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  1. Sorry for the late follow up, but I just wanted to say this helped a ton. I had my IA dial up the pressure adjustment a smidge, and now climb at 2600 and 130 - 140. Temps and pressures are happy as a clam, as am I. Thanks!
  2. I want to say the CHTs say below 400 in climb but I cannot reliably answer that at this moment. I'll take some notes during my next flight and adjusting mixture as needed, thank you! Will also be verifying that the prob read is accurate.
  3. So in other words, if I bring the pressures up a bit, but the temps still climb above 200 or 210 curing the summer climb - not much to worry about?
  4. Thank you I'll check that out! Would bringing the pressure up using the adjustment also help with the temperatures? Or rather, should it?
  5. Hey everyone! I'm back with more new owner questions for my 66 E model. I posted a few weeks ago about what appeared to be a misaligned exhaust tailpipe and got great answers - my IA took quick care of it based off the help provided here. The question(s) I have today concerns the state of my oil, particularly in climb. I'm running Aeroshell W100 and keeping it between 5.5-6 quarts based off advice from the previous owner. Here in MO right now most days are in the mid 90s or even around 100. During climb at 25 Inches (or best available), 2500 RPM, and cowl flaps open, and climbing at 120MIAS - I'm seeing oil temps exceeding 210 and even flirting with the yellow. At the same time oil pressure is consistently flirting with the bottom of the green at 55PSI. This is causing me some concern. CHTs and EGTs look peachy. Once I cruise out at altitude the oil usually stabilizes at about 175F and pressure at about 65 PSI. Should I be having cause for concern right now, maybe ask to have the oil pressure regulator adjusted? Change oil type? Accept this is how it is when it's this hot out? Thanks in advance for your fantastic information. - Andrew
  6. Thanks for the responses! @M20Doc do you have any specific feedback besides "needs adjustment"? That way I can go back to my mechanic and have some idea of what I should tell him. - Andrew
  7. Hey everyone, Purchased my E after finding it for sale here on MS a few months ago. I've been absolutely loving it and have been learning its individual quirks after flying it home from CA to MO, then around the local area. My local mechanic recently pointed out to me that he doesn't think my exhaust is the correct part. Admittedly he doesn't have a ton of Mooney experience but he's somewhat familiar. You can see that it doesn't quite fit the cowl flap opening right, and when the cowl flaps are in the fully closed position they rest on the pipe - they won't actually even come close to closing flush. Anyone else with a vintage bird have this or is my mechanic right and I have the wrong part? I can't recall seeing anythings in the logs about a new exhaust at any point, but I will go back through them again tonight. Thanks for any advice!
  8. The new owner is right here! Dan was fantastic to work with and took amazing care of this plane.
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