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  1. Hi all, I just got back from a nice flight in my 231 and I was wondering if that ever happened to anyone on here. After cruising for 1 hour, when I started the descent and pulled on the throttle,I noticed that the EDM900 wasn’t doing anything, everything was on but the numbers seamed to be frozen as I could clearly ear the engine sound changing but the numbers never did. I then pulled the breaker for it and pushed it back in, everything went straight back on and worked perfectly. I’ll call the JPI guys tomorrow but I just wanted to know if I was the first one to experience that?? Thanks!!!
  2. Thanks!! And sure if we can make something fit when I go pick it up, it'll be a pleasure. And if we can't make it at that time, we can schedule something a little later, Charleston/Miami is really not that far in a mooney
  3. Thanks a lot!! I guess I will follow the same path as you as I have 65 hours right now. I've been looking at everything I could find about them to be as best as possible. And I think I have a pretty good transition training plan with my instructor. But it will be a ton of learning for sure!
  4. Thanks!! And yes I did plan all my transition training. I was lucky enough to find a guy that own one and that used to own his flight school at my home airport. But the best part of it is that it’s the same guy that I will share the hangar with! already got a lot of advices from him and seem to be a really nice relationship beginning.
  5. Thanks all for the comments, the paint job looks awesome and seems like it’s always been really well maintained.I used to belong to someone on here... I’m really looking forward to have that prebuy done and fly it back home to call it mine and start my IFR process!!
  6. Hi all, I’m a “new” member, it’s my first post but I’ve been here a lot to find some info and I’m so grateful that all of you guys are there, it helped me a lot in my research. Little bit more about me, I’m in the process of buying my first aircraft, Prebuy will be done next week (pictures attached 1981 231) it fits my mission perfectly which is to fly back and forth to CYSG (where I’m from) from KDYB (where I live now). I’m a mechanical engineer and I moved to South Carolina 6 years ago for work (best move I’ve ever made), I’ve got my PPL last year and planning to get my Instru
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