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Unfortunately, most General Aviation accidents are pilot error. Reasons vary from improper pre-flight inspection, poor weather and a lack of IFR training, CFIT, inadequate communication/ planning or something else like fuel management. Luckily, with the advancement of avionics comes a whole new level of safety that can be added to your aircraft.


The majority of aircraft in the sky fly with only their outdated stock analog gauges without precise data. The slow walk towards better technology in aviation is impeded by the need of every part being STC'd, insured, proven, tested and eventually maybe even TSO'd to replace the original gauge. The $500.00 bolt that would hold a tail on an aircraft is that price because of the process.

When stock gauges break, it's almost a blessing in disguise because a better gauge can be added (or replaced if TSO'd). The EC-1 Primary Replacement for EGT/ CHT is TSO'd for example. With this instrument, it's not a guessing game, instead you get the precise temperature measurements of the cylinder head and exhaust gas. This can help specify if there's a problem and where it's happening. There's even an ASC-5 Altitude Alert Super Clock that can alert the pilot to their specifications, gives OAT, is a super clock that is considered a minor alteration that's IFR capable. This can help alert the pilot from hypoxia and help in poor weather conditions.

To completely update an aircraft gauges, an engine management system that is both STC'd and TSO'd. At EMAPA, our experienced pilots and A&Ps work with three manufacturer's of these systems: JP Instruments, Electronics International and Insight Instruments. We only choose to work with systems that we know are proven, tested and efficiently replace stock systems that improve the aircraft.


JP Instruments EDM 830

JP Instruments EDM 830 single engine management system is TSO'd and is a Flight Engineer, a Maintenance Manager and a Backup Instrument. Almost all the information needed for a flight is mounted on a clear LED screen that gives more precise, correctly detailed information that also replaces the need for a lot of stock gauges. This cuts down on weight while increasing the value of your aircraft.

Electronics International MVP-50P is an Engine Analyzer and Systems Monitor. The MVP-50P monitors dozens of engine and system parameters, programmable red line limits, setup custom inputs, creates interactive checklists, stores flight information, builds flight plans, records/ reviews pertinent data plus more.

Insight Instruments' G9 Radial color coded bar graph and digital values can be a Primary Replacement for CHT, EGT and TIT. All of the rest of the data shown is Supplementary. It shows lean of peak and a probe diagnostics screen.


We love our aircraft just as much as you do!



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