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  1. Hi carusoam, @carusoam I didn't realize this when I sent my request to @Frozen Flying but Dan is the same pilot we interviewed for our podcast. I went back through the posts and saw all the references to Dan. Small world! We're releasing the podcast this Friday, you can find it at Hope this helps to spread the word about CO as well.
  2. Hi Frozen Flying, we like to request your permission to use this photo on AOPA's website. We produce a podcast in the AOPA Air Safety Institute called "There I was..." in which we interview pilots who have had emergency situations. In our upcoming episode, a pilot talks about an incident he had with CO poisoning. As supplements to the story, we'd like to point listeners to our website with photos of his airplane, as well as photos of exhaust system damage, to give pilots an idea of what to look for during inspections. Please email me at We'd be happy to provide photo credit to you on our website along with the picture.