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Gear warn circuit breaker popping

General Mooney Talk Today, 11:24 PM
The gear warn circuit breaker is popping on take off when I retract the gear in my 1981 M20K 231.   My mechanic put the airplane up on jacks and cycled the gear about 20 times and it did not pop the circuit breaker once.  Something appears to be happening in the air that we are not...
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The Future of ATC

Miscellaneous Aviation Talk Today, 09:31 PM
ADS-B will be cheap compared to what may be required for cockpit ATC texting one day.    http://usat.ly/1Hl1ibg                                  
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Stranded pilot friend stuck in Atlantic City with a flat

General Mooney Talk Today, 08:57 PM
Hi, happy memorial day weekend to all US Pilots. I have a friend piloting my old Beech Sundowner stuck in Atlantic City NJ with a flat, can't find an FBO that is open to sell him a replacement tire or mecanic to help him change it since he dos'nt have any tools on the plane to do it. I think it...
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G1000 Altitude Alerts

Modern Mooney Discussion Today, 06:14 PM
I have a 2007 Ovation 3 with a G1000, without the WAAS upgrade.   I have seen u tube videos of some G1000 with audio altitude alters.  Does anyone know if this is possible on the Mooney G1000's?  I kind of feel dumb asking, but in IFR, if my G1000 has that capability, it would...
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Trip planning - Little Rock to Clovis NM today 5/22

General Mooney Talk Today, 06:11 PM
I'm taking the family out to Clovis NM so my son and his fiance can look for a place near Cannon AFB. We will need to stop for fuel and a potty break due to the headwinds. We'll file IFR. Weather between is so-so. Looks like we might be able to pick our way through. Tops are above our practica...
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