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Found 2 results

  1. My wife bought me a Clarity Aloft headset for Christmas and I had a chance to use it over the weekend. Considering what happened to me at the end of the flight, I am hoping it was an anomaly and not an indicator of a problem headset. Long story short, since I have a set of Halos I thought I would be experiencing a similar, if not better, quality. I was on an IPC flight, so it really surprised me at how loud it was in the plane with these headsets on. I noticed as soon as I started my take off roll it was really noisy, especially the left ear. I almost aborted. I continued on and once i got back to approach power settings, it was loud but passable. Finished up the IPC and landed. Went to take the ear plugs out and the left one stayed in old Marauder's big noggin. It was SO far in that I couldn't grab it with my fingers. I could hear well through it but pondered what size drill bit was going to be needed. I remembered the tips screwed in, so I removed the headset from the jacks and screwed it in before pulling the tip out. So, my question. If you are using a Clarity Aloft, what are your thoughts on it? I am not using the TSO version. I am debating whether to take them up on their 30 day return policy. Thoughts?
  2. I'm in the market for a used Lightspeed Zulu 2. Bose X, Bose A20's, or Clarity Aloft classics would be of interest too. PM me if you have a pair (or two) for a fellow Mooney pilot.