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  1. Mooney Missile HELP

    I've recently acquired a beautiful Mooney Missile (1980 M20J - 201). I LOVE flying this airplane! However I have SOOOO many questions and I'm having a very difficult time getting good information. I'm praying there are some "Missile guys" on here willing to point me in the right direction. Someone please help! First off, I am in need of a copy of the Airplane Flight Manual Supplement for this STC 00081SE. I've reached out to Rocket Engineering (the STC holder) on several occasions but as of yet they are unable or unwilling to provide me with anything on paper. They tell me the Max Takeoff Weight for my serial range is 3200 lbs and Max Landing Weight is 3083. I see this on their website as well, but i've also seen some old copies of other supplemental data stating Max Takeoff Weight is 2997 lbs with Max Landing Weight of 2900 lbs. 200 lbs is significant and I REALLY want to be operating to the right numbers and operating safely as my children will be flying with me regularly. ANY help will be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks so much in advance!!! I can be reached personally if anyone prefers at or by phone at 214-458-7211. Regards, Jeff Kennedy
  2. I live in Davis, CA and would like to either join or start a partnership with 1 or 2 other pilots. I would be interested in a Mooney M20C/E/F/J. I will plan on flying 60-80 hours. I am VFR rated only but will be getting IFR this year.   Message me on here if you would be interested.   Thanks!    
  3. 1971 M20F PROJECT

    1971 M20F  PROJECT. Fuselage, Empennage, Wing, flaps, ailerons, gear, new engine mount, new front windshield, new firewall , other misc. parts.  Note wing has some damage. Call Sign: N9620V Located: Port Saint Lucie, FL Price: $10,000 O.B.O Please contact me calling,text , or email. Robert Morgan 336-408-9538    
  4. Hey all, I've done a bunch of reading on the pros & cons of converting to AC vs DC and I'm biting the bullet and installing a Plane Power alternator kit. For those who have done this, is there anything you learned that would be good to know? My A&P and I are going to tear into the plane once the plane shows up today.  The reason I chose to upgrade is my Delco-Remy generator started power spiking and couldn't handle the load of my 530w, boost pump, nav lights and beacon. I found that out once it started cycling the 530w. I fly XC IFR (both in VMC & IMC) so I figured I may as well do the upgrade now.
  5. Exact plane is still TBD though a couple options are being looked at, but looking for an interested party for a partnership in a mid body Mooney.   PM for me information.
  6. Hi on the fire wall there is the box with the flapper for the heat to go in the cabin. On the top of that box is a hole for the heat to go out through a piece of scat tubing and exit out the cowl when the heater is closed in the cabin. Anyone know the size of that scat tube?
  7. Flyaway April 2015 - @ videos

    Two videos of our flyaway with some friends in April this year.   The first one is from inside of the cockpit and doesn't show much of the outside.  It has radio work, etc.     The second one is a low level flight to a fuel stop en-route on the second day:   Please hit LIKE if you like them      Sorry about the quality.  I thought I had figured out this gopro to youtube stuff, etc but I guess not    Tony
  8. 1969 Mooney M20F exective

    1969 Mooney M20F for sale 49,000   Registration N9121V Tach time 4244.33  SMOH 695   (hours subject to change)   Annual due OCT 2015 Transponder due OCT 2016   All AD's current and up to date with complete logs.  Have complete Stc and 337 paperwork.   Exterior 7/10  White and blue   Interior 5/10 Blue seats and white trim.  Original interior so it shows it age.   Avionics   GMA 340 audio panel Garmin SL30 Radio Klx 155 Standard 6 pack Has ADF and DME but currently inop Electronic Fuel Flow meter IFLY 540 GpS to go with aircraft     Great no frills cross country airplane that has next to no corrosion and is very mechanical sound for a aircraft of its age.   I would be willing to take a dodge ram 3500(any year) or travel trailer in full or partial trade. Contact me at or 806-680-4460.  Aircraft is currently hangered at KTDW airport in Amarillo, tx      
  9. Guys,   Have been restoring a 1966 M20F, but now running out of spare time. The engine was just overhauled to new limits. Airframe has no damage, have all logs. Needs paint, interior to some degree, and prop overhaul. May part out, but would not prefer to chop an almost finished otherwise solid airplane.
  10. Hi first off I'm 17, got my PPL in January and currently have 100 hours. Next year I'll be attending Embry Riddle, and right now my family is currently buying a plane. We are on the final stretches of buying the plane, which is a 1969 Mooney M20F, I'll leave a link below. I have time in some complex planes such as a arrow, and most of my time is in a cessna and an archer. What I wanted to know was what should I know about the M20F and Mooneys in general, such as best cruise RPM and Manifold Pressure for optimized cruise and different characteristics??
  11. Looking for Mooney M20F

