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  1. Garwin Cluster

  2. Stuff to sell

    What do you want for the cluster gauge Fred? Joe
  3. Fuel Gages

    Thanks Clarence, Tried a new sending unit and that was not the problem. These dont appear to me to be very good gages even when new, you know,, 1960's technology
  4. Fuel Gages

    Thanks Jim, were all the cages working and what are you looking to get for it? I'm not far from you KMGJ
  5. Fuel Gages

    I have a bad right fuel gage, it barely moves and shows empty with full tank. Left gage seems to be ok. Both fuel gages are part of the Garwin 6 gage cluster, anyone have any ideas where I can get replacement fuel gages? I've heard of a place in PA.,, Air parts of Lockhaven. Was gonna contact them tomorrow. Any advice would be appreciated