the mud on a forum like this... typically because I think maintenance "malpractice" is not the norm. But maybe it is time to reconsider... should we start attaching names to the mechanics who are providing this substandard level of service? If a doctor was going to preform a procedure on me, sure would be nice to know if he had a history of malpractice BEFORE it is too late.
  7. Thanks Dan. I have taken him up and already filled his head full of bad ideas!
  8. That is interesting that if the partner leaves, the rates return to normal. I assume the insurance company raised your rates to recover from some of their loss due to the payout, just as they did for me. I do not understand what difference it would make if the partner left or not... the payout has already occurred. Good info to know though.
  9. Same here... The customer service was awesome. Just before the incident, I installed a PowerFlow exhaust. Didn't tell the insurance company about it until after the gear collapse. They actually reimbursed me for about 90% the cost of the PFS, as they said it raised the value of the airplane. At cost of only $25.00 to me! That was an unexpected surprise. BTW, did they give you an idea on when your rates will come back down to the previous claim rate? Just want to compare notes..
  10. After the gear collapsed on my C during taxi (not my fault) and resulted in a total loss, could not get insurance with anyone except my original broker, Starr. My rates have about doubled..and I was told I should expect that for 3 to 5 years after my claim.
  11. I got one of these for my daughter (2 yr old) this year for Christmas: http://www.battatco.com/collections/battat/take-apart-airplane Probably not too exciting for a 6 or 7 year old... but I can think of at least one 40 yr old who is looking forward to helping her put it together in a few weeks!
  12. According to their instructions, a stock J exhaust weighs around 15.5 lbs. The 2nd generation PFS weighs in at 20 lbs... 21 lbs for a 1st gen.
  13. Well, I was never really good at calculus, but I don't think that is what you are referring to. Your comment about the value of an exhaust costing 222% more than the stock is subjective. If that is not worth it to you, then don't buy it. However, there are several other (documented) improvements that in my opinion, justify the extra cost. I'd be curious to see what statistics you have to support your comment that implies they are being removed in mass numbers. Having spoken to their general manager at Sun N Fun, they do get one returned every now and then, but it seems overall, they have a fleet of happy customers flying with a PFS.