    Hi my name is Connor, I'm 17 and got my PPL in January. My family has been looking at planes and came down to a Mooney because of the range and fuel efficiency. We were looking at another mooney m20f but was recently sold. So if anyone knows a good M20F with good hours and under 50k please let me know??
  12. Hi my family is currently in the home stretch of buying our 1969 M20F. I was wondering what are some simple mods wether they are appearance or performance that are simple and low cost to improve the plane??
  13. Hi my family is currently in the home stretch of buying our 1969 M20F. I was wondering what are some simple mods wether they are appearance or performance that are simple and low cost to improve the plane??
  14. Following on from a post of mine on another thread I wondered if anyone can point me in the direction of where to go to look for the required specification for equipment for our aircraft. Is there an online resource or is there someone at the factory that we can contact to get the info?
  15. Rajay Parts

    Fellas, A bracket supporting the RAJAY on my M20F has a crack and my MECH is having a hard time locating a part number (it was installed in 68).  Any advice is appreciated.  Pics attached.   S/F, Nugs RAJAY1.bmp RAJAY2.bmp
  16. My M-20F is in for Annual Inspection, and the flexible intake boot (black, metallisized rubber) needs replacement.  Engine is LYC  IO360-A1A. Mooney quote for new is $298.50. Any ideas for cheaper replacement? thanks, raymond
  17. Sold!

