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  1. Hi All, I just found this M20C from ebay. Can any of you give any thoughts? Thanks. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1978-Mooney-M20C-Ranger-6000TT-40-SMOH-Out-Of-Annual-6-Months/264214670133?hash=item3d846beb35:g:gKEAAOSw35hcdLGB:rk:20:pf:0
  2. Hello David, I am open to either c or g model. Would you mind providing more info on this particular bird? Btw, is gear up really not a big deal? Thx
  3. Hi all, thanks again for the great input. I am trying to use the pre-buy checklist from LASAR to do the pre-buy (https://lasar.com/prebuy-check-list) Beyond that, is there anything else you guys like me to ask the mechanics to check additionally? Thanks. I am trying my best to avoid big surprise. I know it is hard, but I will try my best at least.
  4. It would be better if you can give me the link. I tried to search for it. It does not look like I am in the right page. Many thanks.
  5. I do have the extra fund to use just in case but I prefer to buy an aircraft needs minimum fix. If that did not work out, my best appraoch is to pay whatever it takes to get it fly safely. Thanks for the advice though. That is the reason why I narrowed down my search to a/c under 35k. I was originially thinking about 50-60k, but after adding all these potential numbers, it really leaves myself very little margin for error.
  6. Hi Bob, thanks for the quick reply. I understood that the paint is not in good condition now. I just recently got a hangar space in a nearby airport after almost 8 months waitling list (about 45-50min drive about 160/month) Do you think this plane is worth to be hangered or tied down should be fine? I can always tie down to an airport which is only 10-15min driving distance.
  7. Patrick, thanks for the advice, I do not need fancy instro right now, and I plan to put a G5 on it eventually (maybe couple of months after getting the plane, other than that, I am ok with Basic VFR flying). Yes, my most mission will be FL,ATL, Occaisonally TX, North East) I really do not mind about paint unless there is no hail/damage/corrosion. However, is there any lower cost option to make it look a little bit nice? I would not mind spending 1 or 2k on that. What do you think a good price on this bird?
  8. Thanks for all the quick replies within such a short amount of time. Can anyone of you look at this Mooney to give me some opinion? I am really short on budget, just cannot afford 50-60k Mooney. This one is priced out around 35k, and fits within my budget really well. Anything particular I need to be aware of if I really wanna look into this plane? Thanks. https://www.trade-a-plane.com/search?category_level1=Single+Engine+Piston&make=MOONEY&model=M20G+STATESMAN&listing_id=2315646&s-type=aircraft
  9. Hello Everyone, I live in Savannah, GA area, and I will be very close to finish my PPL (in about a month at most). After getting my PPL, I would like to have my own airplane. I have been heard a lot of good things (also some not very good things - more on the cost of maintenance side) of Mooneys. However, I am still very interested in owning a Mooney aircraft. Here is a list of questions I have. I really appreciate if someone ask answer any of these questions? My budget is less than 40,000, and I would like to keep the purchase value under 35k. I am looking at M20C, but ok with oth
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