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      22 Jul

    Just flew my wife in our Mooney from OH to La Crosse, WI for a "salute to veterans" concert. On the way up, we dropped off the kiddos to their Grandma's house. Just under 7 hrs of flying and 69 gallons of fuel. What a beautiful magic carpet she is...our Mooney that is!

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      16 Jul

    The captain of our G4 let me sit in the jump seat for the Ride from Calgary to Regina. On the next leg flying from Regina to Nashville, he again let me sit in the jump seat. After we took off and leveled out he allowed me to take his seat. I have at least 1 hour of G4 time! Thank you to a very cool flight crew!

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      14 Jul

    Had a good birthday today! Now waiting on the Army to publish the list to see if I make Warrant Officer!!!!

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      07 Jul
    Nathan Peterson

    Great trip this last couple of days… not much weather going up. Coming home was better.. started off with 500 over and thunderstorms along the flight. Filed for FL190 and was able to clear most of them on top with only slight deviations.

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I wonder if my EDM 930 is sending me a warning about the fuel pump or some related issue. The fuel pressure indication is fluctuating with greater amplitude and frequency than it was on a flight from last year that I pulled up to compare. The extremes are about 15 to 25 psi though most of the tim...
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Tips for Prospective Sellers

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Having bought and sold a couple of planes, I thought I would start a thread that might help first time airplane sellers. Tips for Prospective Sellers, presuming that you have an attractive airplane: 1. When composing an ad and when dealing with possible buyers, keep in mind that the name of the...
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Pilots N Paws Questions

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So, about a year ago I signed up for PnP. Got contacted several times over the year to help with transports. Everyone of them fell through because a leg of the transport couldn't be made. Can someone tell me how these things are supposed to be setup? I really wanted to help these guys this past...
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Question about non TSO'd instruments

Avionics/Panel Discussion Today, 12:23 AM
Last winter I replaced my VSI in my panel by a smaller one. Needed the 3" space for a CDI. The one removed is a Bendix MFR TYPE NO. 1634-1X-A1   A potential buyer (who is on this forum) asked me if it is TSO'd. I checked the TSO database and here is what comes-up. The one I have in hand is n...
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General Mooney Talk Yesterday, 11:33 PM
I may have to start commuting to Wichita from Florida for a few weeks. There are no direct flights. Airfare is around 600-700$ and the flights are 5-8 hours with a layover. I think I'd rather just fly myself.    It being the rainy season, I might want to rent a hangar and I'll need to r...
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