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  1. Stephen Skinner

    Gear not retracting

    I had this problem last March. It turned out that it was the top left circuit breaker in my panel (same one as the cigarette outlet) had popped. This is shared with the airspeed sensor so my gear would not come up because it did not indicate airspeed. In your case, if the circuit breaker is OK then check the sensor when on jacks. Also, If you get moisture in your static line and your airspeed indicator is not functioning correctly your gear may not come up.
  2. Stephen Skinner

    Oshkosh 2018 MooneySpace Social, July 23rd

    Sucks I can't be there. I planned to go but I took a new job. Very sad. Wanted to meet everyone from MooneySpace attending , have a look at the Sabrecowl, Skyview, ADSB solutions, and so much more. Steve
  3. Stephen Skinner

    Oshkosh 2018 MooneySpace Social, July 23rd

    I will be there as well +1
  4. Stephen Skinner

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Hi Paul, please add me as well and send me a link. Thank You, Steve
  5. Stephen Skinner

    brittain servos

    Hi Jerry, do you have the part # for the servos for sale? Thanks, Steve
  6. Stephen Skinner

    Daytona Gear Incident

    Hi Jim, I just had a similar problem in the same area on April 6th (just a few weeks ago) year except my gear did not go up. I was flying the coast from South Carolina past Daytona Beach to Merritt Island Florida thru rain and low cloud and planed on continuing to Freeport after refueling flight planning. The landing gear extended normally. But on departure from Merritt Island I put my gear switch up and nothing happened!!!! (Green Gear Light Stayed On) I put the gear switch back to the down position and landed again at Merritt Island. I told my passenger only we were returning to the airport. I canceled my flight plan and decided no more flying for the day. The cause was the same as yours, a circuit breaker had popped. The same circuit breaker runs my cigarette outlet. I have a splitter with a light that tells me when it is powered. I reset the breaker and the cigarette lighter powered up again. The next day I tested the gear and continued my flight to the Bahamas, Sun-N-Fun and back to Ontario Canada. I kept a good eye on the power light from the Cigarette lighter. The power light flickered a few times thru my flight home. I now have a replacement to install. This breaker is sensitive and running your finger over it to check that it is engaged can be enough to set it off. I would say that moisture is definitely a factor. And age.
  7. Stephen Skinner

    Headrest Brackets for 69C (Sold, sorta)

    I would like them for my 69G. I just finished the interior and these would be great.
  8. Stephen Skinner

    Parts for sale

    Hi Jim, How much for the Narco NAV 122d ILS/VOR? Thanks, Steve
  9. Stephen Skinner

    Alternator Belt Part # ?

    Hi Tom, if your alternator is moving around, check the upper mounts. My upper mount broke in-flight due to being loose for too long. In the end it was due to the wrong type of hardware being used. I posted pictures last April if you look under my profile you will see the results. The root cause was old Teflon locking style nuts. In my Journey logbook was 3 entry's of this being tightened over 10 years at annual inspections. It was overlooked on the annual before. The warn alternator belt may be linked to the movement of the alternator causing a miss alignment.
  10. Stephen Skinner

    Powerflow exhaust 180 HP

    PM Sent.
  11. Stephen Skinner

    Spots rheostat

    This looks great. Where did you get the bulb socket and bulb adapter?
  12. Stephen Skinner

    Wanted Brittian BI805 Control Valve

    Attached is the response from Cecilia Henderson at Brittain Industries. I understand the servo valve is difficult to come by, other pilots on the look-out have begun to refer to it as “the unicorn”. We are hopeful that this situation changes soon. Okay, here is the thing. The Brittain turn coordinator, model TC100EVT, does in fact utilize the same valve technology as the servo control valve. Therefore, it can be used to install B-11 Accu-Trak and/or B-12 Accu-Flite in lieu of the servo control valve. This is NOT an STC’d installation of the product and to be installed legally in this manner would require an FAA Field Approval. This has been done in recent years on a few Mooney’s in different parts of the country (i.e. different FSDO’s). Now as for the TC100EVT gyros. There are three generations of gyros primarily different cosmetically only. The P/N 2911 being offered at Hangarswap is a second generation TC100EVT. This means it has a pendulum inclinometer and no electric flag. The latest generation TC100EVT has a fluid ball inclinometer and an electric off flag. Otherwise, fit, form and function are the same. The unit you linked us to has a good valve for interconnect to the B-11/B-12 systems and the only unknown we can think of is a question of the rotor. It is possible the unit contains what my technicians call a “split rotor”. If this is true we would not be able to repair the unit. This is unknown until we open the case. So if we assume it DOES NOT have a split rotor, sight unseen and untested we estimate the cost to repair the unit to manufacturers specifications and convert it back to 14v around $750.00 (incidentally there is a small modification we make to the unit when we know it will be used as the servo valve for the B11/B12, we then nomenclature the gyro with an “NP” to indicate this modification has been made). So $750.00 plus the $250.00 core cost to Hangarswap puts you at $1000.00 for a second generation TC100EVT turn coordinator. If you are serious about this course of installation we have on our shelf a third generation TC100EVT (fluid ball, electric off flag) in yellow tagged condition, already modified for use with the B11/B12, we would sell to you outright (no core) for $1540.00. If accepting delivery of an Accu-Trak and/or Accu-Flite system in addition to this gyro purchase we would give you a discounted price of $1232.00 on the gyro. This option makes the cost of the B-11 Accu-Trak $788.92 (new controller, new installation hardware and tubing, installation manuals, flight manuals and STC). The cost of the B-12 Accu-Flite system is $2583.02 (overhauled DG, Switch and Cable Assy., new DG Adaptor, new installation hardware and tubing, installation manuals, flight manuals and STC). We also have some example 337’s to share with your installer if needed in assistance of the field approval. The add-on pricing is good regardless of which TC100EVT you elect to purchase and all components are on the shelf except an overhauled DG which we can find or you can locate yourself, just let me know (knocks $900.00 off the price of the Accu-Flite making it $1683.02).
  13. Stephen Skinner

    Wanted Brittian BI805 Control Valve

    Hi Sia, yes I would be interested in this approach. Please send me what info you have on this. Thanks, Steve
  14. In Oshkosh last week I picked up the Accu-Track II. To make my system work I need the BI805 Control Valve part # 20464-200. Please let me know if someone has one to sell.