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  1. Any idea how to tell which type it is? Would it be posted on the cover?
  2. Howdy again looking for help finding a part number for the fuel strainer/gascolater gasket for my 65 m20E. Picture included for reference
  3. Hello so we had to overhaul our engine and in doing so my A&P is recommending a new alternator belt. Previous owner did a conversion from generator to alternator and the belt that’s on there is a Napa belt. Would anyone happen to know what part number I can give my local aviation parts shop for the belt since my A&P can let use a replacement Napa belt? Thanks on advance
  4. Added some pictures of the suspected crack. Our engine only has about 650 hours on it
  5. Howdy As you may have guessed from the title, just found out our crankcase is cracked around the stud for cylinder #2 in our ‘65 E. Anyone have any recent experience with this and know the best course of action? thanks in advance
  6. That was my original option I was leaning towards but we already have dual gi275 so figured the 750 would work better if or when we do autopilot
  7. Kinda what we’re leaning towards is maybe upgrading to the XI in the future. Figured for sarasotas used price, we could do the 750 for roughly the same price as the 650xi
  8. We were looking at the ifd 540 and haven’t fully ruled it out. Just saw Sarasota has used 750s (non xi) models available which is really intriguing for the cost. Can’t see a huge difference between the xi and non xi units either
  9. We did dial gi275s last year so my understanding is they’d not only work better with the 650, but would also give us an even better base for autopilot down the line if or when we decide to do that. Ultimately we would love the 750 with remote audio panel but kinda saving that for last as I would think autopilot is more of a priority than a full 750.
  10. Howdy. we currently have a 530W in our E. We’ve been flying more IFR stuff and starting to realize how tedious loading flight plans to the 530 really is. We started looking into either a flightstream 210 or a 650/750. We were initially leaning towards the 210 but our avionics guy made the point that the 530 is on a timer so economically speaking, the best bet would be to go with a 650xi and sell the 530w while we can get something for it. Curious what y’all’s thoughts are on that concept. TIA
  11. Cool deal. Thanks for the pic references. Much appreciated
  12. I’ll have to double check when I get back home from work. My plane partner called me telling me it was burnt out
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