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  1. Thanks guys, I think that is the one on Amazon? Does it show smaller airports? Thanks,
  2. DO any of you guys know where I can purchase a large VFR wall sectional or just a large U.S. wall map that shows most airports? I found the VFR wall sectional on Amazon but it only shows large airports and very little air space? Just cant find much out there. Thanks,
  3. My budget is in the range of 20-25k annually flying around 75 hours per year. Hanger here rents for 1500 year. Estimating annuals of 3-5k (high I hope), five dollar fuel @ 75 hours per year upwards of 6k and insurance for a low timer 3k?. Hopefully my numbers are high as most of them are Bonanza numbers assuming the Mooney comes in more efficient dropping the fuel and insurance. If I go with a Bo, looking at the A36 or F33 (as stated before, want a straight tail). This budget does not include financing of plane. Thanks for your response!
  4. I have checked with five different shops, some do both some do not service Mooney? Based on a 24 labor hour annual, and averaging the totals, there is less than a $100 difference in the base costs for the annuals. I was really surprised to see that for some reason! I would think the Bonanza would have been much higher with the extra cylinders and such?
  5. Which Beechcraft did you own? If I go with a Bonanza it will be the straight tail, I've read there are soon to be issues with reskins of the v-tail? So the biggest difference between the Mooney and the Beech in your opinion is up front cost? I figured the annuals would be a big difference too?
  6. You guys have have been great and I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions! There is nothing better than getting information from the horses mouth instead of trying to read into articles on the internet. This is truly a priceless forum with a great group of people sharing their experiences! From everything I have read, BO's and Mooneys cant really be compared. But even so, the 200 hp vs the 285+, they run a close race. I do like the fact that the Mooney is so economical and fuel can be dropped to increase the useful load and still get great range. It's just me and my wife so the useful load isn't a must anyway. And just like any make and model there will be transition training to meet the needs of that specific aircraft. I am referring to one post that talks about coming in too fast and floating and floating.... I have been in the Bonanza's so know what the cabin is like but have never sat in a Mooney. Looks like I need to get in one and see how it feels. Thanks again for everyones help, I really appreciate it!!
  7. Thanks for the detailed response!! I'm 45 and and like to think I'm pretty fit so getting in wouldn't be a problem. Im also 6' 2" and around 220. I have flown Bo's but have never been in a Mooney so wonder how it feels with the lower seats? Guess I just need to get in one. THanks
  8. Great comparison!!!! YOu are so right on Sierra, the gear swing just looks all wrong!!! Really good response thanks for sharing!
  9. Beautiful! It just looks like it cuts though the air like a knife!!
  10. Non taken, just a serious buyer here trying to find some honest information you cant find anywhere else. You guys are all so helpful!
  11. Great response with good information!! Thanks for sharing!