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  1. Garmin had it on loan in late 2004 and then it was sold to the first customer in early 2005 with the G1000. The customer upgraded it to WAAS and switched to GFC700 in 2007 I think. Yes, I am very excited to own this capable airplane and cannot wait until I as comfortable with it as I was with the previous Ovation that had Garmin 530 and KFC-150:-). The Ovation displayed in the Flying magazine has the same paint scheme as mine.
  2. It is WAAS. This is one of the first Ovations that was loaned to Garmin to do these tests early on.
  3. Donkaye is in the Bay Area, some 600 miles away. I may contact him when I visit the Bay Area.
  4. Thank you Carusoam:-), I will post pictures soon.
  5. Haha, I am looking to be IFR proficient using it, the rest is easy. I did fly it from Minnesota to Washington in IFR but did not need to shoot any approaches, it was all visual approaches.
  6. I acquired a 2004 Ovation 2 GX equipped with G1000 and GFC700 and would like to get some dual time with a Mooney experienced CFII that knows the G1000 inside out. thank you. yariv
  7. I finally found my next Ovation - 2004 Ovation 2 GX, Fiki, G1000, and GFC700. My next expensive purchase will be an external power unit so that I can play with the G1000 without draining the battery.
  8. I had a 1964 M20E for 10 years and never had any problem with the landing gear. Your right arm may become longer though:-)
  9. Thank you all, I have already made arrangements with Mile High Services at KCFO, same field where the airplane is.
  10. @Matt Warddo you have a number for him? I see Mountain Aviation but no Mountain Air
  11. Hi, I know of Arapahoe Aero in KAPA but they are booked 3 weeks out. The seller is time constrained as they are the midst of purchasing another airplane and would not want to wait 3 weeks. Can you recommend another shop? Thank you, Yariv
  12. Thank you Carusoam:-). At this point I do not have the logbooks for inspection yet, and no access to the POH.
  13. So time while the master switch is on is also recorded by the tach? Even if the airplane is connected to external power? Maybe someone was practicing on the G1000 while on the ground. thank you both for the responses.
  14. Hi, i am looking at an Acclaim that has a large gap in time between the tach time displayed on the G1000 and Hobbs meter at the back. The Hobbs shows around 930 hours while the tach time is at 1400. How can this happen? Is this a serious concern? Also, the airbag seatbelt expired. Would this affect the airworthiness? thank you, yariv
  15. Yes, I am in touch with Jimmy. He has a 2000 Ovation with AST TKS Fiki. I understand it is one of the older TKS brands. How does it compare to today’s CAV system?
  16. Just sold my 1998 Ovation today. The main reason was to upgrade it to a newer model of Ovation with Fiki. I will consider Acclaim as well depending on price and G1000 WAAS upgrade status among other factors. Thanks.
  17. My 1998 Ovation was sold today. Starting airplane shopping.
  18. Hi Matt, I am selling my 1998 Ovation (I put the ad for it on MooneySpace.com yesterday). It has AC but no Fiki. My plan is to upgrade and get a Fiki Ovation or Acclaim. Yariv 425-922-0855
  19. Year 1998 Manufacturer Mooney Model M20R Ovation Condition Used Serial Number 09-0139 Registration # N43FM 1606 TTSN Factory Air Conditioning, Electric Standby Attitude Indicator, 115 Cu Ft. Factory Oxygen, Electronics International Graphic and Digital Engine
  20. I have a 1998 Ovation for sale - https://www.controller.com/listing/for-sale/195937287/1998-mooney-m20r-ovation-piston-single-aircraft. it is not Fiki but it has AC.
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