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  1. Thanks, that's very detailed and sound step by step advice! I had something near that in mind but not exactly. If we get that far I'll use this. Right now I'm being patient and waiting on digital logs...
  2. I can deal with that cost. AGL has quotes for both that seem fair. My only real question is how to get it to them? Does the buyer pay for a ferry pilot or should the seller agree to take it in? Guessing its up to negotiation but curious what's normal. Its only about 150 nm away...
  3. Thanks for the insight. I think this one only really needs avionics (I know that's not cheep). Its got enough for basic IFR, and may be good until a unit fails... As usual its not close by. Taking a trip to give it a good once over in person is the next step. I'm simply waiting until I get and can review the rest of the logs... It does seem the current owner may have dealt with most of the pain/cost of returning it service. I just wanted to know that a good pre-buy would catch anything remaining... it sounds like most are saying yes (though a few are saying run).
  4. Thanks, I see nothing recent in the AC logs about a prop strike but do see the engine was sent off for overhaul in 2017. That is about the same time they claim the prop rebuild happened. Both taken care of at a shop well respected on MS. I'm still waiting on the engine and prop logs to complete my judgement but so far it looks decent... more to follow
  5. Definitely was not calling anyone a noob but myself. Just wanted to show I was reading old post (instead a of creating a new one for the same topic) but adding new questions.
  6. Saw that it had a prop rebuild back in 2017 but havent seen the prop or engine logs yet. Sounds like you're assuming a prop strike and/or hard landing? I didn't see any ntsb report... but good point!
  7. Thanks for the quick replies! Replaced both the truss and steering horn too... Seems like you all are saying this could be as decent a plane as any... I'll consider moving forward with pre-buy but the guy wants about 10k too much based on what I know and have put into the Mooney Flyer Calc... I would need him to come down on the price first.
  8. Brand new noob, same old question… Other than an engine and rust, what do you need to worry about from a plane sitting for a long time? Details: I’m looking at a 62 C right now (4130 TTAF). Seems like 2 owners ago had it for almost 20 years and only flew it to 15 to 20 hours annually (going 2 yrs between annuals at least twice). Red flag #1… Current owner bought it in ~2019 and claims to have put an overhauled engine in it to include factory new cylinders (haven’t seen the engine log yet)… Current owner flew over 100 hrs in the last year but has it back up for sale (red flag #2). Also claims to have a working Autopilot with Alt/hold. Paint/Interior look 6.5ish. Not much else to redeem it other than ADS-B tail beacon, O&N bladders (idk how old) and 201 panel & cowling… I can only assume the current owner had a few pricy annuals and other tid bits to fix. Looks like he had the nose gear repaired with 3 new disks added. Its never been to an MSC from what I can tell and I believe it spent much of the last 20 years in NC near a beach. Would a Mooney savvy A&P pre-buy be enough to catch remaining gremlins? Am I being to harsh on a vintage plane (it is currently in annual and flying)?