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      28 Aug

    2 days and a wake up!!!!

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      15 Aug

    4 or 5 F16s flew over my Lakehouse today. One was around 1,000 feet above my cove going super fast. Too cool!!

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      22 Jul

    Just flew my wife in our Mooney from OH to La Crosse, WI for a "salute to veterans" concert. On the way up, we dropped off the kiddos to their Grandma's house. Just under 7 hrs of flying and 69 gallons of fuel. What a beautiful magic carpet she is...our Mooney that is!

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      16 Jul

    The captain of our G4 let me sit in the jump seat for the Ride from Calgary to Regina. On the next leg flying from Regina to Nashville, he again let me sit in the jump seat. After we took off and leveled out he allowed me to take his seat. I have at least 1 hour of G4 time! Thank you to a very cool flight crew!

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      07 Jul
    Nathan Peterson

    Great trip this last couple of days… not much weather going up. Coming home was better.. started off with 500 over and thunderstorms along the flight. Filed for FL190 and was able to clear most of them on top with only slight deviations.

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Mooney International (Chino) wants to lease my Acclaim

General Mooney Talk Today, 03:39 AM
Got an interesting letter in the mail today from Mooney International in Chino, CA. I didn't know Mooney had any facilities outside of Kerrville, but according to LinkedIn, this facility has at least a dozen employees.   Anyway, they're offering to lease my Acclaim for 6 months, with options...
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Oxygen M20K

Modern Mooney Discussion Today, 02:51 AM
Hi,   I'm an experienced military 'heavy' pilot and I'm trying to make a foray into basic civil aviation.  In my searching, I've decided that the Mooney M20K with the Rocket conversion seems to fit my needs perfectly (essentially a cross country machine making 1000NM trips feasible)....
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Washing Without a Wash Rack

General Mooney Talk Yesterday, 01:23 PM
Our airport doesn't have a wash rack or public water supply. I will occasionally use the dry washing products, but the airplane was beyond that. Had bird droppings, dirt, etc. I came up with this contraption to tackle the situation. Thought those of you who are water limited might be interest...
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Fuel Pressure M20J

Modern Mooney Discussion Yesterday, 12:33 PM
Hello all,   my J's fuel pressure reading (green arc is 14 to 29) shows the following symptoms: with electric pump off:  - in flight, at altitude, steady below the green arc  - taxiing, steady inside the green arc  - when recovering from a stall without the electric pump on, s...
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General Mooney Talk Yesterday, 10:05 AM
I have been receiving emails from cloudahoy regarding debriefing seems like a neat app is anyone using this service and willing to share the experience........
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