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VA Beach area

Vintage Mooneys (pre-J models) Today, 03:31 AM
Gentlemen,   I am in the market for a 20C and I'm trying to figure out where I can house it without busting my budget. This will be my first personal aircraft and I'm still trying to learn all the in and outs of ownership. So with that in mind, I have a couple of question.   I am lookin...
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Wet Sanding - Single Stage?

Modern Mooney Discussion Yesterday, 11:15 PM
Happy Holidays!   Does anyone know the safety of wet sanding single stage paint?   The M20J in question has JetGlo paint from about 15 years ago.   Overall, the paint is in decent shape so I would like to bring it back to life and hold off a year or two before doing a new, mor...
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Buying a plane past TBO

Modern Mooney Discussion Yesterday, 09:04 PM
Looking at a 262 with 2000 hours appears to be in good shape at fair price but main concern is TBO is 1800. Would you still consider purchase of a Mooney way past TBO?
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262 Mod on Mooney 231

Modern Mooney Discussion Yesterday, 07:38 PM
Hello my fellow Mooniacs What are your thoughts on the 231 aircraft that have had the 262 mod? Worth it or risk? How are parts availability? I found one for sale and information below http://www.mooneymar...ions/100MMA.php
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JPI 830 ?

Avionics/Panel Discussion Yesterday, 04:21 PM
The display is not showing CHT for cylinder 1 only when stepping, the value is shown on the graphic part Anybody ever seen this?
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