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  1. I did go read about dream to fly and that’s obviously was an awful scenario. But I agree completely. It’s very difficult to get a shop to take responsibility. Purchasing a plane is a risk no matter how intensive of a prebuy is done by any shop. For every awful experience like dream to fly had, there are many many good experiences. Also dream to fly appears to be fed up with entire system. He wants to be able to replace parts with non certified parts for his plane. I get his points but that’s just not how it works.
  2. So far your advice has been there’s only one shop worth going too, but if I use that shop I’ll lose the plane. I get they are the Mooney experts in the area, but I can’t wait 2 months. Any other suggestions of mechanics is appreciated but if that’s all you got, then any other input is kind of a waste.
  3. Thanks Matt, if you’re able to reach out and get me a timeline on a prebuy that would be awesome.
  4. Appreciate the input. It appears some people are going to be negative no matter what is said or suggested. I’m trying to keep a good positive attitude about this and focus on the positive responses on here from people like you. Can’t wait around forever for a prebuy or just like you said, the seller will go elsewhere. We’re not talking about $100,000 plane here, gotta be reasonable or the seller will find someone willing to forgo the prebuy completely.
  5. I did send the logs over to Savvy for there initial overview, they said that with most shops being busy and understaffed it would likely be a 4-6 week wait. I thought pretty heavily about using them and decided to go forward using a shop I found on my own. Appreciate the suggestion though.
  6. Thanks for the info Vance. I talked to Brian on the phone and he was helpful in talking about what he remembered from the last annual. The current owner has been extremely helpful and reasonable throughout the process and I am trying to make sure things are done in a timely manner. I just want a fresh set of eyes on it from a neutral party just for my own peace of mind. I have a feeling that I’m getting a very well maintained plane that I’m really going to enjoy.
  7. The plane has only been based at SBS for the last year and half and this shop hasn’t worked on it at all. The seller is one of those great aviation guys who wants to help in anyways he can and is actually willing to fly the plane back to Michigan with me if needed. We haven’t quite worked that plan out yet but he’s providing 10 hours of transition training. I’ve owned my cessna 150 for 4 years. It’s not a Mooney but I have experience with aircraft ownership. My A&P at my home field is also a Mooney owner so I’ve received some guidance there as well.
  8. Thanks for the info Arapahoe was a 6-8 week wait. I spoke to a guy with Mountain Aircraft Maintenance which is right at the airport in Steamboat and he said he could get to in a couple of weeks so I’m just going to go that route. Appreciate the help and hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be the newest Mooney owner.
  9. I am in the process of purchasing my first Mooney. A 1968 M20G that is based in Steamboat currently. I live in Michigan so I’m working on finding someone out there to do a prebuy inspection for me. I tried to do some searching in the forums for recommendations but I’m not finding much. Does anyone have any recommendations on who to use for the prebuy? The last annual was done by Brian Pickerell and that was his first time working on the plane so I’m tempted to contact him. Thoughts?
  10. Hello, I am in the market for an M20e of M20f, any chance yours is full for sale? I would assume it’s been sold by now but just thought I’d double check. Beautiful looking plane btw. Thanks!
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