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  2. Did mine last winter. option 1. AWI did an amazing job. The "repair" is new stuff. I really don't buy into PF, not for what they cost. I know plenty of owners in other makes switched back to more stock style exhausts. and, at least my E, removal of the shroud was easy, much faster than using a bore scope. and much more thorough inspection.
  3. The Pi-plane has an awesome history of being upgraded... But, if you need a second shop to compare to... A couple of East coast shops get mentioned here... Best regards, -a-
  4. agree,,,I was just told about some issues with my oil cooler during my annual and replacing with new..... The only thing I can find in my logs is that it was overhauled in 2005 after now has 1000 hours since idea if it is original to plane etc...I am not near the shop to take a picture of it..
  5. Hi Tom EMPOA, the European Mooney Association offers a fleet rate for Mooney’s. Easy process. Happy to share contact details through PM. Peter
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  7. Great pirep, ja5. Nice to hear your review of that @orionflt guy... Brian is extra good for the NJMooney community... Even though he is in really far west NJ... Best regards, -a-
  8. OR75

    GoPro Mounting

    The mount on the vertical stabilizer works great and i never lost a camera. those 3M mounts are very strong. Actually if you need to take them out, you need a heat gun. The Wifi works. Only issue is that with Wifi on, the camera will only stay on for about 45 minutes before running out of power. With no signal, each time i come back i wonder if the camera is still there
  9. If you already have an AP installed, I wonder if reusing the mounting brackets is a possibility? Tom
  10. Site works... Ovation valuation tool is broken... My O1 should value out to about 700k... who programmed reality into that tool? -a-
  11. Great follow-up, JC! Best regards, -a-
  12. Think you want shorter--move the control up a hole on the arm. Paul---LMS
  13. Looks like an eelectronics parts warehouse could be your friend... Might take a few minutes for somebody with that skill to be along... Best regards, -a-
  14. A local Cessna just had a GFC500 installed and you are absolutely right. The A&P is good but it takes lots of work to install the mounting brackets and hardware just for the servos. Several days on those alone.
  15. I am jealous of your useful load. I would be in Mooney heaven if my G had 1067lbs, alas I am stuck with 900lbs.
  16. For the useful load, it's hard to beat the F, unless you are willing to a) spend a lot more, b) burn a lot more fuel, c) go slower, or d) some combination of these. Useful load in my F is 1067, so full fuel (64 gal.) leaves 683 for cargo. Fuel burn LOP is 8.5 gph, which lets her stay aloft 6.5 hrs w/ 1 hr reserve. I plan 165 mph at that fuel burn so range is just over 1,000 miles on a single fill up... if your bladder can hold out that long. As for your work trips, that's a LOT of flying. You'd probably be better off taking the Mooney only when you can get there on a single tank and only when the weather will cooperate. Otherwise, fly commercial... or up your budget. +1 on the manual gear over the electric. Simple, bullet proof, low maintenance, and fast to operate. IMHO, the only reason the electric would ever be an advantage over the manual is if you have right arm/shoulder problems.
  17. There are quite a few Mooneys based at SBP. I’d be happy to take you up in the Ovation, but I won’t let you land it! Older Bonanza might fit your needs as well.
  18. Planning on going under the knife in sept/oct. I’m really interested to hear your opinion on the yaw damper if you get into a shop earlier.
  19. Hector, Where do you fly out of in Jacksonville?
  20. I would think you could check the micro switch on the throttle with an ohm meter. It sounds like it may be sticking.
  21. My guess is a shop that charges $30k for a gfc500 install would charge the same amount for a gtn750 install. They are set up for 100k panel overhauls and don’t deal with people worried about billable hrs. I would not be using a shop like that, but I’m not in the same income bracket as Don.
  22. I have an M20E. I chose to fly it 215 miles instead of flying on a legacy carrier (which I do not have to pay flights for). Per the standard IRS mileage - I broke even when factoring in fuel and cost per hour (engine wear and tear + insurance etc). I was burning 16-17 miles per gallon going at 160kts. (yes I used miles per gallon) I was able to get back home without going through TSA and I was able to sleep in knowing I did not have to park at the airline airport. I landed, parked at the FBO, and was taken to our office across the field at the destination airport. I landed 15 minutes before the meeting. It was an absolute awesome feeling. I chose the times I wanted to depart rather than have the airline dictate when I had to travel. I also have a johnson Bar gear. Other than the fact I have ZERO storage between seats, I would take the johnson bar every day over an electric gear.
  23. I'd look at a K with extended tanks. I'd say encore but that's out of your budget. 2000miles is stretching it for a lot of people, but 800 miles is nothing. a 252 in the in the high teens and low 20's can do that in under 4 hours. and I'd say the Encore because you want the useful load. Some bravo's have 1050lbs useful loads, but the delta is smaller because realistically, you're burning 18 to 20GPH vs 10 to 12 GPH. most mooney's limiting factors are the weight. Some have sub 800Lbs useful loads. most are around the 900 to 1000lbs range, some have over 1000lbs, and very rarely do they have over 1100lbs useful loads. I'd say there are probably 150 to 300 mooney's in total that have over a 1100lbs useful load.
  24. I have to complete 73-21-01 about 2-3x per year each year due to flying 2-300hrs/year. It generally takes me about 3-4 hours. I open the plane up (1 hour), mechanic lubes it (0.5 hours), and I put it back together 1-2hours. I wouldn't necessarily call it an annual.
  25. Might be too late, but I have used George Lee for a number of years, located in Florida. He was my mechanic on my other planes in California and had him look at two Mooney's (pre buys) for me. One in Florida and the last one that I bought in North Carolina. No BS has been around for a number of years (like most of us).
  26. Then I retract my generalization of being competitive with Dynon. It's only $2250 + install to add AP to the Dynon. And could probably make the $2250 back selling the Brittian stuff.
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