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Engine Instrument Breaker Keeps Popping.... Please Help!

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Hello...... I need some help please. I have a Mooney Ovation 3 with the a G1000 and the Engine Instrument Breaker POPS during landing or when the Stall Indicator goes off. Has anyone had this occur? I need to get my mechanic going in the right direction.


Thanks for the help


Mike Johnson

2007 Mooney Ovation 3


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Since it was replaced already, age is probably not the issue. It seems that the load is actually getting to the limit. Where a slight addition to the normal load is causing it to trip.

It would make sense to determine what is being supplied by the CB and determine why the load is at the peak.

Does it have ther proper CB in there already?

Should the stall warning be on that CB with G1000 devices?

Sounds like too many dissimar things running through the same CB to me?

Is your mechanic able to put in an additional CB to remove the excess load properly?

There are so many CBs in an Ovation panel I would consider checking the accuracy of the drawings to what is actually installed.

Starting with anything that has been added since the plane left the factory.

Keep in mind I am a pilot, not an electrical engineer or A&P. Ymmv.

Best regards,


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