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      05 Sep

    Wow! Some of my tour friends just presented me with a new Lightspeed ZULU.2 headset. They know I want to start my PPL this fall. I am humbled by there gift. I truly am blessed to work with this caliber of people. Thank you fellows!

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      04 Sep

    Now that67Z has decided we are not going to the PPP in Roanoke this weekend by losing her mag, I guess I will need to see where the next one after Brandon will be held. Beach towns inspiring are always a good time and inexpensive. Thoughts?

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      28 Aug

    2 days and a wake up!!!!

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      15 Aug

    4 or 5 F16s flew over my Lakehouse today. One was around 1,000 feet above my cove going super fast. Too cool!!

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M20R vs. M20C

General Mooney Talk Today, 04:44 AM
I'll begin by saying this isn't meant as a competition, but rather to extol the virtues of both models, and to say that if it was a competition between 2 Mooneys, everybody wins! I had a really interesting formation flight in my M20C and a friend who has an M20R Ovation 3. We were flying at 2500...
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Trash or Treasure?

Avionics / Parts For Sale Yesterday, 10:33 PM
I just upgraded my 1984-vintage panel and added a GTN 750, a GTX 23 remote transponder, and a GDL 88 ADS-B transceiver.  I removed several pieces of equipment in the process including a Foster LNS 616 Long Range NAV System.  This was state-of-the-art before GPS.  It could calculate...
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Approach Profiles in older C models?

Vintage Mooneys (pre-J models) Yesterday, 09:45 PM
I am a fairly recent Mooney owner with less than 50 hours in type since our purchase of a 1965 C about 18 months ago. (I do have a good amount of time and IFR time, just not in a Mooney.) One of the first things we did was to get the plane IFR certified and practice multiple approaches and missed...
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Avionics (G1000) shop in/near Connecticut

Avionics/Panel Discussion Yesterday, 08:28 PM
Hi guys,   finally figured out why my G1000 isn't showing the Garmin FliteCharts (approach plates). Previous owner used Jepp charts so the G1000 unit now needs to be "reconfigured" by a Garmin dealer.   The Garmin folks identified 3 places near KDXR and i was wondering if any of you hav...
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Just asking ...

General Mooney Talk Yesterday, 07:35 PM
If the mounting plate and screw holes are the same to fit my Mooney's fuel tanks, why can't these: http://www.aircrafts...esterSender.php or any of the many other sender units work, or be made to work on my Mooney? Regardless of certification, I just find it extremely hard to accept that the exac...
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