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  1. weights attached to spinner backplate
  2. follow up: new gov gasket, new hardware and..dynamically balanced the prop. gov nuts stay tight, leak stopped. Didn’t seem bad before but way smoother now, see picts of before and after balance screen. first pic is last taken with final vibes .06, they consider anything less than .1 good. Second pic is first run.
  3. Send it to, Burlington, WI., the best exhaust rebuilders in the business in my opinion.
  4. It’s an H1, recently OH’d as well, both mating surfaces shiny clean.
  5. Anyone have problems with an oil leak at the prop gov base? 12smoh, new gasket, new hardware per the book, torqued to high side, locktite on threads, fly an hour and prop gov nuts are loose(1/2 turn). annoying, gonna balance prop soon, but vibes not noticeably high now. Just curious if this is an io-360a1a thing.
  6. PM me if you get stuck up around BMI or PIA, not doing much lately except playing with my E...and CC...
  7. Take a piece of aluminum, trace a dime (or correct diameter) put inside collar that was removed from tach cable, screw it back in place. 23 hours and 50 minutes faster than next day shipping.
  8. Sure makes my seats look old! Very happy with the low budget outcome. Out with the mold, in with the new!
  9. just pulled this out of my E, takes 2, cheap at about $2 each. It is GE67
  10. Yes, I will be following and doing something very similar to my E. Thanks
  11. While waiting on my overhaul, I decided to get the funk out of my interior. I removed both lower side panels, I think they were original, removed nasty foam and fabric and bought a few yards of certified cloth and foam from Airtex and attached with durabond. About $100. Also cleaned up my plastic with Alcohol and sprayed with Rustoleum. Kept the armrests, but removed the wood grained vinyl decal and replaced with shelf paper cut to fit. Repaired cracked plastic with several layers of polyfiber (i had some) glued with pvc cement. Filled cracks with painters caulk prior to paining. New screws should make it look almost new, cost about $35 to do all plastic. Trying to not do my seats yet, but if engine delayed again I might..
  12. Sorry for the delay, can’t surf the web from low earth orbit. It is really quite simple, the black tape edging was in good shape, so I masked to the inside edge with 3m blue painters tape and brushed to the edge. Remove the blue tape while still wet. I am all for restoring and rebuilding, but don’t need to fix what is not needing fixed. On to the next thing while waiting on Lycoming cylinders...
  13. This stuff worked great, even filled in low spots of old missing wingwalk. It is also rubber grit, not abrasive, very easy to apply with a brush. The wing walk is like a welcome mat, make it nice!