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  1. Metal emblem from The Turtle, try : solohelp@gmail.com. He is here on MS, very good work, it is holding fast with Gorilla Glue.
  2. I kept trying to find a powder coat option, but in the interest of progress, I stripped my yokes, etched, primed and rattle canned them to match my interior. Yes they are cold, but way better than before. If I have to redo them in a few years, I am out about $8. New Mooney emblem bought here on MS makes it look almost new. Thanks for the motivation!
  3. Just a thought, but I had an older GPS with a aural alert when it lost signal, it would sound the alarm,very annoying. It ended up on the pile with my other outdated radios, they made the prettiest black smoke..
  4. I chose not to flush mount, since they are primary flight and nav instruments, I wanted them to stand out a little more then the standard round instruments. Love the dual g5 capabilities! M20E
  5. I just got my preheater out of summer storage, about $25 in materials, takes about an hour when below freezing.
  6. The best speed mod for the money in my opinion is pilot proficiency and living close to the airport! Plan for the best altitude/temp/TAS and GS. Take off and turn toward not just your destination but the the fix in the pattern at the destination that cuts off a few miles. Especially on routine routes it turns into a game to shave off a minute or 2. Enjoy the ride and love the one your with!
  7. Panel update: modern left side, classic right side (for now). I highly recommend Byerly Aviation (KPIA) if anyone needs avionics work. GNX 375 is very capable.
  8. I just did this and posted about it from, January, 2020, you can search for the thread..
  9. Just paid 60% up front, but waited to bring my E in until everything showed up. Can’t wait to see the end result...
  10. Come on up Joe! I’ll get you current, and cover your wings...
  11. Friend of mine cleaned out his basement, nephew of MSC owner.
  12. Look what I just scored! Did not know this existed, now I can cancel my ForeFlight subscription and use sectionals again.
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