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  1. The guy I flew with purchased his prior to finishing his PPL. Was the motivation he need to push through and complete it so he could go fly his aircraft.
  2. I did and that's why I put an offer on a Sundowner when I found out the M20F wouldn't work and moved away from the 33A after the price increase. I just wanted to share the plane I was asking all the questions about with the group and the reason why I hadn't before
  3. It put the price outside what I was willing to pay for the aircraft that I knew full well it would need 60k worth of work in the next 2 years. That's when I found the Mooney lol
  4. Yeah I asked at BT and on the facebook group if I should be worried about the 27k hours airframe. With in 12 hours of me posting my question price increased almost 8k was 32k when I asked. lol
  5. BTW this was the aircraft I was looking at I didn't want to cause the price to inflate while I was trying to figure out if it was going to fit. Had that happen with a high time ex Airline Training F33A.
  6. So I took a flight in a M20C Ranger today. I really like the aircraft but its not going to fit the wife and I in a way she would be happy. We need more room than the M20 offers. So I put an offer in on a Sunny D that I know will fit me, the wife, and our mission only at a slower speed. Thanks again for all your help, and happy flying!
  7. So a buddy of mine put in contact with a M20C Ranger owner. He is going to show me around the plane and I'll see if I am in fact comfortable in the airplane. If all goes well and the plane is still on the market tomorrow, I'll be putting money down on it. Thanks for all your help, its greatly appreciated.
  8. Uavionics light was always my plan as they are now approved for certified aircraft Would use a portable ADSB in is my preferred source as its easy to upgrade.
  9. I prefer the cheaper acquisition cost on a good aircraft. Just my $0.02 The aircraft also has a 330 and 530 no WAAS which is a nice bonus from my perspective.
  10. Did my IFR and Multi engine in an aircraft with an auto pilot. I think I'm a weird one that's not the biggest fan of them. Made the long flights kinda boring. Just my opinion....
  11. Hmmm didn't realize their spare was that drastically different. May warrant a second look if this one doesn't pan out.
  12. I've seen the way Piper does their spares and I'm not willing to put my faith in them. I know they have a good track record but I prefer a beefier spar than what they build.