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  1. teckinger

    Ovation operating questions.

    What fuel flow should you see with low boost pump on and throttle full forward in the starting sequence?
  2. What are your best procedures for both cold and hot starts? Also leaning procedures both rich and lean of peak.
  3. teckinger

    May be changing to an Ovation

    I sent you a message. I don't do this often so if you didn't receive post again. Thanks
  4. I am very early in my decision process but that may move along quickly.  I need to look at some accounting issues along with making sure this is the right move.  I will probably buy before I sell the Columbia so that will not delay anything and I will be paying cash.  If you would like to send me specs on your airplane I will look it over.  I am located in Ohio (CAK).  tom@eckinger.com





  5. teckinger

    May be changing to an Ovation

    Good question. Our primary plane is a Beech Premier 1. I along with one of my sons fly it along with the Columbia 400. One of my other sons in our business is early in his flying career and I feel it is important for him to build retractable time. Also since he will be doing training in the plane I don't want to have it turbocharged.
  6. We may be changing our backup plane from a Columbia 400 to an Ovation 2 or 3. I have two questions about performance. First how accurate are the book numbers on cruise and second how much speed is loss in having TKS wing deice ?
  7. teckinger

    I love my Rebuilt Acclaim

    Hopefully you now understand. If not I also think you need to read "Stick and Rudder". I have over 6000 hours of flight and I assure you it is coordinated flight. My time is primarily in planes much faster than Acclaims. Good luck with your new plane and be careful!
  8. teckinger

    I love my Rebuilt Acclaim

    Why would you need to have so much rudder trim for straight and level? Crosswind has nothing to do with this.
  9. teckinger

    Mooney Bravo for sale

    What is the usefull load?