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      05 Sep

    Wow! Some of my tour friends just presented me with a new Lightspeed ZULU.2 headset. They know I want to start my PPL this fall. I am humbled by there gift. I truly am blessed to work with this caliber of people. Thank you fellows!

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      04 Sep

    Now that67Z has decided we are not going to the PPP in Roanoke this weekend by losing her mag, I guess I will need to see where the next one after Brandon will be held. Beach towns inspiring are always a good time and inexpensive. Thoughts?

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      15 Aug

    4 or 5 F16s flew over my Lakehouse today. One was around 1,000 feet above my cove going super fast. Too cool!!

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ELT choice - PIREPs sought

Avionics/Panel Discussion Today, 04:49 PM
Well, the received wisdom is right: after you buy you find a host of things in need of fixing or upgrading in the 1st year that the pre-buy didn't catch   My local AP just looked at my ELT because i noticed the battery date is due this weekend. First he finds that the current batteries...
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Bolt size for tie down

Modern Mooney Discussion Today, 04:07 PM
I'm just curious what the bolt size is for the tie down rings on a Mooney?   A friend was thinking this would be a good temporary camera mount.
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Some shots with my VIRB and edited with Final Cut

Videos Today, 03:09 PM
I experimented with my VIRB and Final Cut... sorry for the typo... btw before anybody raises it...   http://youtu.be/tVhy7xaTSzg
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Garmin 430 reception problem, possible Stratus interference?

Miscellaneous Aviation Talk Today, 02:49 PM
I have a garmin 430w, mx20, and Ryan 9900 active traffic in my airplane. Over the last few months, I have been getting loss of GPS reception, with no bars or signal strength intermittently lasting 5 to 30 minutes and it says GPS inoperative, use alternate navigation. When it happened, several mon...
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Pictures from NorCal Advanced Formation Clinic

Mooney Caravan Today, 02:01 PM
Here's a few pictures from our Advanced Formation Clinic last month in Lincoln, California. We had Mooneys, Bonanzas, and an RV flying together. Pilots flew in from Texas, Washington and California. A couple of U-2 pilots from nearby Beale Air Force base joined us too.   I'm working on a vid...
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