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Cowl closure

Vintage Mooneys (pre-J models) Today, 10:18 AM
Does the cowl closure make it take even longer to remove the cowling? Can you take it to an automotive paint shop and have them color match it and then have your mechanic install it with you? One more question not related to cowl closures. Does anyone remove the baggage door handle for more spee...
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J-bar guy and gals ... Don't be this Rob Lowe

Vintage Mooneys (pre-J models) Today, 06:14 AM
At the risk of appearing an idiot (some risk) I thought to be humble and share my stupidity in the hopes of sparing others a similar experience. I know information wise, that many gear-ups in J-bar Mooneys do not come from pilots forgetting to put the bar up, but from neglecting to make sure the...
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PCU 5000 governor

Vintage Mooneys (pre-J models) Today, 04:33 AM
I recently purchased and installed the PCU 5000 governor that was listed in the For Sale section. The install was pretty straight forward, but it does require replacing the 4 mounting studs with longer ones. It's a couple of pounds lighter and much smaller. I was pleasantly surprised at the ext...
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Looking to buy a couple of Uflymike's

Avionics / Parts For Sale Yesterday, 10:38 PM
I'm looking to buy a couple of used Uflymikes. Please PM if you have one or two to sell.   Thanks
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Pulse oximeter

Miscellaneous Aviation Talk Yesterday, 08:19 PM
I just got a catalog today from Home Healthcare Today, which has pulse oximeters for $19.50 or deluxe models for $23.50. The only difference I can see is the deluxe has fancier read-out options.med@applied-inc.com 888-327-7301.It really irks me that I paid somewhere around $150 for mine 10 years...
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