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The work continues on the Mooney and thanks to some great soldiers, friends and family we have moved closer to airworthiness.  One thing I have learned is that everything is extremely tight when it comes to working on anything instrument panel forward and anything below the cabin.  Working with Nowell Aviation at Blackwell field I have had many lessons in "well we need to redo that"!  Current projects include installation of Governor from BAS, New Gov cables from MacFarland.  Completed installation of Throttle cable and Mixture cable from McFarland!  I am very pleased with the product and ease of working with there custom department, I will be ordering a new throttle cable for my 172 soon!  Overhauled Fuel boost pump from Aeromotive has been installed.  Additionally replaced all gaskets in the Fuel strainer and selector valve.  Lasar has been a huge help acquiring many odd parts to complete this project.  This was quick and I will update on complete squawk sheet and solutions once I have time. 





On my Birthday I discovered an opportunity to purchase a 1967 M20F.  I showed my wife photos and discussed the price and was given the OK.  I have always wanted to have a Mooney but other opportunities over the years have fizzled into a story about the fish that got away.  This blog will try to give you some insights to the next years struggle to get this aircraft back into the air. This will also be my first blog so please bear with me.  Ask questions as we go and of course I will be asking question to the field of experts as we go through this process.  



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On 4/30/2018 at 6:48 AM, Igor_U said:

your '67F does not have gyro system under the panel like older models. It should have Brittain TC100 Turn Coordinator in the panel. No. 1 in picture below.




Are you talking about Main Landing Gear?

Both gears should be perpendicular to the ground but due to wing dihedral, it looks like those are canted in.


One appears perpendicular and the other LEFT appears cannted in slightly.  The gear functions but more research will occur before a test flight is conducted.  It appears the TC was removed long ago and I will search for a Mooney TC to place back in the aircraft as well as any other items to get the PC back up and running.  I am in contact with the owners of Britain and they have been supportive with information.  Another note is the manual gear cable was removed due to corrosion and attempting to purchase a NEW one for replacement, any advice is always appreciated.



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Well I have recently removed all fuel.  During the process the left drain stripped off in the tank.  Lucky I had enough 5 gal jerry jugs to collect all the fuel.  Additionally I have removed the lower left cover over the boost pump to find out why I have a drip.  After removal and discussion with my Mech we concluded it was well overdue for a complete overhaul.  I plan to send the pump to Aeromotors LLC. Price for overhaul quoted at 450 plus shipping to and from the facility.

Still trying to decide if I want to tackle the fuel tank reseal!  Quote for B400 bladder kit 6950.00 plus shipping .  Labor cost expected to be near 1000.00 to install.  I believe the tanks do have some weeping but I have seen considerable worst pictures.  My concern is some very limited blue stains on the right inboard wing under the door behind the removed side panels.  

I have secured a 2 bladed prop to replace the 3 bladed prop.  The 3 bladed prop is fine but the blades have been cut to short after blade strike while taxing.  The hub on the prop was fine but finding the blades have been near impossible and not cost effective.  Additionally a few prop shops had a blade or two but would not part with them unless they conducted the overhaul.  Therefore back to a 2 Blade! 

My search for a TC100 for a reasonable price has been futile but I will prevail.  The reason I am not wanting to spend much as this could be a temporary transition to a more modern autopilot.  The one question not answered on my other post is how does this impact the airworthiness of the aircraft without the Brittain PC functioning.  I don't believe it is a show stopper but flight will require constant attention

As for Radios out with the OLD and in with not as OLD!  To stay on budget I have decided on one SL30, the KT76 currently install and a basic 4 place intercom update to allow plug in not bluetooth.  Future plan is update the old Xponder to meet ADS-B out requirements, and add a IFR GPS of some type.  I am leaning towards the Garmin 300xl. Also wondering if the Daynon Dream will come true.  



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If you can add location data to your avatar...

We can help you better with respect to the question regarding reseal or bladders...

If you are in Wisconsin...

Best regards,


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I removed the left fuel tank sending unit.  I can't find a part number for the 5 hole standard fuel sending unit.  Recommendation for replacement?  I plan to just replace both.  Appears to be a fuel sending unit from a 1960's VW bug? or a 50's Chevy?  I have removed the fuel boost pump and will be sending off for overhaul.  I am going to replace the throttle cable, and Prop governor cable recommendations on replacement?  LASAR? or custom made from Spruce/McFarlane/ACS cables? 



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Look into Cies senders if you are going to use a JPI900 or similar engine monitor...

Costs ar similar, value is higher... adds digital accuracy to a not so accurate system...

Rebuilding at Lockhaven?, lowest cost...

Control cables are typically sent out to Mcfarlane... for copy, rebuild, replacement, as a user supplied part...


Best regards,




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