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      31 Mar
    Mike Ropers

    Flight from Houston to Gulf Shores this weekend - fantastic blue skies, three and a half out and three hours back. If you get an opportunity to land at KJKA stop in at Ferguson Air Services - great people - friendly service and the cookies are good too!!!

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New software for JPI 730/830

Avionics/Panel Discussion Today, 11:17 AM
I just learned that JPI is offering again its software upgrade  for their JPIs 730 and 830 for free through their www side.  I believe for a while they charged for these upgrades about US$ 130 and you had to send your unit in.    From our beach friends I learned that the...
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Avionics Cooling Fan

Avionics/Panel Discussion Yesterday, 11:58 PM
Does anyone know what the thermal switch is set at to activate the Avionics Cooling Fan?  I would like to know the kick in and out temperature and if there is a way to manually override the thermal switch and turn it on.  I have a 530 that gets pretty hot and I have not heard or seen th...
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Where to Fly in a Mooney Near Orlando, FL

General Mooney Talk Yesterday, 09:11 PM
Hello there,   As one can tell by my first post (http://mooneyspace.c...hank-you/page-2), I'm considering a Mooney as my first plane.   From the replies you guys gave me, it appears a Mooney may be the plane to go. One significant detail is that I've never been in a Mooney and, being 6...
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Garmin GDL 39 Mass buy

Avionics/Panel Discussion Yesterday, 02:18 PM
I am not sure how many people on this forum are interested in the Garmin GDL-39 but I have an opportunity to put together a mass purchase of GDL-39 3D ADSB receivers, the cost will be based on the number of units requested so I am putting it out to see if there is any interest. once I get a count...
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Aero Advantage Dual Vacuum Pump

Modern Mooney Discussion Yesterday, 02:01 PM
I have one of the subject pumps installed on my Ovation.  Both sides of it failed simultaneously on a flight this past weekend.  So much for the reliability of two pumping chambers.  I guess that's part of why the company went out of business.  Anyway, does anyone know where I...
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