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      31 Mar
    Mike Ropers

    Flight from Houston to Gulf Shores this weekend - fantastic blue skies, three and a half out and three hours back. If you get an opportunity to land at KJKA stop in at Ferguson Air Services - great people - friendly service and the cookies are good too!!!

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Pulling my M20E

General Mooney Talk Today, 07:03 PM
My airport does not have a full service fueling (no fuel truck) and I either have to start my plane to fill it or I have to pull it 400 feet up a slight grade.  It is definitely a work out when I do it.  I have seen golf carts pull planes, but does anyone have any suggestions.  I h...
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GTN 750 and ASPEN

Avionics/Panel Discussion Today, 03:53 PM
My avionics guy just upgraded the software on my GTN 750 and it stopped communicating with my ASPEN. He is saying that Garmin has not informed him about the problems between both units... and that he does not know what to do, beyond asking Garmin to send him a new software version... Please can s...
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Anybody ever try using a heat gun to strip inside the tank?

Vintage Mooneys (pre-J models) Today, 01:28 PM
I know sparks, heat guns etc are dangerous around gas but if the inspection covers are off the tanks and tanks are washed clean and ventilated while working, I don't think it would be a problem. Heat guns usually work real well for removing a lot of sealants. Just wondering if it might be a metho...
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Enforcement of Vendor forum rules

Bug Reports & Suggestions Today, 01:06 AM
To the administrator:In reading the heading for the vendor forum, it says:This forum is for Mooney related businesses to interact with the community and advertise their services. This is the only forum where advertising a Mooney related business is allowed.I really don't mind seeing an occasional...
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IO360 Cylinder Cost

Modern Mooney Discussion Yesterday, 05:55 PM
Hi folks, I just got the bad news that my #1 cylinder is cracked from the spark plug hole to the intake port on my 81 J model. Engine is 900 SMOH.  Could this be due to overheating or manufacturing flaw?   What are you folks in states paying for new cylinders these days?  $1800?...
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