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  1. Hi yall’, my 62 m20c has the o360-a1d engine with the original oil screen housing, anyone know which oil filter conversion kit will work as engine mounted? thanks
  2. Have any info on what yr and time Mooney it came off of? See any visible cracks or excessive corrosion? Thanks in advance
  3. Yes, that’s how I discovered the crack, co2 detector turned black enroute, I shutoff heat and opened all air vents, I forgot how bad teeth your can chatter. sent part to wag aero and luckily they had a replacement part at a reasonable price, mine was unrepairable, their my hero! Thanks for your reply
  4. Greetings, I need a number 2 cylinder exhaust stack for my vintage 1962 Mooney, mine is cracked, thanks in advance
  5. How about 75? It’s likely to only become a paperweight on my desk
  6. Anyone what the service life of these old rotating beacons are? I would predict at least 500 hrs.
  7. Thanks and I’m sure your right, gonna go with the 10 rpm and see how it works, yes will eventually get the strobe replacement unless this thing ends up working ok. Thanks for the comment!
  8. Does anyone know what the rpm should be for the geared rotating beacon? The reduction is 12 to 1, so thinking a 500 rpm motor will give me about 40 rpm. A 125 rpm motor will yield about 10 rpm, is that too slow? Any info is much appreciated. Joe
  9. I have a Garwin cluster out of my 1962 M20 C, all works fine except for r fuel is intermittent at times. It came from Air parts of Lockhaven.
  10. Thank you, I will try the drain probe in the metal tube, I know about laying on my back for nose wheel gascolator, it’s not fun, but must be done every preflight imo
  11. I have a 1962 m20c, maintenance manual says there’s a gascolator under the fuel tank selector, looking under I can see the drain tube, but how do you drain it? Manual says there’s a ring by selector that should be pulled to drain on each position, but there is no ring. Should I try to lift the selector itself? Thanks in advance for any info
  12. I broke 2 grease zerks on main landing gear on 1962 m20c. Anyone have any ideas on how to replace and the thread size of Zerk? Looks like a very small ez out is needed.