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      19 Jul

    Flew home today with my wife after having enjoyed a superb overnight get-a-way to Chicago for a great night's stay at Hotel Baker and a Whitesnake concert! Thank you Mooney! Could not have done it without you!!!

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      09 Jul

    Private charter 737 for the weekend! Things are looking up. Quebec City, Prince Edward Island, than a few days off in Toronto!

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      07 Jul

    Turbo not just for the west coaat

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Manifold gauge question

Vintage Mooneys (pre-J models) Today, 02:09 AM
I am sorting out a manifold sensor issue.  I installed a JPI 930 and it has their earlier style manifold sensor.  Initially I was using the original aluminum tubing to connect to the manifold sensor.  The manifold sensor was installed to the left side of the engine baffling by adel...
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Needing Audio Panel

Avionics / Parts For Sale Today, 02:01 AM
I am adding another KX-155 to my existing KX-155. I have always just had one so now I need an audio panel. Please message me if you have one that would work. Thanks. Troy
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1990 Mooney MSE For Sale

Selling Aircraft Today, 01:55 AM
Greetings Everyone,   A very nice, sound, well-equipped MSE is on the market.   Must sell - Already bought an Ovation.   Third owner - since 2003. Buy it before I change my mind!   More information at www.mooney27d.com   -Adam 732-433-7764    
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Thunder storms and Darwin

Miscellaneous Aviation Talk Today, 01:20 AM
This afternoon I head out to the airport to fuel my plane from yesterdays trip and perform the monthly tire inflation.  About 1 mile from the airport, I think I see a lightning flash in the airport direction but I wasn't sure.  When I get to the airport, the skies are dark and it's obvi...
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Why no green or yellow on NEXRAD?

Miscellaneous Aviation Talk Yesterday, 11:52 PM
This morning I flew from southern Oregon to the Bay Area. For the first hour of flight I was in and out of showers strong enough to peal the paint from a dime sized area on the spinner. But neither onboard Sirius XM nor Foreflight on the ground showed even a hint of green. Anyone know what's u...
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