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      24 Jun

    Wow. Thank you GA and Mooney. Flight up to see brother Friday. Return early morning from MKE. 1.4 each way and beat some weather expected later today. Saw Stone's at Summerfest grounds with my son. Those guys can still bring it into their 70's. I mean it was a GREAT show. If Mick can strut like that for 2 hours then I can steer a mooney into my 70's. What a great night!

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      18 Jun

    Flying the M20C from California to Maryland this week.

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Is Stratus 2 really worth it for my needs !

General Mooney Talk Today, 06:57 PM
Hi, looking for collective experience and opinion on a product !   I have been thinking of buying a Stratus 2 just because I like gadgets and like to have the latest information during my flights.   I live in Canada and it seems we are far behind on ADSB implementation, s...
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Need advice on attitude indicator

Avionics/Panel Discussion Today, 06:57 PM
Flying the other day, I noticed that my original vintage mooney attitude indicator might be lagging a little and in need of overhaul. I can overhaul it for about $350. I'll soon be doing a panel makeover and wondering about what others think. I am pretty sure I want a backup solution. On...
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Avidyne IFD440

Avionics / Parts For Sale Today, 06:28 PM
I have a pre-buy Avidyne IFD440 for which I paid $8800, new they are $14995. They have already informed me that my ship date will be September 7, 2015. I have since found enough room to put in a second Avidyne IFD540 instead. So if someone has a Garmin 430W they can pay $8800 for my IFD440 a...
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JPI 201 Fuel Flow Pressure Transducer

Avionics / Parts For Sale Today, 04:10 PM
Part number 700900-1 with fittings removed for upgrade. $170 shipped within cont USA.
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Truckee Departure on a gusty day

Videos Today, 04:19 AM
This is a semi refined clip of a flight from Truckee to Livermore on 6/21/15.  DA was 8400 and winds were from 250 at 16 kts gusting to 26.  It was very pumpy below 11000 feet (2 min 50 sec into the clip).  I usually take off from 20 at Truckee and do a circling 270 after take...
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