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  1. Mieg’s Field is/was my favorite. There are slower airplanes than Mooney’s on the ramp at KMDW, as important as the speed may seem, clear, precise, communication with the controller will get you plenty of respect, and they will work you in.
  2. Coming Tuesday in the, Culver, sorry to miss it, it was nice time last year!
  3. Mine is welded up hardware store tubing, not over built, so it is weaker than the tow limits, works well with my E on grass. John Deere 425 has the pin welded to a plate, bolted to the front. Gave up trying to rotate Picts.
  4. Everyone should have their own “Everest” to climb, keep looking at the goal and put one foot in front of the other..
  5. I just emailed Dynon and below is their response. Not what I had hoped, but looks like my ‘66, mostly original panel will have to wait another year. From 2018, we are taking stock of what we’ve accomplished, what we’ve learned, and improving our processes accordingly. We have not expanded our AML as rapidly as we intended during 2018 as certification is a complex and difficult process. We are nevertheless working closely with the FAA and making adjustments to our AML expansion processes and are confident we will pick up the rate of AML additions in 2019. The M20 will not be completed during this quarter as originally thought, and quite possibly, maybe not for some time. We will know more come late spring/early summer. Best Regards, Dynon Avionics Sales / Orders
  6. My Culver has a tank sump on the bottom of the tank, in the cabin, what were they thinking?
  7. Anyone have any updates from Dynon yet? I am on the list.
  8. Does your car meet or exceed the estimated gas mileage as advertised by the dealer? I suspect a little sizzle in the salesmanship, but I am happy with my E. Need more speed? Just descend more.
  9. Now that the dust has settled and a fix is more than likely in place, I respectfully “creep” this thread towards prevention. No doubt, Mr. Huddleston, you are beating yourself up over this, most pilot are very hard on themselves when this type of incident happens. Please consider getting the coaching, training, etc. to evaluate the decission making and performance that led to this event. In hindsight, all accidents are preventable, but it is the ability to “see” into the future the outcome of our present decisions that keeps us safe. Thankfully this all appears fixable. Now, get back on that horse, safely. (from a safety manager, cfi,cfii, mei, atp, 5 type ratings, a&p,ia, and M20E owner)
  10. Very nice and Very motivating, I sure would like to do away with most of the screws..
  11. Here is my cheap and easy pre heater, effective, but takes awhile. Hdw store for about $25.
  12. Thanks all, looks like I could upgrade this to a new model as a minor alteration.
  13. Mine is a ‘66 M20E and want to remove it, I will keep digging and let you know if I find this stc.
  14. Hello, I heard there is an stc available to remove the cooling shroud (aka Doghouse) that covers the top of the engine on an M20E. Does anyone have experience with this, and is it worth it? From a maintenance perspective, it sure is annoying to have to remove this shroud every time I want to work on the engine. My cylinder temps run on the cool side anyway. Thanks for any info regarding this.
  15. I like “Slick Mist” by Lucas Oil, the pump sprayer really saturates the windscreen, polishes clean. Pretty cheap, because it doesn’t say anything about using it on airplanes. amazon, wallmart, etc.