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      19 Jul

    Flew home today with my wife after having enjoyed a superb overnight get-a-way to Chicago for a great night's stay at Hotel Baker and a Whitesnake concert! Thank you Mooney! Could not have done it without you!!!

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      09 Jul

    Private charter 737 for the weekend! Things are looking up. Quebec City, Prince Edward Island, than a few days off in Toronto!

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      07 Jul

    Turbo not just for the west coaat

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      24 Jun

    Wow. Thank you GA and Mooney. Flight up to see brother Friday. Return early morning from MKE. 1.4 each way and beat some weather expected later today. Saw Stone's at Summerfest grounds with my son. Those guys can still bring it into their 70's. I mean it was a GREAT show. If Mick can strut like that for 2 hours then I can steer a mooney into my 70's. What a great night!

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      18 Jun

    Flying the M20C from California to Maryland this week.

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M20J cowl alignment mod

Modern Mooney Discussion Today, 03:59 AM
Howdy folks, I've been looking for a description or write-up on the mods you can do to a J cowl to keep it from lifting up in flight. I've searched the forums here and the internet and haven't been able to find it, but I know I've seen it somewhere.. Can anybody point me in the right direction? M...
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Pre-purchase inspection?

Selling Aircraft Today, 01:33 AM
I've got my eye on an M20F and wonder where you guys would recommend doing a pre-buy inspection?  What should I expect to pay and how long do they typically take?  How do you typically work this out with the seller?  I wouldn't buy a 50-year old plane without one and want to be sur...
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68 M20F partnership or block time available in Peoria Ill.

Selling Aircraft Yesterday, 08:18 PM
Just putting this out there in chance someone in Peoria Illinois is on here. I have a 1968 M20F that spends most of its time lonely in the hangar. I am looking for a pilot that wants to fly it for block rates or a partner. I also have an Enstrom Helicopter, reason why Mooney sits there not used,...
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FYI-Bahamas, iPad, Charges

Miscellaneous Aviation Talk Yesterday, 07:31 PM
We travel to the Bahamas several times a year. We are pretty good at making sure our devices are either off, or cellular data/roaming is turned off to avoid roaming charges while over there.  I use an iPad Mini with Foreflight, etc., and just discovered that I have racked up some roaming cha...
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Tailwheel Endorsement

Miscellaneous Aviation Talk Yesterday, 05:10 PM
Today I finished my Tailwheel endorsement.  What a hoot!  With thousands of hours flying everything from C-150's to SuperCub on straight floats, to fighters, I can't remember ever having so much fun trying to learn a new skill.  I have a new found respect for tailwheel aircraft and...
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