    Well Folks,   I had a phone call yesterday morning, and the fella on the other end of the line offered my money for my unused M20F. I took it. "Time Machine" has gone to a commercial operator up in the Yukon..   Last year I only flew 30 hours on the bird. I did the company books up and found average cost per hour for maintenance, hanger, fuel & insurance was $320.  That doesn't include long term stuff like engine overhaul.  The bird was owned by my company and hard to justify.  I was not using it for the intended purpose... Basically, it was a bird without a mission.   I really enjoyed the 3 years of Mooney Flying but I am going to take a year off airplane ownership.   Good Luck and Fly Safe,   Paul K  
  18. Mooney Caravan to Oshkosh XVII: An Invitation to Participants The Mooney Caravan organization is pleased to announce that planning and preparations are well underway for the 17th annual Mooney Caravan to Oshkosh on Sunday July 27, 2014.   The Mooney Caravan is a formation mass-arrival to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh each summer and first flew in 1998 as a means for fellow Mooney pilots to camp together in the North 40 (see history). This is absolutely the best and safest alternative to the Fisk arrival and is the only viable option if you want to camp beside your friends. This event grew over the years with a peak of 97 aircraft participating in 2000. In 2009, Caravan organizers made the decision to overhaul the organization and flight format in order to improve the safety and quality of the mass flight into Oshkosh.   Our organization is dedicated to facilitating a safe and enjoyable mass arrival formation flight into EAA AirVenture Oshkosh each year, as well as developing opportunities throughout the year to get together and fly our fantastic airplanes. Our participants share a strong sense of camaraderie and the friendship’s borne via our common interests in aviation and Mooney aircraft span the continent and the entire year between Caravan flights.   The Mooney Caravan is sponsored by Mooney International. Our organization has developed a great relationship with Mooney’s new management team, who will be participating in the Caravan flight and many of our events during EAA AirVenture. Check out Mooney’s new website   Caravan 2014   Our twelve person volunteer team has been working very hard since last year’s very successful full formation 25-ship mission in preparation for this year’s flight.   The 2014 Mooney Caravan is scheduled to leave Madison (KMSN) Sunday July 27 at 10:30 A.M.   The Caravan 2014 flight will consist of 3-ship elements (per our LOA with the FAA). The flights will be separated slightly more than the inter-element spacing to absorb and correct for compression and expansion effects as the flight progresses from MSN to OSH. In order to participate in the Caravan flight, pilots will be required to have demonstrated formation flight proficiency preferably by prior formation clinic attendance (strongly recommended) and must attend the briefing at 8 A.M Sunday morning. Most pilots will arrive at Madison during the day on Saturday July 26. There will be opportunities to fly formation sorties for fun and practice during the day Saturday. Saturday evening festivities include the annual Mexican dinner, pilot's "roast" and "naming" ceremonies.   The easiest way to demonstrate formation flight proficiency is to attend one of the many formation clinics across the nation organized by our team (see as well as our very supportive colleagues in the Bonanzas to Oshkosh (B2OSH) and Cherokees to Oshkosh groups. With prior coordination, most B2OSH clinics are open to Mooney pilots and all who have participated in these clinics have been warmly welcomed and immediately made part of their community. The learning opportunities have been absolutely outstanding and the experience exceptional. The watershed realization for most participants with no prior formation experience is that it is so much easier being 50 feet away from another plane as compared to 500 or 1500 feet away in terms of station keeping. With basic exposure to the principles of station-keeping (no overlap, wingman never passes lead, establish and constantly reference a sightline on lead, utilize very small control inputs), the learning has been quick and in very short order, pilots were conducting 2-ship formation take-offs, executing a series of turns and returning to a formation landing after 30 – 40 minute sorties with relative ease – and a ton of fun! In one weekend, with a little classroom time and 3 - 4 sorties followed by thorough debriefs of every flight (SOP for formation flying!), pilots are comfortable and qualified to fly in simple formation manoeuvres (most of which are beyond the requirements for the Caravan flight!).   At this time, many Caravan formation flight candidates have already attended a clinic. If not, we are offering two more clinics between now and late July as follows: NE clinic - May 31- June 1 Lancaster, PA TX clinic - June 21-23 San Marcos, TX There are also seven B2OSH regional clinics scheduled over the same time period (see Please don't be deterred if you haven’t flown formation and can’t make it to a clinic but still want to fly the in Caravan this summer - contact us now! Someone may be able to fly with you to allow you to demonstrate proficiency as we have resources and pilots all over the country. Please visit our website to find out more and to register for the 2014 Mooney Caravan. For many photos and videos of recent events and clinics, please visit Check out our Facebook page by searching Mooney Caravan!   I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all past Caravan participants to return for 2014 and to invite all Mooney pilots considering a trip to AirVenture this year to join us in Madison this summer.   Chris “Toro” Shopperly President, Mooney Caravan Educational and Safety Foundation  
  19. My first try at a GoPro video.  I went did a few circuits at the airport up the road (Bhisho - FABE) and the clip is mostly of departing my local field, Wings Park ( and of returning.
  20. I am looking at an M20F with a 201 Conversion and was wondering what it costs to do this conversion? I just want to make sure that it is worth buying one with the conversion and not having it done my self after purchasing an F.
  21. My M20F is due for the 100 HR HUB eddy current inspection.  Can anyone recommend a place an easy leg from the Washington DC area that can do this? Any recomendations are much appreciated.
  22. Could someone explain, in technical terms what exactly is happening here?  When I top off my M20F the visible fuel quantity is always a few gallons lower after a few hours..  Especially in the right wing.  I know the fuel is settling but it takes it so long?  Any gouge is appreciated!
  23. Hi all!   Brand new to the forum and the world of general aviation.  Getting my PPL has been a dream since I was 15, but time and money limitations have always gotten in the way.  I'm now 29, with a decent engineering job, and looking to move ahead.    I recently was fortunate enough to fly the right-seat for almost 8 hours with a friend in his Piper Arrow, and it was excellent.  We did 3 takeoffs and landings at 3 airports across 2 states, including an IFR approach, so quite a full day.  However, I'm still completely green, and have not begun my training yet.  So I apologize in advance if my questions seem elementary and lacking in the proper technical jargon.  I'll get up to speed, I promise!    Firstly, the PPL instruction itself.  I'm in Richmond, VA, and the two FBO options in my area seem to be Hanover County Airport (KOFP) and New Kent Airport (W96).  Hanover is closest, and would probably be my home airfield once I got my certificate, hopefully renting a hangar.  They offer a "one size fits all" price for a PPL, but it seems to be a bit above what I've seen elsewhere for average costs ($8200 in a Tecnam or $9950 in a C172):   Any thoughts?  Any concerns with using a Tecnam vs. a Cessna?  I am not sure about the relative size of the fleets and their availability, but that will be one of my questions when I go to visit (hopefully this week or next, depending on work).    New Kent seems to be slightly less expensive ($129/hr wet vs $143 for a C172, with a C152 as an alternative option at $99 wet), though the fleet is only three aircraft:   My average cost estimates came from:   Do all of the above seem reasonable?  Any recommendations with using a FBO school like above vs. trying to find a CFI on my own?  I DO NOT want to get rushed/rubber stamped through, I'm genuinely looking to learn as much of the ins and outs as possible, which is why I wonder if finding someone with a huge passion and enthusiasm for flying, that just happens to have a CFI, could be a better route than a school.  On the other hand, the training at a school is less subject to the idiosyncracies of any one I don't know.     The main reason I'm asking these questions here, is I think a Mooney M20F or J would fit my long term goals very well.  The performance and efficiency of the aircraft vs. it's competitors in class is a strong draw, as is the reasonable running costs and long-running design.  Reading about the background and the design of the aircraft, alot of it spoke to me as an engineer.  My budget is ~$60K, and the majority of use would be trips of 200-300nm, with perhaps 4 trips/year of 600-1200nm, visiting friends in the midwest.  Would an M20 be at all feasible as a first aircraft?  Could I legally even fly one without a Complex rating?  I would like to progress on from a PPL to an Instrument and Complex endorsement, so would be interested in hearing others' thoughts on when purchasing the plane and switching over to it as the primary trainer would be advisable.  I doubt anyone would recommend starting from hour zero in one, but what about after the first 20-30 hours in something like a Cessna?   Lastly, anyone local to the area?  Any chance I could buy you lunch one weekend in exchange for talking Mooneys in person, checking the fit, maybe even go up for an hour or so?    I know that's alot for a first post, but sincere thanks for any help or guidance you can offer a newbie.   Cliff
  24. "M-20 Turbos"

    Looking for anyone who has purchased and installed a TN from M-20 turbos.
  25. IO-390

    I am interested in any Pireps on the installation of a Lycoming IO-390 in a vintage Mooney.